ISB Class of 2014 aspirants.

'The admission process for the PGP class of 2014 will be open in the month of April 2012.' This thread is for all aspirants who want to be a part of ISB CO2014. Starting this thread on 16th Feb and it shall end on 15th Feb 2013 with the R2 ad...
@visionIIM-ACL @grondmaster --

Kindly close this thread... These is another thread running for 2016 aspirants... this thread just leads to duplication of queries..


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I want to improve my argument writing skills.. Please suggest where to start practicing..??
  • wrong forum buddy. 26 Apr.
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My profile, 4 years + Work Ex as officer in a psu - insurance. Qualifications : X-80.50, XII - 91, B tEch - EIE-70, Fellowship in Insurance. EC - School head boy, inter school chess champ, Dramas etc. Acad - twice Dist III in elocution , state level organizer of UNcelebrations

(school), no EC is College daysembarrased

, at college Cash prizes at various Tech fests. and three projects in Embedded systems before joining insurance field.
I have given three serious CAT attempts and cleared IMT G , NITIE but not one in the TOP10. this yr WL for IIFT :(. CAT oscillated 94 to 98 %ile with consistent 99.xx in QA. VA ruined.

I am thinking of applying for R2. not even started preparing for GMAT, no passport, worse my essay writing is pathetic.. this is my present position.
My query is

Will it be wise to take GMAT in mid sep.? Will the time suffice for preparing the GMAT and essays etc. Please reply.

  • @saurav205 thanks a lot... 26 Apr.
  • Applying in R1 should be your target.. Since your maths p.... 24 Apr.
saurav kumar @saurav205 1.1 k
Applying in R1 should be your target.. Since your maths percentile is good , you would just need a lil extra practice for DS in GMAT.. DS are really tricky in GMAT. As far as the verbal section goes , that will require some effort. Why are you thinking of Sep?? You have enough time on your plate , the sooner you start for your GMAT the better. And seriously speaking GMAT preparation wont take more than 3 months. I would suggest you plan to take your GMAT by July mid. Incase you dont reach the score you targeted you can take a re-take in Aug 1st week. That will then give you enough time for your essays. That way you should be done with your essays by Sept end. You can then apply to US universities as well as most of them will have Oct as the deadline for R1. But first apply for a passport and in the meantime start with your GMAT prep right away, without wasting much time. ATB!!!!
I wanted to know which is the best institute for GMAT prep in Pune?? The options i know are Jamboree,Dilip OAks Academy , Careerforum , Princeton Review. Can anybody suggest which is good and what are the other options available?? also what is the best way to select an institute when you are totally unfamiliar with the environment??
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@visionIIM-ACL Sir please close this thread, as its creating confusion among aspirants.
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I have following queries about GMAT & ISB, experts please help:
1) How to start preparing specially for Verbal, currently i can score 24-25 in verbal & 49-50 in Quant. How to improve my score upto 40 in verbal. My schooling was in Hindi medium & i prepared for CAT for last 1 year. Percentile in CAT:
CAT 2012- Quant-96.96, Verbal- 88.90, Overall -96.14 (Without Preparation)
CAT 2013- Quant- 98.23, Verbal- 44.98, Overall- 87.37(After Preparation) Prometric sucks

2) Which other top 100 B-schools in world has fees below 30 lakhs?
3) Where i can get Mocks (at least 20) & practice tests (specially for verbal) for GMAT like TIME & CL provide for CAT?
4) If i want to apply for ISB in R1, till when should i take GMAT, so that i can get ample time for essays? Also i will we preparing simultaneously for CAT/XAT/IIFT after writing GMAT..
5) I have ordered OG-13 edition & Manhattan Sentence correction books through flipkart. what other books are recommended?
6) If i get into ISB, which Bank in India give loan for full fee & accommodation without collateral?
7) Howmuch consultant charge generally for ESSAY writing help & for Interview preparation?

