Life @ XIM,Bhubaneswar

couldn't really think of a more apt way to start this thread... the following words are the creation of Kartikeya Mishra,2004-06 batch... XST: XIM Standard Time _Normal daily routine of a guy at XIMB 8:45 XST: Wake up time...the ala...
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we're back alrite..but all weary and tired..will post soon and let u guys know bout the trip....and yeah..missprint's team somehow managed to win

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PGDM -I Sec A guys and girls just came back from their OBL trip. Awaiting insightful posts from missprint, maverick69 (what a name!!!) and the rest.

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well yeah the mavericks we were.....the ride ended up being one of the best of my lives....and the sailing and dipping we did after reaching chilika made the journey even more worthwhile.....
and talking bout the life of a senior....well i hve butterflies in my stomach as i think of a campus without u guys .... but am sure the world out there will be worth it...and even if its sure....u'll make it ...


Long time since I posted here as well. Thought I would drop in a few lines about how life as a 2nd year student is faring out here.

Everyone registers for 7-8 papers in the 4th and the 5th terms to ensure a tension free chilled out last couple of months. No points for guessing that I did the same.

Have been traveling quite a bit... A last ditch effort to explore as much of Orissa's natural beauty as possible. Two years of umpteenth bike rides to puri and konark were forgotten in a hurry when a bunch of us mavericks (no, not disciples of the GoDMoD :P) decided to ride out to chilka - some 110 odd kilometres away. Had a hair raising out-of-this-world experience (whatever is left, i.e :P) just a night later when went out again at the stroke of midnight on a bike to complete a Bhubaneswar - Puri - Konark triangle, a distance of 180 kms in virtually zero visibility fog and freezing temperature and getting back to campus just after dawn.

When I am not traveling and not sleeping in the classroom, I am trying to complete as many movies as I can that we have here in the movies server and several external HDDs of batchmates.

But the cherry at the top of the cake is taken by an hour of sheer madness when three of us decided to shave our heads. One of them even sported a mohawk for a night before better sense prevailed.

Last year, my seniors had gone for trips to the north-east and ladakh. We are planning on the same lines. Even though our days as ximbians are numbered and we will soon be called as "woh alumnus" (gosh!! that is not just sinking in), we are trying to enjoy the last few days of freedom. No one knows wat awaits us outside. Is it really a "bad bad world" like missprint jokingly pointed out in the previous post? I believe me make our own world. I believe the world will be a bad one only till the point we stop trying to make it a good one for us. But then, the stock markets crashed, right?? So, why take a chance?

P.S: For this year's aspirants who are keeping a tab on this thread - Chill out guys. Coz if and wen u join XIMB, thats the first thing u learn. To chill out even in the face of utmost pressure. Coz if u don't do that, u don't belong to this place - my home.. our home.


Been a long time since I posted here.A lotta things happening in campus, a lotta bonding happening :Fade-col:- just a coupla months to go before the senior batch pack their bags and venture out into the bad bad (hee hee ..kiddin) world outside campus.

Got our official campus gossip-mag-S.P.I.C.E out alongwith a spicy new mascot - MISSCHIEF. Right now indulging in the S.P.I.C.E discussions goin on in the hostels and preparing for the ******** of classes,assignments and quizzes about to hit us when classes resume in a few hours from now.

Waitin for OBL to happen (10 days more to go !!) and watch some more bondings to take place.:smile:Cant wait to get going on the next S.P.I.C.E

Hi, watching this space i m trying you experience your feelings.
its silly but im feeling a strange sense of nostalgia :)
tell me guys, however hectic the schedule its lots better than the toiling the tension the expectation the frustration the 'only if' feeling that you all experienced before you got there?
for me its toiling and wishful thinking for a place in a B-school, so much is hanging in the balance, my career, my life, my dreams, everything...
I only managed a paltry 49 attempts and an average attempt at the essay

Pray for me guys...'cause its now or never for me...

