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Hey folks , here you have a thread to cater to all your queries about the life at TISS as HRM & LR students . you can shoot a variety of queries like: 1\. The hostel accomodation availability and how to go about it. 2\. The lovely cam...

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Looks like this thread is idle for quire sometime. Can we ask the current batch of TISS students to update this?

P.S. Feeling nostalgic to post in PG after a longggg time


Can anyone please brief about the Executive PGDM in HRM program in TISS ? I have applied for this and want to gather some info about it .

check the

tiss livelihood course facebook page,it has a post about all the courses being offered in india,including tiss tuljapur

TISS MA Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship  

I'm trying to gather info about the tuljapur campus. Anyone have any input?

Hello folks. Is it true that TISS does not provide hostel accommodation to all its students? 2) how much is the rent in general for ppl staying outside? 3) How much, in general, is the expense per month? Thanks in advance!

Hi Puys

could any of you share ur experience being  apart of MA(LSE) program??

The thread is full of people from HR Program,what about the rest ??:)

  • For livelihood and social entrepreneurship: https://www.... 17 Feb '15.
TISS MA Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship  

i want to know the names of flagship MBA programmes of Tiss

  • did any student student convert tiss Mumbai having 55-60%.... 28 Nov '14.
  • @priyankabanthia92 , Percentage only decides your eligibi.... 08 Dec '14.
Converted: glim, tapmi, lbsim, fore, ximb hrm, imi (core, hr, bsf) 
priyanka banthia @priyankabanthia92 1

did any student student convert tiss Mumbai having 55-60% in graduation till date?

yugal verma @yugal132 1

@priyankabanthia92 , Percentage only decides your eligibility for the enterance especially in tissnet.During interveiw they just curious about your interest and If you are capable enough to reflect your interest in front of your interviewee,you'll surely get through the tiss.

*************** It's a magical world OL' buddy, let's go exploring*************

"To travel is better than to arrive". I firmly believed that the journey is always better than the destination until I arrived at TISS. I could not help but be amazed by the beautiful lush green campus and the aura it creates. In addition to the campus and other USPs of the institutes (Placements, Fieldwork, diversity et cetera), there are certain things which have made the last two months worth living for me in TISS.

Foundation Course: The foundation course is a unique feature of the curriculum at TISS. The objective of this course is to make students aware of nitty-gritty of the society, culture and the nation. One leaves the classroom with deep insights on caste, gender, religion etc in India which helps imbibe social sensitivity in one's heart. The course also provides a platform to interact with students of over 15 other courses which expands our knowledge about topics ranging from Criminology and Justice to Disaster Management.

Freedom and quest for knowledge: The appetite for knowledge does not get restricted to our course. A student gets an opportunity to attend events/lectures on contemporary national, international and social topics by the who's who of the respective fields. Student initiatives like theatre, plays and discussions are the other medium of spreading knowledge of society.

People: What makes TISS a great institute is its people. Be it the esteemed faculties who in spite of their tight schedule are always willing to help us and address our doubts irrespective of however silly the doubt might be, or the non teaching staffs who work day in and day out to ensure we get the best of the infrastructure, and the students themselves- the bright brains of the country who are always happy to join you for a cup of tea and indulge in discussions on any topic under the sky. Despite the diversity among the students, everyone shares solidarity, the solidarity of being a TISSian.

To sum it up, the last two months have been an amazing journey and for the coming days in TISS, in the words of Calvin, I say to myself "It's a magical world OL' buddy, let's go exploring".

----Aditya Anand, M.A. in HRM & LR, 2014-2016


Sharing the TISS Experience !!!!