Thanx in advance
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  • @Llewellyn75 Your inputs please... 08 Apr.
  • Hi, I won't be able to guide you for everything, however .... 08 Apr.
ROHIT GUPTA @MissionXLRI 299 I took GmatPrep test 3 month ago & got score Q-49, Verbal-23 or 24 (don't remeber exactly)...My profile is X-78.8(UP Board), XII-78.6(UP Board), B.Tech-73.5 in Paint Technology from HBTI Kanpur, I have work ex of around 3 years in Automobile Industry (Shop Floor)
ISB mantra 1.3 k
Hi @MissionXLRI ! You have posted a wide range of questions that hint towards your overall confusion and understandably so. To start preparing for GMAT, you should first take the MBA-prep test available free on mba(dot)com. This will give a direction to your preparation. You can get in touch with us once you have your GMAT mock test score and our GMAT experts will be able to guide you about GMAT preparation based on that.

We need to understand your work profile to be able to suggest the kind of schools you can target. Don't worry about the loan for ISB. You will not have to bother much about it once you have an admit in hand.

All the Best!
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saurav kumar @saurav205 1.1 k
Your maths seems okay...verbal you will need lots of hard work...plan to take gmat by mid july..for verbal identify which area is can try rajat sadana because he has separate courses for each section...if all areas are weak then try sandeep gupta ivy gmat..he is an awesome faculty...but he charges 25k and maths is included...hope this helps and atb!!
anu kaul @anu.ka
Hi, I won't be able to guide you for everything, however i think you need to appear for GMAT max by July. And self prep is difficult looking at your present score. Try to find a good test prep institute near you as soon as possible. you shall also start making your sop etc.. Since deadline is September.
I recently completed my schooling and got a CGPA 10 in my 10th standard(From CBSE). I wish to do a BBA from India(and Abroad if possible) but do not understand the way to proceed. Neither I understand the type of exams one has to face for a BBA nor I get their books. Looking at my capability, I'm quite stubborn about myself being in one of the best colleges in the country. Can anyone please help me out !

Currently I am 4 years of experience in IT industry presently with Deloitte and I want to pursue an Executive MBA from ISB, targetting an admission for 2015-16.
I am a new bee and had gone through your website, just wanted to know what kind of profile will make my candidature strong for the admission process.


Hi, I am looking for some business innovation or entrepreneurial course in India. Can you guys suggest me any thing? any Institute or college? What reviews you guys have about EDI, Ahemdabad.

  • @EDI. 21 Mar.
What are the cut off for IBS Hyderabad through CAT 2013 for 2014 to 2016 batch and also what are the expected cut off through CMAT 2014 for the same ?
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  • * This is for the Schools taking GMAT. Please post your q.... 21 Feb.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 879
* This is for the Schools taking GMAT. Please post your query on the thread meant to answer on CAT/ CMAT

HI everyone

this is a great community. I need your help guys.

Can i aim for ISB with the following profile :

10th - 65.8 % cbse

12th - 92.8 % commerce cbse

B.Com - 77.5 % from a top 5 commerce college in India.

CFA Level 3 Cleared.

3 years of work exp as an Analyst in a research firm (financial services industry)

i plan to appear for gmat exam.

Does my low percentage in 10th act as a negative point during admissions. Moreover my company is not a known one since it is small and a fairly newly incorporated (10 yrs). Does having a well - known name for an employer a necessary component for admissions ?? I have not participated in much extra curricular activities apart from a few in college which HAD to be compulsorily done as part of the degree completion. i never had any leadership positions during school, college. Any opinion/comment?...

any kind of suggestion, opinion will be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi @nathansavari ! You have a good work profile and CFA L.... 17 Feb.
  • 10th marks are not accounted for at ISB but the GMAT is v.... 16 Feb.
ISB mantra 1.3 k
At this point you may want to focus on your GMAT and not indulge in activities that may not add any real value to your application. While working working on your application, we need to identify areas that can be so used to present a well-rounded personality.
raghu nath @nathansavari 3
Thanks . Appreciate the response. Do you mind me asking you to expand a little on how to work on getting a more well- rounded personality which we can flaunt in our resume ?
ISB mantra 1.3 k
Hi @nathansavari ! You have a good work profile and CFA L3 is certainly a big plus. No need to worry about your 10th score as ISB does not consider it.
Working with a lesser known company isn't going to be a deterrent as long as you can demonstrate well that you have had enough opportunities to learn and grow during these 3 years.
Extra-curriculars isn't such a major scoring area but you certainly want to present a well-rounded personality. There are ways to work on that. Often we do not appreciate little things that we do but they go on to speak a lot about us.
Target 720+ on GMAT and with a good application, you should sail through.