There`s no reason to worry much ... We have been in the same boat, around the same time last year and we know how difficult it is counting the days till the results are declared . Our best wishes are with you ... and God willing you should have reasons for cheer very soon ..

Hi, watching this space i m trying you experience your feelings.
its silly but im feeling a strange sense of nostalgia :)
tell me guys, however hectic the schedule its lots better than the toiling the tension the expectation the frustration the 'only if' feeling that you all experienced before you got there?
for me its toiling and wishful thinking for a place in a B-school, so much is hanging in the balance, my career, my life, my dreams, everything...
I only managed a paltry 49 attempts and an average attempt at the essay

Pray for me guys...'cause its now or never for me...

gone thru the whole thread...really cant wait to get there and Xperience it myself. just waiting for xat results..hopefully i would be able to post my xperiences on this thread sometime in near future.


yeah has been a helluva roller coaster ride if i mus say...
ur perceptions about life in general goes for a toss(atleast mine did;-)) from sleepin in the class to trying really hard not to sleep...from submission to grades...from Xpressions to end terms....its been different from wat i had thought...yeah it seems a rosy picture from outside....cos we actually have so much fun,...but i just dread the xams yaar...those are the times when i actually wonder wat made me give up my job and come over here to slog even harder.....but then at the end of it...u knw that u come out as a better person...u to lose weight ..(ask turbo if u wanna knw..he's in the process..lolz) to sleep in the class..(well u can ask me time...) stay with a huge melange of different kinds of people for two years...and never crave for the feeling of belongingness.. man i jus love this place...feels great that every year 180 people get to experience this life cos nothing's better than been there done that....
well for the this life...and u'll never forget it in ur lifetime

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We will give u all the news when the time is keep watchin this space fr great news frm XIMB..........adios..


The placement season is just round the corner. So perhaps the next post from Akil wud on the final placements.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is currently working for wipro....and who is thinking of doing a mba in the near future... This friend of mine knew me as one of those serious padaku and serious types back in college ....which is not long back anyways...This post is basically about what i realized while talking to her.
We talked generally about where my life was going these days and whether she should do an mba and what kind of value addition it would give her...I, in my usual cynical way started off saying that though MBA seemed to be a lot of fun , I couldn't yet exactly point my finger at any of the highly praised value addition that i and many others had eloquently talked about as the reason for our wanting to do a MBA....and i went on to tell her how my life had changed since i joined XIMB....since i hadnt spoken to her fer the last 6 months...i had to go into the shortened ram-katha which i usually tend to tell ppl who ask about what MBA felt like...What i told her generally revolved around these points...

  1. sleep loses all significance and yet one is just happy to work..
  2. one gets to meet all these smart yet non-nerdy guys and one ends up havin loads of fun...
  3. was a part of organising a mega event which had a payout of over a lac and which was part of a fest whose budget ran to over 45 lacs all of which was sponsored by corporates solicited by us for sponsorship.
  4. have got lot of new friends of at other institutes thru fests where we meet up....a lot of networking...
  5. no more ratta...the profs actually expect you to think...and be able to present what you have thought about in a innovative way
  6. the wide range of subjects one has...right from psychology to accounting to economics and marketing...
  7. the high level of detail and passion with which discussions rage on even about seemingly simple things like sport...
  8. the fact that my close circle thinks of me as a social butterfly...flirting around with each group...rather than sticking to one group within a shell...
  9. the real time projects that we do which involve dealing directly with big name corporates and with the society at large...
and the conversation went which point my friend pointed out that all this happening within the short duration of 6 months that i have been in this institute is the value addition that one talks of and expects from a top B-school...such has been the extent that XIMB has influenced us...that it takes a outsider to tell us the amount of improvement that each one of us has undergone in here... thats about all that want to write about...many may think of this as a I-love-my-school post...but its rather a post which says that i got what i wanted. amen.

