Life at MDI

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A new batch is in with new expectations and dreams..and within this first week in MDI, I would be lying if I say that I have experienced something similar before... Assignments, classes, quit etc are part of a B School. But the kind of culture p... Read More »

So finally Term-I gets over for our batch of PG14 and enough work is already in front of us. In these 3 months at MDI, I have developed a strong liking for exams because this is the only time which allows you to do things at your own pace.

And tomorrow just after a so called chilled weekend we have our Term-II starting. Another two months of excruciating pain till the time comes for those joyous mid-term exams. 

And if I forgot to mention, I am writing this post coz I got bored of studying the case study that has to be discussed in tomorrow's first class of Term-II.

Exams please come and save me.


MDI PGPM Class of '16

The end term exams of the first term term begin tomorrow. Perhaps the only college where I look forward to exam time. Apparently it's the most chilled out time of the term (only thing everyone @ MDI would agree upon) - no more projects, presentations or classes - just give one or two two hour exams and the rest of the day is yours. And yes absolutely loving the system of "Open book exams"   

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The 7 C's of LBSIM aptly summarize the 'Life@LBSIM' that impeccably epitomizes the ideal life of an MBA student, which, as our Director says, should be a blend of "70% learning outside the classroom and 30% learning inside the classroom"!

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When I first saw the blue colored board with "Management Development Institute" written in white on it, I don't even remember giving it a second look. Little did I realize then how life would change and this board with that powerful name on it was all I would think about.

Shifting from dentistry to MBA was a big change but this one year long journey from making that decision to finally reaching here was nonetheless a beautiful one - one that introduced me to the brand MDI, made me fall in love with it, and then finally gave me a chance to be here.

I distinctly remember all the times I took a detour just to cross this place, jump in my car seat just to peek inside and get a tiny glimpse of the life inside. It seemed like a different world out there, with its lush green cover, nothing short of a paradise. And just like that I was hooked, hooked to its beauty and the idea of being here.

And finally came the day I found myself sitting in the counselling biting my nails off, looking at the rest of the 40 odd students competing for the same seat to finally getting my name called out and getting the approval letter in my hands - a moment of sheer ecstasy and joy. Next day I (finally....) crossed those gates unquestioned. I was finally living my dream!!       

My world did change. Before I could even settle down, life became hectic. From assignments to sessions, to induction and fresher's party, a lot had already happened. The day we got our official mail ids, the inbox already had more than 23 mails and counting. Such was the pace of this college. Like every student, I also came with the hopes of making it big. You see the level and energy of students here, and you realize it ain't going to be a cakewalk, they are masters of their fields, one better than the other and you know what competition is all about. You hear your teachers talking about gold medals and you are instantly charged up. You see the student council and committee members standing on the other side and you're in awe. And all you can do is hope to be like them and still stand apart. All you can hope for is to survive and yet leave a permanent mark.


Life @ MDI

After toiling hard for quite some time,

I achieved something which made my life rhyme.

The struggle to make it to a B School had come to an end

Landing up at MDI, I felt my life would mend !!!

I and my parents took a sigh of relief,

And then they bid me farewell with little sorrow and grieve.

For they knew MBA is going to make me super busy,

And visiting home frequently is not going to be easy!!

Early June I had quit my job,

Mid June I joined the MDI mob !!

Knowledge overflowing all around,

Ideas that could leave you spellbound.

Professors here are better than the best,

Seniors, I have never seen taking rest.

Lively campus even @ 3 in night

Arguments and discussions over maggi and coke 'diet'

Budding managers trying to prove, their point is RIGHT

Parties here are the best

For students trying to relax and rest

They dance like crazy souls till late at night

Coz they know that their future is gonna be bright!!

Students running for classes and incendos is a common sight,

Strict rules to follow and the schedule is tight,

Sleep for more than 3 hours is not your right,

For a normal person these things may create fright.

Exams here are the most chilled out days

For its just one or two subjects instead of multiple forays.

The experience here cannot be captured into words

It's a land of extraordinary, talented and some geeky nerds!!

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  • Brilliantly put! :kudos:. 01 Sep.
  • well written. 02 Sep.

I'd followed the posts of @Messy_19 & @intelligio1 from the time of nail-biting days of attending the GD/PI/WAT to witnessing the upgrade from PGP-HRM to the coveted PGPM programme. I finally got to meet these guys in person, and it was nothing short of a heartfelt satisfaction to realise that their humility on PG is actually magnified in real-life. 

Coming to the Life @ MDI. Its brilliant. As I am more inclined towards the academia front, my post will reflect the same sentiments. The pedagogy here is meticulously planned, rigorous & ensures to fill in the gaps of the personality traits of anyone who makes it through the hallowed gates of the Management Development Institute.

We had an intensive 1 week induction program which comprised a healthy interaction with every faculty member on campus, each distinguished in his/her own field of interest; name it Organisation Behavior, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Marketing etc. & also, discussions with distinguished corporate leaders from different sectors.

