ISB Class of 2014 aspirants.

'The admission process for the PGP class of 2014 will be open in the month of April 2012.' This thread is for all aspirants who want to be a part of ISB CO2014. Starting this thread on 16th Feb and it shall end on 15th Feb 2013 with the R2 ad...
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Can somebody through some insight how can i do MBA from Isb, What all I need? Do we need to have any reference as I heard it from few people, below is my profile.

SSC : 85.4%
Inter : 85.8% : 60%

Work ex : 3yrs in IT
@MBA_Target2013 , @game4Mba

It was interesting to read your discussion on for/against MBA from ISB... I agree with a little bit of both here. But I wanted to point out here that I agree with @game4Mba when he says that you need to develop local interests while being in the US..

@MBA_Target2013 I have worked with several types of people and clients in the US and let me tell you that it makes a difference when you are on a short-term assignment as a 'onsite' resource from India versus when you work here as a 'US' employee.. You do need to develop interests in the matters which are likely to be close to a typical American - like sitting in a sports bar on Sunday night to catch a game while drinking beer... Its simply a case of 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. It simply helps the local people get more comfortable with you and is quite necessary when working closely with clients. And I don't think they are wrong here, we all find it more comfortable to deal with people who share similar interests with us.

P.S. I am posting this because while I find there is some truth in both sides of your arguments, @MBA_Target2013 was a bit more aggressive of his, and brushing aside @game4Mba views...

We all have a perspective based on our experiences I am sure, but we don't necessarily need to assume the other side is wrong... :)

Just my thoughts... :)
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@Lak_mba Yes, I am from US... I chose ISB because my long term goal is to work in India...

I did work in India before, but I wanted a better entry back and an MBA from ISB will do that for me...

Thank you everyone for replying to my query about the choice between ISB & IIMs A, C & L. All the replies agreed that the IIMs A, C & L are better than ISB. However I have a profile specific doubt here. I am an Architect (graduated from IIT KGP) practicing since the last 3.9 years. I want to continue in the Real Estate industry in a managerial role. I have heard that this year many Real Estate firm visited ISB for placements. I think very few RE companies visit the IIMs. Also I read somewhere that the roles offered by companies for a one year program (avg class exp of 5 yrs) are more senior level as compared to those offered to a 2 year program (around 40% freshers). I have also heard that ppl with 3+ yrs of exp are very rare at the IIMs so maybe I would be a minority there. I request you guys to throw more light on these issues.

I see that you are from the US. Do you intend to come back to the US after the ISB or are you considering ISB as your entry to the Indian market?

Might be a bit late in the day.. But dinged again without an Interview.!

This I guess is the end of the ISB dream for me, but I guess the journey has been fantastic. Met some awesome people on PG during this one year and more importantly , owned a Mustang when I turned 28, finished the year long waiting period for owning my bullet (Still a few months to go), put on some flesh on my bones and heard about my girlfriend getting married (of course not to me).

Looked like this thread rocked again (not same as last time though; did not reach 1000 pages). Keep rocking an partying bhai logon. Have an awesome time in ISB.

Got a waitlist in XLRI GMP. Not sure if wanna join or not. Any suggestions, welcome.

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If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

Guys any news when the r2 waitlist results will be out? Could it be on 2nd 3rd since last date for r2 admits to deposit is 2nd?

Be the change you want to see in the world- MK Gandhi
@game4Mba I could not agree more. Most of my applications were based on similar reasons (that extra 1 day makes all the difference :)) MBA, as well as the school has to be an enabler, and not considered as an end in itself. Something I have not found much in this forum but quite evident from your answer.

Good luck with your studies, and what ever comes afterwards.
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Hi, a short answer to your question: 'Yes its Darden'
Although technically if you are researching US schools, there were only two options (as the hint of 'D' was given)i.e duke and darden (and both of them are quite similar and the reason I applied to darden was as stupid as R2 deadline for darden being 5 days later than duke and i needed more time to write decent r2 apps). I hope you get my point that at the end of the day its more important to choose the 'best fit' rather than the best ranked school. The fact of the matter is I applied to all these schools after a lot of research thus it is testimony to the fact that I considered all these schools a 'good fit' and choosing ISB over these options is only because of my personal goals/aims and it does not indicate anything else. For example, knowing myself there is a distinct possibility that i may consider starting a new venture after MBA, thus value for money is a critical factor. Thus i want to keep my liabilities low to have more finances and have greater risk taking ability for a entrepreneurial venture. Again even many students from the other schools do start new ventures or work with start-ups but honestly I am not compromising on any criteria for my 'MBA' with 'ISB' be it brand value, mkt reputation, roi, faculty, peer group, recruiting companies and long term standing (I want the BSchool I graduate from should have a vision that will be relevant even 10-20 years down the line).

These are my personal views and If you or any one else do not agree well its great because i always look forward to intellectual interactions. Although i am 100% certain that definitely no one will base the most imp decision of their life (till now) on what i feel , I just wanted to humbly contribute my 2 cents.


PS: PM me if you feel i can be of any help to you with regards to other schools and lets keep the main forum specific to ISB. Cheers and congrats i see you have a deferred admit obviously due to low work-ex (an incredible feet i must say)....
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@game4Mba : You could just say a yes / no, but the 'D' is for Darden isn't it? And would you be choosing that if you convert that or is ISB confirmed?
@game4Mba : You could just say a yes / no, but the 'D' is for Darden isn't it? And would you be choosing that if you convert that or is ISB confirmed?
@KshitijBaldua Happy to Help!

