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couldn't really think of a more apt way to start this thread... the following words are the creation of Kartikeya Mishra,2004-06 batch... XST: XIM Standard Time _Normal daily routine of a guy at XIMB 8:45 XST: Wake up time...the ala...
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A lot of you guys wanted to know what a typical day at XIMB looks like.Well, here's my small writeup of what a generic day might look like.

Be warned. This is only about 40% of what happens at Jhabier. And trust me, you are in for the time of your lives.

Here is an update to @byzantine 's post

8:45 AM- Normal seeming day. The alarm buzzes. My sleepy hand wanders out from under the sheets and snoozes the alarm. “5 more minutes”

8:55 AM- Knowing my own self so well, I have a backup alarm. SNOOZED!

9:15 AM- The backup to the backup alarm fails to raise me off the bed as I sleep like the dead.

9:40 AM- Calls from friends having last minute breakfast raises the level of franticness with which I run out of bed. Brushing, answering natures call, get dressed all done in record time.

9:50 AM-Holy moly! I'm late! AGAIN! Sheepishly I peek into the professor's class and mutter “Sir, May I come in”. A lot of groveling later, one of two things may happen.

If it's a good day and a lenient professor, I get to enter the class, run to the nearest back bench and dutifully slip into a dream state all over again.

If it's not, then the process is repeated back at the room. After all, it's a 1.5 hours class.

11:15 AM- The first class is done. Run down the 12 flights of stairs, cause the lift would mean wasting precious moments of freedom. 15 minutes of freedom makes it worth all the physical effort of running down all those steps. X-Café, here I come.

11:30 AM- A few dozen chomps and after restocking on eatables to be used within the class, we are back in the same back bench. Repeat Process. Zzzzzzz..

1:00 PM- LUNCH! Where do we go? Dare I feel adventurous enough to risk a bite from the Mess. Or do I go to X-Café. Nah. Subway/Dominos/Café Itallano it is.

2:30PM- Class again. Repeat Process. ZZZZZ


2:30PM- NO CLASS. Repeat process. ZZZZZ

Classes end at 5:45 PM

5:46 PM- Chalo to Walmart for Chai.

6:15 PM- After a refreshing cup of tea, it's time for some more refreshments.

8:00 PM- Damn! Forgot about the presentation tomorrow. 1

8:01 PM- Frantic pings on the Whatsapp group for the assignment which was made a few months ago. Amazingly, no one remembered about it. : P. Asked everyone to meet at X-Café/Two and a Bud.

8:30 PM- A conversation shared over cups of tea/sandwiches/dosa later, people start to realize that the assignment is due in less than 12 hours. Everyone scrambles to pick up the easiest part.

9:00 PM- Could this day, get any more crowded? Committee work pending. Coordinator pings that there is an urgent meeting at CR-60. RIGHT NOW!

9:20 PM- Late to the meeting. Deliverables handed out.

9:30 PM- Oh well, I can always finish the assignment in a bit. I guess XSYS has put the latest Game of Thrones Episode on the server. Just a matter of 50 some odd minutes.

10:45 PM- Damn. Missed dinner. Can't work on an empty stomach. Night mess still got about an hour to open. Well, let's watch another episode.

12:00 AM – Night Mess. I promise! Not more than 15 minutes. Have that presentation to do after all.

12:45 AM- Ab khaane ke baad, thoda chalna to padega na. Bas ek hi baar X-Walk karoonga. Bas ek baar.

2:30 AM- Ah…That really freshened me up. It's too late to work now. And its only a small part. Kal subah karoonga.

(Off for Random Bakar and gossips at the adjoining rooms)

4:30 AM- Phew. Almost sunrise. Can't pull an all nighter. Will sleep just for an hour.

( To the person in the room beside your)

“Bhai, wake me up at 7:00 AM. Pakka. Karega na? Thanks man. Tu hi bhai hai mera”

8:30 AM- Ab tak 7:00 AM nahin baje kya?

SHITTTT!!!!! Presentation!

9:15 AM – Random copy-> paste of relevant stuff scrounged from previous year presentations.

9:45 AM- Reached class. Phew! Prof is none the wiser about the escapades. And my team mates can handle the explanations. I made it.

9:46 AM- Damn it! He's asked me to explain the part of which I have no knowledge.

Another component me zero! Koi nahin. Agli baar.


10 days of enthralling action ! The joy of winning, the spirit of competing, TBX 2014 - The Battle of the X's - an intra XIMB Sports Tournament ends on a high note with Section B winning the overall championship. Catch all the moments here:

  • [image was removed because it was too large]

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Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB
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Makar Sankranti wishes from our doodle artist at XIMB @CalvinandHobbes ! (Tanvi Randhar) Best wishes to everyone..

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

The Last Sunday Cleaning

The student fraternity of XIMB was involved in a cleanliness drive from the Xavier Square to Loyola school on the last Sunday of this year. This was successfully executed in co-ordination with the Administration and the Student Executive Council.



  • Access the pics here.. :smiley: 31 Dec '13.
The saga called the RLLE- The Rural Living and Learning Experience.

We, the rural management students, are just back from our Rural Living and Learning Experience.. and boy was it fun!!

The entire batch was scattered all over India. The faculty chooses the groups that will go together. The locations are decided by them. The organisations are decided by them. And they send us for one whole month to live life the desi way!

