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Dear Puys, Though this may seem a little early but thought to getting started with the effort and the journey of making it to one of the most premier B schools in our country. My Profile - Work Exp - 1.5+ yrs, consumer products (Ni...
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I agree and believe the same akb1234...but there have been instances where people really screwed up their interview but still made it....

MBA 2012 Says
What's your profile..?

Tenth: 87.8%
12th: 91.5%
Engg: 73.1% (computers)
Work Ex: 3.5 Yrs (IT Industry)
GMAT: 710
EC: Decent

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Believe2013 Says
does anyone have an idea about the weightage ISB assigns to the interview? is it a make/break thing or an input to the whole app review process while taking final decision?

Personally, I believe that Interview is important and must be a make/break thing cause you are called up for an interview after all aspects of your application is reviewed... I have read cases where people who got dinged got feedback from ISB that their performance in interview was not up to mark and asked to reattempt the application all over again... I guess weight age must be max for Interviews in the whole review system... I can even be wrong as I am just speculating on the matter....
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WhiteWNNoise Says
Can you please share your profile as well.... :)

BTech (Computer Science), VIT
UG - 8.5/10
12th - 84
10th - 86
GMAT - 690
Exp - 4.5 yrs in IT across various domains

does anyone have an idea about the weightage ISB assigns to the interview? is it a make/break thing or an input to the whole app review process while taking final decision?

Hi, william hope u remember me, you had sent GMAT Material to me one year back..... nice to see you in this forum... All the best for the result.

Puys, I have been a silent follower so far but now I think I am in a position to add some value to the thread by posting my interview exp, which I had yesterday in Delhi.
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CAT 2012: 96.42% Calls : BLACKI,S, New IIM's& FMS Converts : BLACK,S,T,R,R,U,K &FMS;

Here is a detailed review of my interview

Civil Engineer. Working in a Civil Construction Firm
12th: 91%
Engg: 7.95 /10. NIT Hamirpur
GMAT: 710.

I was among the first guys who were to be interviewed in the early morning Slot. Reached an hour earlier and waited patiently for ISB ppl to show up. Around 10-15 mins before the interviews were to begin, the essay topic, Perpetual was given to everyone. I guess most people had the same topic. I was told to head over to my panel on another floor. As I got off the lift, one member of the panel was already waiting for me ... Went into the room and the panel was composed of 3 Members (1 Faculty and 2 Adcom). All 3 had a big smile on their faces and told me to take my seat.

Q1) I was asked to give a brief introduction about myself.
I gave a small speech on my schooling and then began talking on my professional life. As I was to begin with my life outside of my work, I was asked to given them an estimate of constructing a 1Km long highway. I gave them the figures and a lot of cross questioning happened on my figures.

Q2) I am interested in Constructing a 15km long Highway, so tell me how long will it take.
I stated that it would take close to an year and I was then asked to justify my timeline and some more cross questioning on my timelines. They then asked me a lot of questions on the cost breakup of the project. I was then asked to explain on how material escalation is estimated and taken into account. I was then asked on what profit margins does the contractor finally manage. As I explained them the numbers, I was then asked on what steps are taken to protect the profit margins

Q3) We see that you are already successful in your career and see no reason for you to take an year off and spend so much money for ISB.
I then began to explain them my rationale for an MBA. Initially the alum was not convinced on it and said that I could acquire all the skills within a month in any academic institution. We still don't understand ur rationale for an MBA. I continued on what I wrote on my essays, elaborated further. I continued to talk on my entrepreneurial ideas, which I did not mention in my essays. I even provided them with an entire system on how I would build a business on my ideas that revolved a lot on Social Entrepreneurship. I then weaved around the story of how ISB will fit into the whole scheme of things.

Q4) So you are interested in starting a non profit. Interesting.
I answered back that I am not planning on starting a non profit and the business I build will be for profit. Cross Questioning on my for profit model and I explained them my rationale behind such a model.

Q5) Another alum broke my conversation and asked me on what impact I had as an placement coordinator during my college.
I then explained him on what I had achieved during my time. I explained my impact mostly with an emphasis on numbers and various initiatives I took during that time.

Q6) I see that in your career you prepared a lot many cost estimates for Highways. Now I want you to estimate the cost for construction a elevated corridor on top of NH8 and the total length of the corridor will be 150KM. Also people in Gurgoan want the corridor in their area to be made of Glass. You can take your time and give us your answer.

I did some workings and stated the impracticality of such an idea and explained them my rationale and suggested alternative ideas. As I explained them alternative ideas, another alum broke in and said that " You are to build the same road and we want you to tell us how to do, don't give us alternative suggestions."
I then thought for a while and offered suggestions on how to implement such an idea and how instead of a 150km motorway, just an 40km will suit their needs. I then gave ideas on how to finance the project and execute. I was finally asked to given in an figure, which I said in the end.

Q7) One of my achievements concerned an ethical issue at work and how I fought to follow the right way of doing the work. The faculty member then asked me that how will I be able to survive in such a world where bribe giving is the norm.

I then stated that mostly organization bribe only when they are not patient enough to follow the system. I clearly stated that I will persist to my level best to follow the system and all. I was then asked on how will I survive in the business to which I said that in the end, my company or I will be given future business on my delivery and completing my assignments within the deadlines. I continued to say that the companies that sought to bribe their way have already indicated their impatience and will adopt shortcuts to get their work done and this will prove to their failure. In the end business is given on deliverability and not how quick you are able to procure such business.