The energy levels of the seniors (at least the ones that I have met so far) is contagiously high. Stay tuned for more updates


1st year over. Internship about to start this Wednesday. Didn't notice when the year passed. Memories of induction still fresh in my mind. When I look back and evaluate the journey in the last year, it looks amazing. Has been the best time of my life. Learnt so much about business, made lots of friends, sleepless nights, full on masti, competitions, case studies, ppts, role plays, live project, industry interactions, basketball, volleyball, events, travelling, late night parties and what not. I'm a new person. Thanks to MDI and friends. Trust me MBA life is totally worth it.

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The pic description pretty much sums it up

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  • @pagal123guy I guess you didnt click on the pic.... 17 Mar.
  • "Another year past, another batch felicitated. Farewell, .... 16 Mar.
PGPM 2012 - 2014, MDI Gurgaon || Coach Dil(li)wale Dreamers Team 2012
Harsh Mittalani @pagal123guy 169

"Another year past, another batch felicitated. Farewell, batch of 2014. May life treat you like kings and queens." What's the big deal about this ?? At least when u build the suspense, back it up with something that's more meaty than this flaccid description..

The wait for Summer Interns to start, the potential cash flows and the plan to use the cash for awesome parties!

Its 4:40 am in the morning and I'm yet to sleep. Last night oh sorry Last morning I slept at 5:30 am n 3:30 am the day before yesterday. The worst part is that classes begins from 8:30 am in the morning. only 3 hrs to sleep. End terms exams coming up next week. then 2 days holiday before the next term starts. raat raat bhar jaagne ke bhi apne hi maje hai
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  • @cognos77 yaa it truly is, but that is how mba is :smiley:. 06 Sep '13.
  • @intelligio1 With so little sleep, staying awake during c.... 06 Sep '13.
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Pagal Guy @sourcecode2803
with 3 hours of sleep are you guys actually able to wake up on time? and even if you guys reach the classes are you able to concentrate? (this question always bugs me!)
Cognos @India @cognos77 56
@intelligio1 With so little sleep, staying awake during classes must be a tough ask
A beautiful thing I would like to mention that I have observed here at MDI is the diversity in terms of location from which students hail from. In my class itself, I have batchmates right from Jammu to Chennai and Mumbai to Kolkata. There is so much diversity and it really adds wonderful experience of learning. The ideas that we get through such diversity is mind boggling and the learning experience is unique in itself.
You also get to learn different languages and cultures. You get to know how some are brilliant in Chess while some can dribble the ball past you like Messi :MG:
Didn't have such diversity in my graduation days, neither in school, but this unique experience really adds a lot of value. Realized this here

Corporate Communications Cell - MDI Gurgaon
We won the Volleyball finals yesterday. The opposition was strong but our team played very well. Our captain, Shivtosh Kumar, led the team from the front with his powerful smashes and won the match by a huge margin. It was a great experience - more than 60-70 people cheering their friends and complete turnarounds 2-3 times. The Bah!Zingan team-spirit was clearly visible in the field. Great gameplay by Soumyajyoti, @Banned_Rogue , Dipesh, Apratim & @garimasingh3010 :)
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I want to hold my fate tight

in the blaze of ruddy light...

to give my shadow a life

need to behold this sight..

Life strikes with all its pace

and give us the empty space

thoughts are with all i left

blazing away to its content...

All Feelings conceald in my heart

gotta wing, would fly like a bird

chased the air, crossed the clouds

and these are all i vowed...

With the coolin' breeze, everything seems to be fine

all the words now started to rhyme

lookin' outside of the window, something remind

among my infinite thoughts ,it was hard to find...

people stalled when they thought of dyin'

Empty spaces gonna be occupin'

Starting to love the ones we used to hate...

foes becoming friends and that is our fate...

A life which I dreamt
A life which I cherished

A life which I am living
Is all what I need - Thank you MDI for making me alive again...!

  • @piyushgrwl Completely agree with you :smiley:. 23 Aug '13.
MDI - PGPM Class of 2015 ..!
KOK is probably one of the best time someone has in the beginning couple of months at MDI. Being an inter section competition, it helps you to bond with others in your class and the rivalry with other section is a fun in itself. You not only see the amazing sports talent displayed at MDI, but the creativity aspect that comes along with it is brilliant. The creativity has additional score which counts in CKK and all sections work really hard to put the best show for their respective classes.
Sleep after 3 is a norm here and it just isn't difficult as you become use to it
Corporate Communications Cell - MDI Gurgaon

Yesterday was a great day. Went to sleep at 3 am and then woke up again at 5:30am for the football match. Our team, Bah!Zinga met A-rated in the semi-finals. A-rated was a high rated team and our team was built from scratch just 3 days ahead of KOK. With team effort we reached the semis. A-rated was definitely a tough competition. The Bah!zingans started high on spirit and ended up beating A-rated 2-1 in extra time. The team played really well. Our first berth in the finals and what a great start it was. All the hard-work we put in started paying results. Then came LAN gaming against D-company. Our captain @b2kmonster led our team to a 16-8 win in CounterStrike. A berth in semis seems pretty clear now. Looking forward to the badminton, basketball (girls) and FOOTBALL FINALS today

  • @intelligio1 All the best to your team ! I must say it is.... 20 Aug '13.
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Cognos @India @cognos77 56
@intelligio1 All the best to your team ! I must say it is a bit overwhelming to note the time at which you get to sleep and then wake up the next day Curious to know when you guys actually catch up on your sleep !
CAT aspirants MDI form is out
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