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'This thread was started with different intention but now this thread is for experience of Life @ TAPMI by current TAPMIans and alumni. It is a repository, where student from TAPMI can share their experience, and prospective student can read it an...
How's TAPMI Jaipur? Someone kindly enlighten

Hi all. I got selected.
anybody who wud like to discuss with me comparison of tapmi with nm bangalore?we will take the discussion offline as comparisons arent allowed on the forum

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Howz the hostel life @TAPMI ... ?

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How is Tapmi for Mba in Marketing? I have secured 92% in CAT.Is teaching faculty good? Please throw some light on the placements?

How is the PGDM-Healthcare course( in terms of placements) at TAPMI?

Seniors please reply.
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i have just completed registration for TAPMI i need to send anything to the institute or not???plzz reply

chase your dreams.....
I know it is not relevant but can anyone tell me what is the difference between PGDM and PGDM banking and finance services?
From the day when I browsed the institute website for details, scanned faculties group picture and looked out for clues on life in the institute, to today when all these have became a part of system I live in, life at TAPMI had taught me a lot of lessons.

Two years ago I and bunch of friends were told to hold a discourse on the topic “Are Somalia pirates international terrorists” by the administrator for admissions process. Climbing up stage by stage from GD, write-up, personal interview to director interview, I got a call from the institute. Not to forget the anxiety ,frequent refreshing of results page and checking the forum for updates(a big thanks to @nikipedia and all senies for helping us out).

“The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”

I vividly remember these lines in the admissions letter which gave a hint of how the life in upcoming weeks would be. Quietly, I went and settled in this lovely place called Manipal.
The two years did not go like a flash and there were good as well as bad times. Each and every moment of these two years taught me various lessons of life(sometimes through success and sometimes through failures).

Last but not the least, it is the people who made the experience boring or enriching. As much as I enjoy talking to my faculties and my batch mates, I enjoy talking to the staff, securities and other people out here. Every time I hear their experience, I take a cue from them on a new approach towards life.
  • @sidharthp7 can u plz tell us about mess and hostel facil.... 28 Apr.
Sidharth Panigrahi
Nishal Shah @Nishal_Shah 18
@sidharthp7 can u plz tell us about mess and hostel facilities at tapmi???

@shash21 Rules like no smoking on campus, though there is a joint just outside the campus for that.Other rules like 100% attendance, no night outs unless some specific reason and 10.45 pm perm time.
TAPMI is known for academics, so take your call accordingly.
PS: No more queries here as this thread is for putting experience @ TAPMI. Please put your queries in the other thread named TAPMI 2013-15 admission help...
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@khanjan hey khanjan...can you pls share those rules which u guys don't i read the handbook thoroughly n it was pretty scary, the rules n regulations esp... is de authority dat rigid..? n how bout the facilities for smokers ?
@mayankmychoice That term had placements, as everyone knows that is one of the very important event, for which you slog throughout your 2 years. And as now you must have realized that even juniors have a big role to play during placement week.

Okay, Now we PGP2 students are virtually free and many have become little bit easy on academics. As we can see many pgp2 students are becoming health conscious, many more in the gym, any on the running track in early morning.

On the contrary, PGP1 is quit busy, working hard for Atharva - annual B-school fest of TAPMI, working for their assignments and summer internship interviews as well.

For us, it is turning to a mixed emotions. We don't like some rules but still we love the place, we have spent a lot of time with our friends on campus, learning a lot, achieving many things, pushing ourselves to the edge.

That is it for this tym!! More in next post :)
So mid terms have ended a week back .... but on the contrary end terms are 20 days away ... such a short term this is... Lot of assignments to do ...don't how am i gonna complete dem with just 20 days remaining... this is how TAPMI grills you ....

No conclave or any new events as such... Just some pre Atharva work goin on....Atharva is TAPMI's Annual B-School Fest to be held in January.... We are also having few leadership lectures from eminent personalities from varying fields... It gives a good amount of learning...

TAPMI won 6 awards at Dewang Mehta B-School Awards 2012 held in Mumbai in November.... So as of now its only studies, studies & studies.... Next trimester is full of events like Atharva, Speed & many more.... So waiting for it....
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TAPMI Class of 2014; CFA International Level 2 Candidate
So we have almost reached the mid-term exams of 2nd trimester ....this trim. went like a trace of bullet ... BrandScan, TAPMI's 1st IT Conclave, 1st Marketing Conclave, Defi, Outbound etc. etc. ... Time just went by...

A lot has happened at TAPMI over d past few weeks...We are also gearing up for Diwali celebrations at TAPMI after Dandiya nite :).... But 2nd term is short...we have some really good subjects dis term...

Forgot to mention about an event called "DEFI" 2012. It is basically a 3 days entrepreneurship event at TAPMI organized by OMEGA, the Student Consulting wing of TAPMI.. Students have to think of some good business idea & implement it for 3 days.. So u have a real chance of earning real money in the campus .... We had some good businesses in dose 3 days who made some real good money .... It helps u a lot to correlate ur classroom learning with practical business...

Will be back with more updates :D...

TAPMI Class of 2014; CFA International Level 2 Candidate
Aahhhh...a post in this thread after a very long time...1st term ended finally & 2nd term already started...till now its easy going as compared to the grill we had in 1st term or it is dat i am now used to such grill ... Still awaiting 1st term results... But here we all are now geared up for BrandScan 2012..India's largest Market Research Fair & one of its kind...

Brandscan started today at Mangalore & will be dere tomorrow also. After dat it will be at Kundapura(a rural area near Manipal) on 3rd November & den at Manipal on 4th November.. Brandscan is just amazing..truly one if its kind event. I had amazing fun while doing market research although i am a hardcore finance guy... It is a gr8 learning experience...

We also had a flash mob today at Mangalore at City Center Mall....just loved it...The students were also very enthusiastic about this event. Mid terms coming up in 20 days :(......Will be back with more updates :)...
TAPMI Class of 2014; CFA International Level 2 Candidate
@narula123 - Well today we had Ganesh ji ki sthapna here at campus.... We are also gearing up for the Finance Conclave "Horizon" to be held on 22nd September..people from very good finance companies would be coming here...Then we have end terms exams for PGP 1 from 26th September. Also some pre Brand Scan work going on... Its been easy going here since past few days.. expecting now things to get tighten up for the next few days..
TAPMI Class of 2014; CFA International Level 2 Candidate

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