Adding my two cents to the points you mentioned in the previous post:

When you graduate, the brand name would be the biggest thing you will carry on your resume. You will always be known as the guy from Oxford or ISB. After 10 years down the line, your expertise will be at the forefront while the school name might take a backseat, but will always remain a major selling point in your resume.

If you decide to join say ISB, you can always take onshore opportunities and broaden your work perspective, true. The advantage that a global school will give you is that it will polish you in a global sense, while you will have to put in your own effort if you later decide to pursue a career abroad after graduating from India. One more thing that tilted me towards my current decision away from ISB is that experience gained by discussing management problems and brainstorming among 200 people from different races, from different economic setups - crony capitalists, moderates, socialists and communists - can never be compensated by discussions among 770 brilliant people coz all are from the same country and almost similar economic conditions. There has to be a reason why ISB is extremely popular in India but does not attract much global talent, not even from China\Singapore\HK\other Asian countries.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish that all the puys who I have interacted with or are silent readers, to make the best decisions for themselves and achieve all that they want. This is probably your last professional degree, make the most of it!

All the best folks!
@MBA_Target2013 , @game4Mba ..
Well guys.. The discussion sure got a little terse... But one thing for sure as @game4Mba said... It served its purpose.. Good points for both the sides...
At the same time my $0.02.. in the long run..say 8-10 years..specially for the not-so-experience group(i.e. approx 3 years) , it is not the school which will play such a big role..
--- You go to US.. , you graduate.. get a job.. work for a couple of years.. maybe come back to India... and again go abroad..(if you are lucky).. quite a decent exposure..
--- You go to ISB, get a job.. switch or probably travel to US or some other country.. maybe come back.. but again you still have a good exposure to boast off.

As I see it.. it becomes more of a personal thing.. where do you want to go.. both are good in there own ways.

You guys have brought forth quite some valid points. It will really help the rest of us decide for ourselves. Thanks to you both. Cheers!
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@MBA_Target2013 said:
@game4MbaIn my previous posts, I mentioned about constructive discussion on my thoughts for the benefit of folks reading this forum. You do touch upon a few good points, but unfortunately, I find some portions unnecessarily condescending and mere play of words. I gain nothing by asking people to opt out of ISB, and hence a question of mud-slinging does not arise. Pagalguy forums helped me a lot in the application process, and all I intend is to give back. Pardon my poor understanding skills in case I understood the tone and mood differently.

If you look at the broader picture you will find we have more things in common than we have differences, we both want to pursue MBA from a leading bschool and believe this will be (most likely) our last professional degree. Further, like you the sole reason on writing the previous post was to give back constructive suggestions/feedback on PG forums as I routinely referred to such forums for guidance during the application process and shortlisting target schools.

Let me comment to your post point-wise:

1). Diversity - I agree that 90% of the class with Indian passport (even though most have worked across the world, with different religion mother tongues etc) is not actual international diversity. I have also worked with international colleagues & clients and have discussed this concern with alumi of ISB and other top global Bschools. My conclusion, the most important aspect I want in the peer group is 'brain horse power' and I don't believe just because average GMAT among Indians is higher than other nationalities in global b-schools would translate to others being less intellectual, as GMAT is just a test and not all can be compared by one standardized test. But I just want to add, those who place a high priority to a internationally diverse class please mix with other nationals as most alumi mention Indians tend to stick within themselves and dont interact much with others outside of the classroom.

2.) Thanks for the analysis for my options but the point i was trying to elucidate is how to go about shortlisting Bschools to apply. Like, there is no point in applying to 15 schools as both time and money are crucial resources and its important to study and shortlist schools before applying as it provides precise info required to decide right 'Fit' and write school specific essays. And one way to do this is make a budget of say 50k or 75k and choose 1/2 'reach schools' and 3/4 'match' schools and 1/2 'safety' schools.

3). Opportunities in India and the moral responsibility - I agree to each his own.

4.) Yes, clients like Indians because we are extremely talented, dedicated and motivated individuals. But when you are the in the front-end/client developing side in the consulting company then you need to meet prospective clients and need to connect with them in their language. I dont want to open a new 'can of worms' but there is a reason why consulting companies prefer local nationals for front-end roles. I know this is an extremely controversial point and if someone is deserving he /she will reach the role. I also hope this was not true but this was confirmed to me by my friends (studying in top schools in US) and even by Alumi working in such roles.

5.) "@MBA_Target2013 said:5.) Rest in person at ISB, the game that SRT plays - Seriously? What is the point. Reserve them for your blogs fella."
Well this is the only point where I dont understand your reasoning. Your comments/ observations and analysis are absolutely logical as per your goals/objectives and I agree to all of them. But why make a snide remark if you dont like it just ignore it or just let me know in constructive manner. I just wanted to lighten the discussion with a little 'humor' and as you can see I have kept this post extremely professional.

Thus finally let us respectfully agree to disagree on the answer to this question
"If someone has on offer and finances to study from an excellent global b-school what is the harm?".

I am not defending ISB just because I got admitted, I believe at the end of the day its just business (we both know this) and if you can get all you want for USD 50K why spend USD 150K for the same.

Please carry on the great work you are doing on PG and I believe with your help my purpose of the writing the previous post is achieved as if two Indians can critically analyse each others points of view imagine a class of 770 students. Rest we both know everyone has to take this call on his/her own.

Please accept my sincere good wishes and hope you will make us proud on the global scale.

@abhical : not breaking your rosy dreams. but Big 4 aren't as rosy as you see it. do check your vertical before you join. i am a current employee of the Big 4.
I guess MBB will be a better bet

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