All the Best!
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Llewellyn DeSouza @Llewellyn75 7.1 k
10th marks are not accounted for at ISB but the GMAT is very important... try aim at a GMAT of 730 + with an AWA of 5 plus...

Hi ,

I am interested in pusuing an MBA from ISB.

Can you tell me if it is possible with the following profile ?

3 Years of work experience in Deloitte

88% 10th CBSE

78% 12th CBSE

6.72 GPA (manipal institute of technology)

Plenty of extra curriculars and activities to boost my resume.

I havent given my GMAT, but i wanted to know with a low undergrad score, is it even possible to get in even if I score well in the GMAT ?

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  • what kind of work exp? In case you are in IT, you will be.... 10 Feb.
  • get a Masters before ISB to compensate low grad!. 09 Feb.
Superman @Superman007 364
Deloitte has so many roles. The one's who are picked after B.Tech are mostly in technical capacity and they are same as any other IT guy. Hence it makes complete sense to get an MBA from ISB if he is in deloitte.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1.3 k
@vishak11 didn't understand your post. @sidprabhu90 could want an MBA if he wants to change his function, although he may still want to be in Deloitte. I mean that is a possibility. So just because he is working in Deloitte does not put him high on the self actualization curve. In case you are thinking so, its time for you to do some fact finding.
vishak venkittaraman @vishak11 8
Did u just say that u hav 3 years of working exp at Deloitte? ??. Like seriously? How did u even get into the biggest firm there is? Dude seriously if what u r sayin ia true then u r nuts trying to gt an mba frm isb.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 879
what kind of work exp? In case you are in IT, you will be competing along with others with far better acads ( BE ).
Hii Guys!!
I have scored 87.2% in 10th, 77.33% in 12th & I did Intrumentation Engg from Mumbai University scoring an Aggregate 56%.
I have been working in a Japanese MNC Called Azbil Corporation for 24 months now.
I desperately want to get an admission into ISB. & i have started preparations for GMAT. I will be sitting at home for preparations for the next one year. would be applying for ISB in 2015. what GMAT score should i be targeting at?? & what sort of extra curriculars i could pursue in the next one year to boost my resume?? Please reply guys. it will be appreciated..:)
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  • No no. I am not leaving my Job for GMAT as such. I am als.... 07 Feb.
  • Your engg marks could be a concern. 24 months is the mini.... 07 Feb.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 879
prepare well on your essays, gain clarity on your goals - long term and short term and increase exposures to client facing responsibilities and team building assignments.
Kaustubh Wani @Stuba 8
No no. I am not leaving my Job for GMAT as such. I am also giving other exams too CAT/XAT etc. so will need time to study. Though i would be leaving my job i am planning to indulge myself in various other activities like getting associated with an NGO, setting up a business etc. And i will make sure that i dont sit at home idle...What u suggest i should do to improve my chances for getting into ISB? should i leave my job?
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 879
Your engg marks could be a concern. 24 months is the minimum work exp. Leaving a job to prepare for GMAT would definitely raise eyebrows. MBA looks for people who can multitask. I suggest you continue with your job, gather more experience and prepare simultaneously. A score of 720 and above would be required. Involve in participation in events. associate with an NGO etc. All the best
can anyone plzz send me CMAT last year question papers at my email id-

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  • CMAT... 05 Feb.
  • ???. 05 Feb.
Hi, Please suggest if i can aim for ISB

Profile -
X - 69%
XII - 69%
B.Tech - 84%

Experience -
1) 2.5 Yrs Exp in TCS as tester.
2) 2 Yrs of Exp. in PSU Bank as Credit Manager

  • why do you want to do an MBA? What is your motivation and.... 08 Feb.
  • @Balagangadhar \- please give more details about yourself.... 04 Feb.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 879
why do you want to do an MBA? What is your motivation and goal behind it?
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1.3 k
@Balagangadhar - please give more details about yourself.
1. Your GMAT score, if taken,
2. University name,
3. Work experience- what was your role and your achievements?
4. Extra Curricular activities.

Namita Garg, MBA Decoder

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