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Hi guyz, Well its been quite a few months since i have been here at BIM. Having lived all my life in Delhi and Pune , Trichy was a surprise package for me. A calm place but a very beautiful n scenic city is a refreshing place for anyone to co...
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@sunwinderpal , Re: the photo with Judah's car. The people near it look like they are seeing a car for the first time and are posing for a photo.

Thanks to Saravana Krishnan of 28th batch who was kind enough to call me up and tell me to a 'phone commentary'. I was wandering along a Delhi street searching for Sarojini Nagar market and out of the blue came the call. Was happy to pull the legs of the 26 and 27 seniors who had come there to campus.

After missing Freekick, I was keen to make my presence for Spikes but unfortunately it has been advanced to October as against the usual December and my current location doesn't permit to do quick trips like how the 26 & 27 seniors have managed to do, being in Chennai and Bangalore. Hope to be a part of the cricket tournament in Feb.
@Utthraa couldn't agree more with you....but as you aptly mentioned in your BIM , we work hard and party no complaints.......and yes of course, this would be best, its the first guruwar for PRCOM and second it would be the most professionally organized one. Cheers to PRCOM :)
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Sunwinder Pal Singh, BIM,Trichy, 2012-2014
@sunwinderpal hehe...yes!!! i hope so too!! and not to miss, we also have the guruvar nyt and another kalaicom event coming up!!! And inbetween all this, we also have more case studies, assignments, presentations and ummm...midterms!
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A late entry, but nevertheless thot i shud mention my journey....After all those hours that I had put in for CAT, the number of interviews and GD, the wait had finally come to an end.Here I am at the place I so wanted to be at, BIM-“BHARATHIDASAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT,TRICHY”! Having reached two days prior to the day of commencement of the course, I had enough time to set my new home for the next two years. It came as a pleasant surprise when I found out it was not one of those stereotype hostel rooms but very much just like a home. Four students allotted a 2BHK house with 24/7 backup, this seemed a luxury considering the unpredictable power shut-down that was happening around.
The seniors started getting back after their summer internship, just in time to welcome us. They took us through this new experience, getting us introduced to the BIM culture and way things happen around here. With all that advice , we get to class, and on the very first day we were handed a 20 page marketing case study! We were allotted groups which we would be working in for the entire trimester. Within no time, everyone got down to work with the case. Groups were found all over the canopy, with all the buzz on figures and analyzing SWOT. And this case study fever got us going for the rest of the trimester, with cases being part and parcel of our lives!
Amidst all the buzz on the academics side, we had so much more to do off campus. Table tennis was probably BIM's traditional game, where students played till 2 or 3 am. There was the intra college football and throwball tournament, which had matches being held at 11pm. There was some or the other event which was happening throughout the trimester, which was organized by one of the committees.We have the open air theatre movie shows once in a while, Sunday movie blockbusters that plays English and other language classics,guruvar nights,committee treats and the list goes on. Having nothing to do here at BIM, was probably impossible! “Work hard and Party harder”, was more than apt for the BIMites. At one time of the day people were working on cases, charting out B-plans, taking part in competitions and after all the hard work, they hit the Dhabas, restaurants, café's and the theatres around.
They say time flies when you are having fun, and three months has gone by without me noticing it. I enjoy the academic bit, but truly what we experience and learn outside classrooms is so much more here at BIM!

Wow....Finally Marwar12 is over.....Really felt the true meaning of team work....Was an absolutely fresh experience in terms of application of new skills (some of them earlier i thought I didnt have) and multitasking.....Was enthralled to be the 1st runner up with the brand name of GREEN THUMB - "Roof top gardening solutions".....


Hey guys, have a look at some of the memorable moments while MARWAR'2012 was in action. This years MARWAR exceeded every benchmark set hitherto in previous events in terms of all the evaluating standards assigned to this masterpiece.

MARWAR'2013............awaiting your arrival
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Sunwinder Pal Singh, BIM,Trichy, 2012-2014

Hello guys, after the enthralling MARWAR, it was back to books again. Though its hard to admit, but we are caught in dark dungeons of costing, corporate finance and business research. Today we had a guest lecture by Mr.R Kumar a consultant by profession on the changing business environment. The lecture was quite enlightening and enriching in nature.


Now for some twist.......After the marketing event, its time now to flex our muscles with the sports. The awaited annual sporting events start from Sunday and goes on for entire week.
Can't wait to watch the nail biting matches and the glorious winning moments.......

Guys, this place is now rocking with activities. A grave risk to miss it all.

P.S. : Ohh Almighty, please ensure I clear all the papers. I will study sincerely from next trimester.
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Sunwinder Pal Singh, BIM,Trichy, 2012-2014

So MARWAR'2012, has come to its befitting end. It would be an understatement to say that it was enthralling. With all the ingredients of a pot-boiler, it was rocking and nail-biting all the way till the last moment. Congratulations to the teams who came triumphant over the others. Thanks to BISMARC for organizing such an excellent event with such high professionalism. Cheers to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Position : Markaholics with their product Qubelle
2nd Position : Elite Express with their service concept of Green Thumb
3rd Position : Chevaliers with their product Vision Eye
Guys....Results are out......MARWAR is abhi baaki hain

Sunwinder Pal Singh, BIM,Trichy, 2012-2014
@sunwinderpal Judgment Day of MARWAR will always remind me of the 2011 edition. It's special because of this -
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