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Ramprakash B of second year and Rohit Mohan of First year have won the Second Prize in MACH B-COGNIZESTA'14 (General Quiz) event conducted by SIIB, Pune. Congrats to them !!

Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

The Pongal celebrations ended on a high note with a series of entertainment activities. The funfare started with the traditional lighting of the lamp, Great songs from B14 guys which was followed by the traditional Uri Adi game. Guys and girls were dressed up in traditional south Indian Attire and there was already festival mood in the air mg.. With 5 days holidays, there was enough reason to celebrate.. Waiting for more !!!


Had an enlightening workshop on Business Valuation by the very own Valuation Guru - Professor Aswath Damodaran !!.. @ Hotel Savera. The seminar provided the basics of different approaches to valuation, together with the limitations.

Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

After the heart warming LBM last Sunday, here is another reason to celebrate - Yes its the Harvest Festival of Tamilnadu, Pongal coming up. Preparations on full go :).. The students from other than South India are really excited to know about the festival and to come in Traditional South Indian Wear - Saree, Dhoti, Flowers.. mg

More updates and Pics after the Celebrations !!
Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

Samarthan – The Social Service Club of IFMR hosted the sixth edition of Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav on January 5th, 2014, Sunday at its premises. The event is conducted every year in remembrance of our beloved senior, Ms. Lakshmi Iyer – student of Batch-9. Around 150 children were invited from three different orphanages to give them a day of joy and happiness. Our students left no stone unturned to ensure that the event served its purpose!

The day began with a formal inauguration ceremony; our Dean, Prof. G. Balasubramanian lighted the lamp and one of our students rendered a prayer song to give us a good start.

The events for the day included a Magic Show, Quiz Show and many fun games. Children were encouraged to participate in all the games and win gifts. We had also arranged for stalls like chocolate fountain, cotton candy, popcorn, tattooing, mehendi and balloon shooting that turned on the Carnival mode of our B-School!!

Our students also served breakfast, lunch and snacks to every child who attended the event.

Each child was gifted with a school bag, lunch bag, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, crayons set and sketch set. Apart from this, one of our students sponsored story books to all the three orphanages, which could be set up as a mini library at their respective places. The children were no less energetic and showcased their talents by giving us many dance performances.

By making small marks here and there, the students of IFMR are learning to make an impact on the society and as future managers, they are sure to strive for the betterment of the society!!

Let's join together and make the world a better place to live in!!!

  • Good going :smiley:. 07 Jan '14.

First Sunday of the year, spent by hosting around 135 underprivileged kids from 3 homes as part of Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav organized by IFMR's Samarthan team in the campus.

5 kids were assigned to each of one of us and we were assigned the task of taking to various games,activities, food stalls and movie (all of them coordinated by students).This was followed up by magic show and distribution of bags and stationary.In addition, lunch arrangements were made where students served the kids.

All this was preceded with massive preparations for last 2-3 days which turned the b-school to a festive mode with wonderful posters, balloons and decorations, apart from the operational arrangements which had to be taken care of.

Felt happy that the hard work of all the folks paid off Adding to that, the kind of affection exhibited by the kids was truly amazing

Again proved the well thought theory, any kid ultimately needs our love and time.

Arvind|IFMR|PGDM B'13|2012-14

Thought that new year was not a great start, when you need to report before 9am for session right from 1st Jan but proved absolutely wrong . Had the privilege to attend one of the best structured workshops by Mr Ram on banking operations. Right from day 1 the sessions were rigorous ones(each day more than 8 hours with really short breaks ), backed up with quizzes and assignments, finally following it up with simulation exercise.The faculty was highly energetic, right till the last moment. Usage of stories and a jargon-less approach with a mix of fun was a great strength. Also the discipline and dedication in the way he ensured about materials requirement is commendable. Today's simulation session had a pure banking experience of front office and back office operation of a typical branch. Providing stamps, currency notes (of course fake ones :-P), near real form replicas. We were assigned different roles in branch, and exposed to the day to day activities of the bank. the strive to provide best experience ensured good participation

Arvind|IFMR|PGDM B'13|2012-14

Gearing up for the Flagship Event of Samarthan - Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav (LBM)

LBM was started in 2008 in memory of our beloved senior Lakshmi Iyer Appu, a socially responsible person and an outstanding student of IFMR's PGDM Batch of 2008-10. As part of the event, we organize educational activities, party events which include games, music, dancing, friendly competitions, gifts, arrange for food and provide lots of personal love and care. mgmg

Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul therefore; the sole purpose of the event is to bring smiles to the faces of the underprivileged children.

