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Dear Puys, Though this may seem a little early but thought to getting started with the effort and the journey of making it to one of the most premier B schools in our country. My Profile - Work Exp - 1.5+ yrs, consumer products (Ni...
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one week for a ding without interview ?

Hi Pgys,
Well i must be having the lowest gmat score (660) among all the invites as i always see people suggesting here on the forum that one should have a score above 680 to get a int call.
I am serving in the INDIAN ARMY for the past 5 years

While your GMAT might be on the lower side, your experience is very differentiated, with your type of experience getting a call at 660 is not a shocker.
A lot of guys from the forces make it to every batch - my class had at least 4-5 ex-forces. All the best for your admission process
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purvi239 Says
Any Mumbai Calls yet?

I had an interview on 21st.
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Hi Pgys,
I have been a silent observer in this thread for quite a long time and today thought of writing here for the second time. I have been interviewed by ISb on 9th january in delhi . Well i must be having the lowest gmat score (660) among all the invites as i always see people suggesting here on the forum that one should have a score above 680 to get a int call.
I am serving in the INDIAN ARMY for the past 5 years .. Before army i have worked in two Bpo's for 1year and 9 months respectively. My Acads:
XII - 76.63 %
Grads : B.Com( hons) Delhi University - 57 %
Professional course : 67 %
Good EC and plays many sports. Got many awards in my professional journey .
My int lasted for 45 minutes with 3 panelists asking me a lot many ques. I think i was very confident during the int and took it more as a conversation keeping in mind the formalities of an int.
Well have read that many ppl think that they could have done well in the int after coming out and i am also no diff . i also think the same.
Waiting for 15th feb and want to see wat is there in the store. But that never say die attitude will always be there . Whether i will be there or not :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Got the call, yesterday. Below is the info

Delhi application. Interview scheduled on Feb 4. Panel 3. Location: Radisson Blu, Dwarka.

Anybody in the same slot; who wish to prepare together.

what time is your i/v scheduled. i am with the same panel at 1505 hrs.

Couldn't find a thread that talked about this, hence created it. Hope to see some you guys there...

- You can say the same thing about Jesus Christ. He had no achievement. He was crucified; and his personal goal had nothing to do with him. Or even same for Buddha.

Loved your whole interview, but to come up with a line like that in the interview, I Salue You (Stands up and salutes, person sitting beside me just gave me a very quizzical look, I keep doing weird stuff, he's got used to it !)
Well, I've certainly looked at scholarships and loan options in the website. but I'm sure there are options for the adcom to suggest for someone getting 5% or 80% scholarship. So, just wanted to remind of that.

I must say, I was very candid about all that I've written. I'm polite by default. But my politeness should not be mistaken as shyness or being scared of interview.

As I see it, I have every right to walk with my head held high - no matter what. If you ask me a question, I'll clarify no matter what it takes. But just because u r at the other side of the table, I'll not reduce myself to buttering you.

U want to sell your soul just to get into an MBA school? best of luck.

To me, it was a negotiation. As ISB was trying to understand whether I'm a good fit, I was trying to understand whether ISB really (not what they've advertised through their website - I know who writes those 'essays' in the website) wants someone like me, coz I have enough in stake, too. And a negotiation doesn't happen with one party bending down. I handle clients from 11 countries in a conf call simultaneously. I know what it means to keep your head high. When you fail to do that, your MBA has no value. You're still an A$$. Stop becoming that and be a human.

And don't think someone from ISB is going to 'loooove' u by seeing you fighting 'for' them in this forum. I didn't go there for a war. Someone gave me a war, so, I took it to their home... coz only a person who have been slapped, knows how it feels.

And you have no right to tell me what's right and what's wrong. Read the experience if you want. If it helps, glad. If not, move on. I narrated an event with truth. And truth's gonna be bitter for sure :)


Very well said :)

You deserve an admit. Although, I am quite noone to say that. If I were a panelist, I would have receommended such a brave heart :)

All the best! :cheers:
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|| Applied: Columbia, INSEAD, Wharton, ISB, IIM-B/C || Converts: Wharton, ISB || Awaited: IIM-C ||

Any Mumbai Calls yet?


You sir, have courage. ISB or no ISB you sure have the right to walk with your head help up high, and not buried in someone's corporate a$$. Kudos for reminding us that all this B school n stuff is just a means to an end and not the end itself.


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