The basic motto behind this is to train the students about the ground realities of Rural India. No matter how much we know/read/listen about "Development", this experience has enriched our minds to such a great extent that no book can/could have come close to it.

Challenges were many, and to be frank, most of us wished for challenges. The food, the stay, the electricity, the connectivity(oh yes! We are talking about the mobile network as well) : everything was a challenge. And the best part of this is, all of us have overcome all these challenges, and in style!

The bonding that you develop in groups, the relationships that you build with the villagers, the on-field research and job that you do and the harsh realities you face - priceless!

Our seniors said, people come back from RLLE as better human beings. We can't agree more.

Giving up the super-fast internet of our campus/homes was never easy. Neither was it to give up the geyser of our campus and sometimes take a bath early morning in the freezing water of the rivers. It was never easy to give up our bikes and walk for 12 kilometers a day, or to give up the delicious food from X-cafe and eat totally different food of a different state. But in the village, when you wake up every morning and feel the freshness in the air, when every evening you realize how pure the air is, when you embrace the comforting silence of the early nights- it is then that you realize that the price you've paid for all this, is nothing! Redemption, it was!

The blissful days are enshrined in our hearts. And the immense learning that we acquired by interacting with the villagers is engraved in our minds. During this whole out-of the-world experience, we definitely realized one thing; books and videos are good to give your ambitions a direction. But AMBITION SHOULD BE MADE OF STERNER STUFF!

This experience has made us stronger and our ambitions about a DEVELOPED INDIA are now crystal clear. Our dreams have become bigger and our actions have become swifter. With such enthusiasm coupled with the amazing training by our professors, we are sure to achieve our dreams of the golden bird.

We are definitely thankful to XIMB for giving us this opportunity. Together, all of us, now envisage a brighter India, a better India.
Enough of poverty and bad stuff, let's get done with this!

Let's give ourselves what we deserve.

Let's give India what she deserves. And that's nothing less than the best.


Occasions where the prefix 'X' makes perfect sense. XIMB and 'Dukaan - A Students of XIMB initiative' wishes everyone a Merry 'X'mas!

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Rajasekhara Reddy from 2013-15 PGDM batch makes it to the top by being the India topper and scoring the highest marks in the country in Credit Suisse HOLT Valuation Challenge Stage 1.

All the very best to him for the next stages.

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Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB
The Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB along with other student volunteers, organized a Nukkad Naatak at Salia Sahi on December 1st, 2013 to spread awareness on World AIDS Day.

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Dukaan - A Students of XIMB initiative pays its tribute to the man of substance ! #RIPNelsonMandela

Like Dukaan on Facebook ( for more such updates.

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Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB
A proud moment for XIMB as Neha Mangal & Debidutt Acharya from PGDM II bag the winning trophy and PPIs at the national level Reckitt Benckiser Durex Case Study Competition 2013. XIMB triumphs among IIM A,B,C, NITIE & IMT-G. Congratulations !

  • Superb!. 05 Dec '13.
Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

From 0-2 down to a 3-2 win ! Epic volleyball match up between the students and the Mess workers (Winners) at XIMB. Life at XIMB finds moments of joy in little things..

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

XIMB students Debidutt Acharya & Neha Mangal battle it out in the grand finale of the Reckitt Benckiser Durex Case Study competition. All the best to all the finalists!

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Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

An article on the Tree Plantation Drive that was held at XIMB, written by one of our students..

The Green Young Ones at our yard

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. ~ William Blake

It was the day when XIMBians had their go in bringing some new green lives into the campus. Amidst the mechanized schedule, we, management graduates, got a chance to connect to nature as we experienced the Tree Planting initiative by XIMB inaugurated by Shri Anand Sen, Vice president, Tata Steel on 6th August, 2013. The college front yard was flooded with an enthusiastic bunch who came to take part in this noble drive in the heat of the afternoon.

Many of us don't realize how simple it is, though we all know how gently can we put those little saplings onto the tiny holes in ground and sprinkle some water as we fix them there! We all realized it's not just this simple, but is a superbly fun filled experience as we throng upon to plant them, water them and securely place them, together! Yes, it was one such times when you know you are working for a good cause and it's made enjoyable with some really zealous company.

As Mr. Anand Sen said that these plants are going to be a relief if we look for it. He advised to try this simple act: Whenever you are low, just come here and look at all these plants you have planted, see them grow, move, standing strong in spite of the numerous challenges they face from nature, and you'll feel this strength in you and the passion to move forward in your life. It's a very deep thought and provides a key to live life, especially when you are not facing the very good of your times. Just see the nature, see these verdure around you, and you'll feel it's not that dark anyway!

We, XIMBians, had this wonderful see through this day. We lend our hands for this necessary cause, captured memories of it, got some valuable lessons for the way of life. We took pride in it as we did our bit in revealing our social face, that XIMB has helped us to bring in. We had a day worth cherishing for.

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

The biggest fest in eastern India, Xpressions '13 has arrived! Do not miss the official launch of the same! Here, it goes..

Neerav Saluja | PGDM BM 2013-15 | Coordinator | IlluminatiX - Media & PR Cell, XIMB

Life becomes BIG at XIMB with BIG Xpressions..Day 1....and the fun begins
Shadow Member-Illuminatix,Media & PR Cell, XIMB

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