The event is very special to each one of us at IFMR and all of us are busy doing our bit to contribute to the event and make it a grand success

Eagerly waiting for Jan 5th - To begin the year with a good deed indeed !! mgmg

Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

23/12/2013 - Guest lecture on "Core Banking - Trends & opportunities" by Mr. Venkataramana R, Principal consultant, FSI, Infosys

A very insightful lecture which touched upon
The basics of core banking, CRM, Enterprose CRM, Implementation cycle, Core banking products of various companies, Technology trends.

The lecture ended on a high note with understanding the opportunities available for the students in Core banking!!
Srimathi Sriram|IFMR|PGDM B'14|2013-15

IFMR so far:

Hi Puys,

It's been a long time since I had posted in PG. It's going to be a really long post since I have loads to share about my experiences at IFMRmg

It's been six months since joining the elite course at one of the best B-schools in India and it's time to reflect on what's happened so far

After 3 years of working in Wipro I was too excited to get back to studies and wanted to make use of the 2 years to the maximum. Being offered a seat in GIM, TAPMI, LIBA and IFMR I chose IFMR over the others and I'm pretty sure my decision was right. For the past six months IFMR has become my second home. Be it the hectic schedules, guest lectures, presentations, committee works, quizzes it has been a roller coaster ride full of fun and asking us to want for more and more. The experience is unique and one which I've never experienced in the past. Though I have 3 years of experience, I was dumbstruck initially by the knowledge and enthusiasm of freshers. I was wrong that work ex people had an edge over the freshers. It entirely depends on the interest each one has towards learning.


For anyone entering the seeing the campus for the first time, it surely would look small and not attractive. But this very campus has been to our advantage since we can easily bump into our seniors and staffs and paves the way for constant interaction with them. On the hindsight there arises a question as to whether a bigger campus is really needed?


The best part about IFMR is the different student committees and some of the wonderful work they do.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” Laasya, the cultural committee of IFMR made sure we had ample fun even in the first week of joining college. There were some awesome performances during the Annual dinner which left us wanting for more and kept us guessing as to what was in store for the fresher's party!!!

The big day for the Fresher's arrived and there was pure fun at Dee Cee Manor, which saw a host of performances from the juniors and seniors.

After having all the fun at Fresher's it was time for us to wear the “Social Service” hat. IFMR's special social service club – Samarthan joined hands with Chennai Trekking Club in the big event Chennai Coastal Clean-up 4. The event was all about helping to clean 15 Kms of the beach from Marina till Injambakkam. The event was a great success and IFMRians did our best to collect as much waste as we could.

This was followed by the touching act of Samarthan towards the flood victims of Uttarkhand. Materials, monetary contributions were collected to reach out to the victims.

When we were just beginning to relax and get comfortable, the real test began. Surprise quizzes, mid-terms, hectic schedules, presentations kept us always on our toe and kept us guessing for what more was in store. This was accompanied with the selection of Batch '14 members for various committees. There was intense competition for each and every club and I'm sure the seniors had a very tough time in selection process!!

For the first time in IFMR, Gully Cricket tournament was conducted. It was all about combining the fun of cricket and the thrill of betting!!

Like adding feather to the cap, for the first time the twin clubs – “Speakers” and “Traders” clubs were formed in IFMR. It would not have been possible without the efforts taken by Batch'14's very own charismatic “Ashwath Krishna” and the trader “Rahul Malhotra”!! Kudos to both of them for such a wonderful initiative!!

Come August and there was freedom in the air. With students from the different states of the country, I felt this was the best Independence Day ever celebrated!! There were a host of events from Face painting competition, Independence Day special quiz, Special screening of the evergreen movie Rang De Basanti organized so well by our very own Student Welfare Committee.

September and October months were full of fun with some interesting events lined up. The sports club “B Sportive” organized the gaming event “LAN Quest”, Badminton tournament “SMASH” which made all of us practice like Saina Nehwal's for the coveted title!! The Entrepreneurship club (TEC) and the IFMR Quiz club were not far behind and had some interesting games like “Casino Royal” (TEC) and “Game Theory” (Sports Quiz) – the first event from the IFMR Quiz club stable.

Diwali was the best time for hostelites, with the much awaited ten day long break a Dhandiya night just before the holidays was just perfect for the celebration mood to set in!!

When different clubs were showing their mettle, can the Flagship committee of IFMR, the Arthasabha be far behind?? Arthasabha, the Finance committee conducted “The Thingamajig Bazaar” a strategic event where buyers/sellers of a fictitious commodity (Thingamajig) need to use their best strategy to maximize their profits. The contest was pure fun and had some enthusiastic participation.

From my post, it might seem to be like it is all fun and games. But there is totally an opposite side of this where last minute group works, power naps, late night/early morning preparations, presentations; guest lectures are part of everyday routine.

It's hard to believe that already two trimesters are over and I'm in my third. Looking forward to some great learning and unlimited fun in the coming years


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