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A new batch is in with new expectations and dreams..and within this first week in MDI, I would be lying if I say that I have experienced something similar before... Assignments, classes, quit etc are part of a B School. But the kind of culture p...
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Wow!! Congratulations on becoming 1/6 MBAs, all of you. Agar thodi synchronized breaks hui hoti, to ek meet hi plan kar lete. :banghead:

Anyway, have fun, and good luck for your summers. :cheerio:


end terms got over on 18th n finally v r 1/6 MBAs.....
so much has happened over tis past months.....n time just flew by......after the sports meet tat went on 4 a couple of weeks..the realisation dawned pretty late about the end terms approachin.......but finally tey r over !!

its now time for the most important n BIG event for us @ MDI yet.......summers !!:2gunfire:

ve been applyin 2 companies on a daily basis 4 a week or so now.....n the long forms which tey require us 2 fulfill r a pain in the a**.......
but tats the way how it goes !!!

cant share the list of companies here......but v ve got big names......n the processs starts in a week ......its gonna b a real mad house here !!!

hope all of us get good summers in the end.........(despite lehmann n meryill goin bust :huh: ))

more later........


Well said Rockball ... this term has been one hell of a term in many ways more than one.... and its not over yet.... m in bombay and still have to submit my Strategy project :((

Campus right now was in midst of a sports epidemic if I may use this phrase ...... never before I guess in the history of MDI Sports have been celebrated with so much fervour I guess ... (besides the legendary PG07 Sec-A v/s Sec-C match last year obviously ... n0thing can beat that I guess )

LEft campus on tuesday for a 10-12 day break ...but was not exactly feeling happy/excited leaving for home... felt strange. I guess this is partly due to the realisation that now with each passing day we have one less day left on our beloved campus... and trust me thats a dreadful thought!!

Already longing to get back to MDI!!

Been a while since I posted here. And I do so now in the humid confines of ma home. Since our exams were advanced (yes!, preponed is not a word as our Finance prof reminded us a few days back :D) the seniors now have a 2 week break.

This was easily our rigorous term yet. The professors have made us work harder than fact I am working on 2 assignments now
The profs were kind enough to allow us to submit this late..but then the vacation gets screwed ;)

Yesterday was the last juniors vs seniors match for a while. I had to miss it due to my travel plans but the juniors have fought back very well. With a lot of seniors going on exchange, the juniors now have to be the torchbearers.

Speaking of exchange, we will miss our batch mates a lot but then we look forward to meeting the tons of foreigners

Lots of activities happening on the campus these past many days.

First of all, all the club selections got over.

Most of the seniors are finished with their end-term exams and are beginning to leave the campus for the holidays. Many of them are packing feverishly for their exchange programmes. There are seniors going to France, Denmark, Poland, England, Germany, U.S etc to conquer these lands and show the true mettle of Mandevians there. Best of luck to all of them.

Sports Week for the juniors has taken off like anything. It began yesterday with cricket matches between various sections. Some of the matches in addition to the competition also saw a charged atmosphere between the supporters. Regular Spamming wars through mail have also created a competitive environment between the sections. In addition to cricket, the sports week also has football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis, carrom, chess etc. It is really going to be a busy week.

At MDI, I have experienced a lot of new things everyday. Today was one such day. We had Janmashtami Pooja at midnight which was organised by "Sanskriti" the cultural club of MDI. Followed by distribution of Prasad.

About two hours back, I experienced for the first time in my life the traditional "Matkiphod" ceremony. After two unsuccessful tries, we succeeded in the third try. It was a three level pyramid that we had to make to finally accomplish the task. Awesome fun...

Will be back with more updates...



C'mon PG 08 guys this thread is becoming really boring and no one is posting...
everyone has so much to talk about but why r u guys reluctabt in posting on the thread...lets keep the legacy...
requesting PG08 guys to contribute to the thread....
and specially to the corp com ....

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back to campus after a long weekend...
fresh for new ventures...
the results for the clubs are out...

and wat a thanks giving party was that..............
kudos to the batch for havin organised such an awesome party........and thanks to the seniors for such an overwhelming response.......

frankly the time here just seems to fly much to do n so less time.....i really need to learn my lessons on time management

meanwhile.......i hope to get into some really good clubs out here.......
more to come.....

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Over wid MidTerm exams...
finally we know whats it like to be sitting in a Bschool exam
Finally busy wid a lot of club selection procedures (Let me tell you there are a number of clubs on campus). You really have to decide on it carefully.
The weekend was really exciting beginning from solving the unsolvable quizzes of Qriocity and then partcipating in various events like Taktika and Advent
Had a guest lecture from a German Plastic making firm(Sorry cannot recall name)
Another lecture is lined up for Thursday by Lehman Brothers.
So amidst all the academic rigour there is a slight hope finally...
A night party is lined up from our side for seniors (Traditionally called Thanks Giving Party). So hope to enjoy a lot tonight....
Will get back soon...with lot of new informations

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4 midterms down....or, rather, 4 blows to the face, 3 more to take ;)

Getting back to exams after two years of work ( well,mostly, no exams in final year for real, so that makes it three ) was tougher than I had thought - and I had thought it would be way tougher....but its given me experiences of my own to cherish .

First of all, running around at 3 in the morning for a lost calculator, while my friends debate on how stupid I am to worry over such a trivial matter ( well, that trivial matter helped me keep my head off the looming stats exam )...staying up all night studying for the microeconomics exam only to find out that marketing was my real waterloo

But then again, such is life at MDI - even after all that, you can still play the odd game of Counterstrike, or, more probably, go have a game of badminton or football. I wanted to sing the MDI anthem here, but I guess its something best known once you get here ;)



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