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Hey folks , here you have a thread to cater to all your queries about the life at TISS as HRM & LR students . you can shoot a variety of queries like: 1\. The hostel accomodation availability and how to go about it. 2\. The lovely cam...

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As a semester full of excitement and learning comes to an end, it gives me an opportunity to look back and share my own experiences about life at TISS.

On one hand we had Meghmudra, freshers, and the Union elections which turned out to be memorable fun events. On the other hand a lot of seminars and informative sessions were organized. The sessions on Manesar incidents , mergers and acquisitions as mentioned above were so informative that the learning would guide us in our professional life in the years to come. Field work and classes ensure that we have some assignment to do everyday. But the class enjoyed every single day, thoroughly, whenever we got free time. Huge credit for this goes to our class representative Pankaj Raut, who keeps coming up with interesting activities and technical ideas. Our class has used technology extensively this year, every lecture and activity tracked online and communicated using sms.
We will have a five day week for students in the second semester allowing us a free weekend . Also looking forward to Manthan, which promises to be a fun filled event. To conclude, the first few months at TISS were fantastic, and its only going to get better from here.
As this is the time for exams, I wish good luck to all aspirants.
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@gdm4u87 Hey Gaurav, really inquisitive to know how the pre-conference session with Dan Buchner went yesterday.Is it possible to share some takeaways from the conference? Would be really helpful. Thanks.

Attaching an image showing a few details related to the Interrobang event

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Dr. Gaurav Mehta, HRM&LR Batch of 2012-14, TISS-Mumbai

Recently, the Asia-Pacific HR head of CitiBank came for a guest lecture. Gave us an idea about how it is to be working in different geographies and people from different cultures. Interesting insights I must say.

We have the ITC-Interrobang event tomorrow and from the description of it, it seems to be lot of fun along with learning. Let's see how it turns out to be.
And yes, not to forget, the exam for the second module of foundation courses has been scheduled on 8th of Sept.
Everyday, I have been thinking of studying but somehow, it's not happening
Have to start from today
Dr. Gaurav Mehta, HRM&LR Batch of 2012-14, TISS-Mumbai

Next month, that is, on September 28th and 29th, we are organizing Global Innovation Forum here at TISS. Here are some of the details:

Renowned experts, practitioners, thought leaders and researchers in the area of Innovation will address the audience on successful practices, organisational environments and tools that foster innovation and on scaling innovations.

The CEO/ Director round tables will bring together renowned business leaders to deliberate on various mechanisms for creating an innovation eco system in our context. They will reflect on the complex environmental challenges and contribute to policy development at various levels.

List of confirmed speakers include among others:

  1. Mr. Stephen Khan, Minister for advanced education and enterprise, Govt. Of Alberta, Canada.

  2. Dan Buchner, Director, Innovation Incubator, The Centre for Creative Leadership(CCL), USA

  3. Mr. Aditya K. Roy, Director of People Operations, Asia Pacific, Google, Singapore

  4. Prof. Marcel Bogers, Associate Professor at University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

  5. Dr. Raj Minhas, Associate Director, Xerox Research Centre

There will be a Pre Conference Workshop on the 27 September, 2012 by Dan Buchner about Leading Your Organization for Innovation.

For more details (in case you are interested ), refer:;

Dr. Gaurav Mehta, HRM&LR Batch of 2012-14, TISS-Mumbai

Yesterday, we had a round table conference discussing the issue of violence and its repercussions at the Manesar plant of Maruti...Esteemed speakers addressed both the batches--the juniors and the seniors...Very good learning experience

Now you would say we hear about such discussions every now and then...What is so new about this??
Well, that is what differentiates TISS from others...One of the speakers was the General Secretary of a workers' union and he was given as much time to speak as were the VPs of two renowned companies (one of the VPs is an alumnus of TISS)

We are done with our FC module-1 examination...Probably for the first time in my life, I have written an exam without having any clue about it (and yet, knowing all of it)
Dr. Gaurav Mehta, HRM&LR Batch of 2012-14, TISS-Mumbai

Posting after a long long time here...The new version of PG had put me off initially

But i guess i can't do without PG

It has been quite some time since we went for the trek...But the memories are still very fresh...Very nicely organized by the seniors...We enjoyed quite a lot...It was fun and masti all the way and the bonding between the two batches has grown by leaps and bounds since then

Meghmudra happened on 3rd of August...Sadly, the long tradition was broken this time...It did not rain at all (not even mild showers
But that was more than compensated by an awesome performance by our batch...We have a seasoned choreographer in the batch (actually!!) and she did a wonderful job in pulling off the performance

Now some more exciting news--Yesterday was our freshers party
Again, great job by the seniors...The mentor-mentee secret revealing session was fun and so was the venue (and not to forget the most important--the food
We danced like anything yesterday...And many amongst us drank like anything too
Details when u come to TISS

And now for some not so good news--The exam for the first module is happening on this saturday and the stuff is so boring that i doubt if i would be able to study even on friday
Let's see

P.S.--Sharing a pic from MeghMudra here...Have a look and feel jealous
Dr. Gaurav Mehta, HRM&LR Batch of 2012-14, TISS-Mumbai

@[279717:Hemanth_Karna]: not to forget the unlimited strategies we devised during the campaigning process.

It would have been great had our other candidates from HR also win in the elections , but the voting percentage recieved is quite satisfactory

I am elected as the new CR for HRM & LR ....and its not as fun as it sounds as every one expects u to be present in all the sessions all the time :P

Its the time for traditional trek and every thing set for it ...all that is required to make it more fun is abundance of rain tommorow ( some people are planning to carry rain coats ..they are not aware of what waits for them )

third sem is not hectic as second one in TISS and we have a lot of breather place ..the days zip past in a zoom and its fun time to be in campus
Anvesh Chunduri MA ( HRM &LR ) Class of 2013 

Students Union elections are successfully completed at the college. I was part of the experience again this time. Came to know about the power centers in the college. Finally, the results are announced and I have been elected as Treasurer. I am very happy for this. Waiting to get into the Union from this January. Now that became true.

Lot of support was there from both the junior and senior batches. Unlimited fun during the campaigning process, banner making process. The bonding between the both the batches increased by one more step after that.

One more news is, tomorrow seniors and juniors are going for a trek as a part of TISS tradition. Hope it rains and lot of fun is expected.

An auspicious day in the life of any dedicated PGite
Got the "TISS Mumbai" tag today
We are getting into the groove as the days pass by...Assignments and projects have started flowing in :shocked:
And something else too has started-->The Foundation Courses
We have 45 sessions, each of 2 hours for the foundation courses :shock:
Also, Meghmudra is round the corner and the processes for selection of various committees have started
That's about it for now
Will update later

Dr. Gaurav Mehta, HRM&LR Batch of 2012-14, TISS-Mumbai

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