Aparna Vittal Dhas, MA in HRM & LR , 2014-2016

When I heard "We have zero tolerance for any discrimination based on sex, caste, religion, region, language, sexual orientation, or on any other basis whatsoever," for the fifth time in two days, I thought they were overdoing it. These were the standard things that every institute claimed, I thought. However, it didn't take me too long to understand how seriously TISS meant it. TISS has committees that investigated sexual harassment, ensured social protection, and facilitated the functioning of the dining hall, and cyber affairs. Each of these committees / cells has student representation besides having experts from the respective fields. In fact, a vibrant, newly-elected student union that was elected through a democratic election process, just swore in earlier this week. Welcome to the world of TISS. MA in HRM & LR from TISS is perhaps one of the most unique experiences one can ever hope to sign up for. Where else can you hope to spend your day in lovely classrooms understanding the nuances of industrial relations, and spend your evenings attending a screening of a documentary about Adivasis in India? Which other management course offers you the opportunity to spend two days of your week working on the field, amassing practical knowledge, and the rest of the week goes into understanding the theory behind it? If you aspire for all round development, TISS promises to flavour every chai that you consume in the cosy canteen with intriguing conversations with people from the most diverse walks of life. If you're curious, TISS assures you of knowledgeable faculty who can nurture you, and can provide excellent infrastructure to support your research. If you're enterprising, TISS guarantees to provide you ample space to innovate and engage with causes that engross you. And well, if you're ambitious, TISS is a brand in itself. Life in TISS is a lesson in itself. TISS has a profound impact on the way you perceive the world around you. This distinguished Deemed University stirs you into defining your own personality better, and makes you comfortable with being... just you.

  • Does tiss have hectic study schedules..lyk iims n all wit.... 23 Apr '15.
shefali sharma @shefalivinita 1

Does tiss have hectic study schedules..lyk iims n all with day  night classes etc?

*********************New Beginnings @ TISS *************                                                                                          

This is what Amit Singh , HRM & LR, 2014-2016  has to say about this journey in TISS in the first month ....                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

To be frank, for me, TISS is not a B-School, it's much more than that, it's a feeling, it's a notion, which one can only realize by being here. It's a melting pot of cultures, traditions and ways of life. TISS is one of the few schools across INDIA which develops students into professionally competent and socially sensitive management graduates at the same time.

Being a part of a premier engineering institute in the past, it was a very difficult decision for me to join TISS, but now I realise I took a great call by joining TISS. For me it's like transition from the BEST of technical school to the BEST of social school i.e. "TISS".

 Now I will talk about TISS edge, which has given the impetus to quench my thirst and aspirations: Why TISS? And I got so many reasons to share: 1) Small batch size; "it gives focused attention and makes personal learning highly effective"2) Field-work learning; concurrent placement, corporate-block-placement and NGO-block placement- provides an opportunity to reflect, apply and integrate acquired skills to work stations in organizations.3) Exposure: "Located in the heart of commercial capital."4) Brand: "NAAC rating of 3.88/4, highest among all universities in India. 5) Good-Investment: Return on human capital is always best, TISS is among the best. 6) Connection: Huge alumni base and network.7) Self-Growth: It's always better to acquire new skill sets and to make you more productive in whatever you do. Research based learning, a large number of elective courses to choose from and faculty interaction align with an open door policy championed the cause of learning and growth.

"I am indebted to my father for living" but to my INSTITUTE for living well"

For me, to be part of TISS provides buckets of knowledge and inspiration from eminent teaching faculties and young leaders of change. It gives the feel of celebration of youth and multiculturalism, networking with likeminded people, sharing of thoughts, ideas and motivations. What could be the better place than TISS, to learn, explore and discover along with highly motivated youth from very diverse backgrounds who share a common passion for positive change in the world.

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  • @Mon07 There is nothing called a TISS standard. Our batch.... 04 Jan '15.
Devika S @Akshaya1005 1,266

@Mon07 There is nothing called a TISS standard. Our batches are very diverse and comprise students from all backgrounds, which includes a lot of engineers. But unlike other B schools, TISS batches are not dominated by engineers. There is a good mix. So there is nothing called "developing a profile to match TISS standards." It is rightly an institute that believes in giving equal opportunity to all applicants, provided of course, that you are good enough to sail through the process.

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