The past six months have passed in a flash. From my first day at XIMB to this day, it has been an amazing journey till now. I came to XIMB with certain Expectaions and perceptions in mind. After coming here , I found out that the life in a B-school is completely different from the one which we experience in our undergraduate colleges. The college life is not ur typical 9 to 5 colllege life. The college might start at 9 ( sometimes even before that), but u cn be damn sure that the entire thing will not end at 5.
I worked for two years in one of the biggest companies in the world and thought that the pressure and responsibility which i faced there was enormous. I thought that this was the maximum i cud stretch myself, but after coming here i have realised that my belief wasn't right.
Life here has given me great insight about my own capabilities, my own talents.Come to think of it, I never imagined that i would play tennis at 1 AM at night and then start studyin at 3 AM to finally end my day at 5 AM in the morning. :)

This sem would be the last one for our seniors and i can already see lots of senti status messages abt the time they have spent here. I know it won't last forever for us also, bt maybe we cn jst forget everything and soak in watever this place has to give us...adios....


Hey , sorry for being away for so can't help's been rainin exams here........this is the other side of XIMB......we had our share of fun with Xpressions n other events , but nw it's time fr sum serious studies......need to go we'll all be back ( missprint, akil n me) as soon as our exams get over......till then it's back to Macroeconomics........:neutral:......adios...

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Long time no posts on this thread!!!

Xpressions over, and so is the festival season, but life continues to rock out here. The 1st year guys are busy with their OB (Organisational Behaviour II) and SRM (Social Research Methodology) projects. I am sure akil,maverick69, missprint and ragz would be here soon with pics and info when their projects finally conclude. I had the pleasure of accompanying a few of the juniors on their projects, giving myself a sense of deja vu, having done similar projects last year.

Taking of deja vu, the placement season is upon us with the placement week slated in the month of january. Amidst all the efforts of brushing up the fundaes learnt in first year and going through all the business newspapers and magazines one can put his hands on, I can't help but think that the two years have passed by in a flash. Seems like just a month ago when I entered through the institute gates for the first time all wide eyed and gaping, when I attended my first class, dozed off in the class for the first time, got a zero in a quiz, had my first crush, my first night-out, started this thread..... boy, one can go on and on... I guess its time to take a stock of things.

Instead of typing in reams of text, let me just use the skills learnt in the last one and a half years and high-light my high points on campus -

Byzantine's Top Five

1. IlluminatiX - The Media and PR Cell of XIMB

2. Kurukshetra - The Business Simulation Game

3. Out-bound Learning Programme

4. OB Project - Bringing smiles and a better future for the hitherto unknown orphans of Ananda Mission Ashram

5. Xuberance 2007 - The Final Placements of our seniors

Each of these points can be the topic of separate posts, but the five of them together capture in essence what one actually gets to learn in a B school. Forget about the 4P's, the waterfall model, monte carlo simulation, CAPM and balanced scorecards - learning in a B school and life outside of it is all about people skills and staying cool under adverse conditions.

I would love to elaborate on that and relate it to the five points mentioned above. But let that be left for another day.

Time for my low-points on campus.

Byzantine's Bottom Three

1. Losing my cousin to brain cancer and not being able to be with him in his last moments

2. Missing my nephew's birth and missing his growing up

3. Not being able to stay in touch with my friends and family outside the campus that regularly

I really thought I would write 5 points, but couldn't come up with them. Again, the three above mentioned points together show what one misses out on in a B school and then in the corporate world - one's family.

Deja vu again as I am reminded of the words of Fr. George )who left us to join XLRI last year) spoken on the first day of our orientation programme in an auditorium filled with bright looking wide eyed open mouthed students who believed they were the future of tomorrow - "Work is like a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will come back to you again. But family is like a glass ball. If you drop it, it will never come back. Life in XIMB is all about balancing the glass ball and the rubber ball. Welcome friends."

I don't know if I could have balanced the glass and the rubber balls any better than what I did. But even if I didn't, the learning that I will take away from balancing the two would stay with me forever. Its not the Kotler, nor Levin & Rubin nor Hall that I would remember when troubled in my corporate life. Coz I know I won't be troubled - Thats the confidence one has when one experiences the Experience called XIMB.


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