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'This thread was started with different intention but now this thread is for experience of Life @ TAPMI by current TAPMIans and alumni. It is a repository, where student from TAPMI can share their experience, and prospective student can read it an...
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Adding another dimension to the ongoing discussion, on Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid Customers, Mr. Govind Joshi, function Head -CSR, Suzlon India explained the approach that has been adopted by Suzlon Energy Limited. He talked about how the basic business model of Suzlon Energy Limited incorporates ways to serve the customers at the BOP by adopting an approach of sustainable development while not damaging the surroundings. Also the Suzlon foundation was established in 2007 to lead the CSR responsibilities. The foundation is currently active in 7 states and 2 union territories. Amongst its future plans, Suzlon plans to increase its reach into rural India with an objective to empower and sustain the bottom of the pyramid customers.
As a part of ongoing conference Serving the Bottom of The Pyramid Customers, Dr. Krishna Kothai Director, Centre for Rural Studies, Manipal University, explained how Bottom of Pyramid Customers is the future market to tap for. There is huge potential in this area which is still unexplored and should be concentrated on. He emphasized that this sector should be consider as collective, cohesive group rather than victim. He also said that government organizations, private business sector and NGOs should come together so that the advanced facilities which are available in urban sector can be floated to rural sector too. He also said that organizations like Philips Innovation Campus, which is already working for betterment of BOP customers, can use its expertise and knowledge in collaboration with Centre for Rural Studies and T. A. Pai Centre for Inclusive Growth for serving the BOP.

As part of ongoing conference on Serving the Bottom of Pyramid Customers, we had Mr. Alexius Collete , CEO, Philips Innovation campus as opening guest speaker. He spoke about how Philip innovation campus, working in collaboration with various NGOs, government Organizations and trusts like Manipal Trust, is focusing on creating a better future for the Emerging Customers at the Bottom of the Pyramid. He concluded his informative lecture by focusing on how factors like collaboration, prototyping and being realistic in terms of bringing the concept to the market is necessary to ensure the success of the BOP program.


Yesterday marked the beginning of the 2-day conference on Serving the Bottom of Pyramid Customers and the inauguration of T. A. Pai Centre for Inclusive Growth. The grand event was inaugurated by honorable Home Minister of Karnataka, Dr.Acharya and Dr.H.S.Ballal, Pro-Chancellor, Manipal University and Mr.Vishwanath Naik, Chairman, Panchayat,80 Badagubettu, Manipal along with our Director, Dr. Saji Gopinath with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.
Dr.Acharya enlightened us about the problems facing the bottom of pyramid customers and the efforts and the corrective measures needed to correct it. He sensitized us about the problems faced by bottom of pyramid and how their upliftment is an important for all the stakeholders. Dr. Gopinath talked about the problem of relative poverty even with the increasing GDP and how the centre for inclusive growth can help in benefitting these people.Dr.Ballal highlighted the importance of bringing BoP people into the mainstream.Mr.Naik thanked TAPMI for adopting the village as part of inclusive growth program.

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Senior Executives from Philips at TAPMI
Mr. Alexius Collette, CEO, Philips Innovation Bangalore, was at T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal today for an interaction session with students. Mr. Bhaskaran S., Senior Director, Philips Electronics India Limited and Mr. Manjunatha Maiyya, Philips BoP (Bottom of Pyramid), Manipal were also present.
The session started with a :address by Prof. Ajithkumar, TAPMI, Manipal and was followed by presentations by students groups who have been, for the past two months, working on various live projects offered by Philips BoP. The projects were given to students as a part of the Product Design and Development (PDDT) course to demonstrate their class-room learning in real time.
During the interaction, Mr. Collette shared his experiences as a team head for Philips Electric Shaver. He stressed upon the importance of having the right mix of inspired people to succeed in any consumer centric innovation. He not only stressed upon the people, but also emphasized on timely introduction of the innovation concepts in order to sustain in the long run.
On the other hand, Mr. Bhaskaran gave insights to the students about the importance of having effective communication and the expectations of a venture capitalist when he is approached with an innovative concept.
On a whole, the session was informative to the students and gave insights to the students about how to approach the real problem.
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could anybody throw some light on the last year's CAT cutoff (sectional & overall) also the mean GMAT score? i am an IT consultant with 4+ years of work & intend to write both my gmat & cat this year!!


Hi Dude,

FYI this thread is not the right one to ask your queries . Anyways, considering you as the future TAPMIans :, I am giving the info here.
Last year CAT overall cutoff was 92 %tile and there was no sectional cut-off as such.
And I will have to check the mean GMAT score last year!

N.B. We will be opening a new thread in a day or two to help you clear all your queries.
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could anybody throw some light on the last year's CAT cutoff (sectional & overall) also the mean GMAT score? i am an IT consultant with 4+ years of work & intend to write both my gmat & cat this year!!


Hello Junies,

It's good to see that so many junies came forward to discuss the happenings at TAPMI....... I appreciate your enthusiasm and keep the enthu up.

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Yesterday we had a workshop on How to build an effective resume by Mr Manoj Aggarwal, an alumnus of IIM-K, currently working as a Strategy Manager with Manipal Group..He gave us several tips to improve our existing resume and to make them more presentable... He talked about the importance of doing projects in MBA which would help differentiate our resume from others.Finally, he told that recruiters look for 5 major things in prospective employees- leadership qualities, initiatives taken, awards, CGPA and extracurricular activities..All in all, it was a very fruitful workshop for us and we look forward to similar workshops in the time to come...

PS:this workshop has left me with a lot of work to do on my if the assignments were not enough!!


Hey Guys

Looking forward to interacting with the pioneers of social work and inclusivity...the ideas they share are defenitely going to help us know about what drives them and how they go about implementing their ideas...



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