I was then asked If I had some questions and I asked them on their dual campus models. As the faculty member started answering the questions, the alums jumped in and began asking questions themselves, saving me the trouble :biggrin:

Then the faculty member said that time was up and they planned to interview me for only 30 mins but it seems that we have been chatting up for over 45 minutes, so move along. I then got up, enquired the names of the panel members, shook hands and thanked them for taking time of their busy schedules to interview me.

Suggestions: I did screw up to a small extent on Why ISB and MBA in the start. So suggest all to be very clear on their answer. It will be better if people practice answering the question with their friends and ask your friend to grill you a lot on the same.
Another issue was that in my guesstimate answer, I became a little skeptical on their idea. I guess people better adopt a more optimistic approach in their answers and if you don't understand the question, you better ask them again..

William_Wallace Says
Puys, I have been a silent follower so far but now I think I am in a position to add some value to the thread my posting my interview exp, which I had yesterday in Delhi......

Can you please share your profile as well....

Puys, I have been a silent follower so far but now I think I am in a position to add some value to the thread by posting my interview exp, which I had yesterday in Delhi.

I was given Panel 6 at 5:50pm at Dwarka. I reached the venue by 4:15pm as they had mentioned in the invite that we must reach at least an hour before the scheduled time for an another assessment. I already knew that another assessment is nothing but paragraph writing

When I reported at the reception, I was made to sign in a sheet for attendance and then immediately given a paper which had paragraph topic written on top of it. Topic was "Brutal". I looked around for a seat and found that at least 20 people were there, all holding a sheet of paper(paragraph), some were writing and some had already finished. I sat on a sofa and started writing my paragraph. Puys, its important that you practice few paragraphs on random topics beforehand.It really helps a lot.

After finishing my paragraph, I broke in casual chat with few people. None of them was from my background(IT) and I liked it in a way There was a gal in advertising, one guy in "strategic consulting", another was a "climate change consultant", another was an investment banker. Seemed that I was the most inferior of the lot, just kidding

4 panels were running late from their schedule by approx 45 mins and unfortunately mine was one of them. At 5:50, a lady went to my panel who was scheduled for 5:10 !! I thought now I will have to wait until 6:30pm at least. The wait was killing and brutal. Suddenly at 6:30pm few people started joining our waiting lounge. At first, we thought that they are panel members who have just finished their respective panels. But no, they were some other party who had booked the halls(where interviews were happening) for some event. The interview was scheduled to be over by 6:20pm and the hotel staff had given booking to that party from 6:30pm onwards. It was ironical to see such a mismanagement when we had come for a management interview.They had kept just 10mins of buffer time! Soon, ISB people got into panic mode and a commotion started. Hotel staff was torn off between the other party and the ISB people. I thought my interview is gonna be cancelled or I may have to give it in some cafeteria Anyways, it seems ISB had reserved a room somewhere else where I was called for the interview at 7pm.Basically it was a room in the hotel from which they had removed beds n all and made it look like a mini-hall.
I entered inside, there were 3 people, one lady among them. They greeted me well but didn't offer me chair on which I myself asked them "May I take a seat?" Then my interview started -

Lady (L)- So you have been mostly in North, tell us more about it.
Me - I said I have been born and brought up in Varanasi and have done my schooling also from Varanasi and then moved on to South to do BTech.

Gentleman 2(G2) - "Was your degree 4yrs or 5yrs?"
Me- "4yrs"

G2- "Then did you do a job after class-12 or something? "
Me- "No, I took a yr break to prepare for IIT"

G2- "Oh, I see"

Gentleman 1(G1)- "So,you want to start this company of yours.Tell us more about it"

Me- Explained my business model and told them the background why I intend to start this company.

L - Asked a specific ques on what I will do in my business
Me- Answered

G1 - "Why MBA? Why dont you start now?"
Me - Answered well as I had prepared for this question.

L - "But the target companies you are focusing, are working well even without following your idea. They are doing good. Why will they join with you?"
Me - Answered to the best of my abilities to which she didn't seem to be much convinced

L - "I am still not convinced. Convince me"
Me - I gave them some rough figures and explained that if the companies follow my idea rather than follow the existing pattern, they will save money. On this all the 3 panelists, nodded their head in approval and the lady was all smile

There were many more questions on my plan and I guess I convinced them with my answers on all with few surprise questions where I was stumped but I think I handled them well.

After all this griiling by G1 and L, they seemed to have run out of questions. They turned to G2 and asked him if he has any questions to ask me. On this, he just asked me "What do you do in your current profile?" I answered this question well and highlighted the work done, achievements etc.

In the end,

L - "Any questions for us?"
Me - Asked two questions related to my B-plan and they duly answered those.

With a warm handshake in the end with all the panelists and some exchange of wishes and all,I left the room thinking how it went off and planning how to spend the next day (Sunday)

I think G1 and L were alums and G2 was from adcom. All except the lady looked quite senior.

I hope this exp will be of some use to you in your interviews. Just one statement I would say, "BE YOURSELF". Dont try to become someone else. If you are not passionate about something, dont say it just bcas you think its cool and help you in getting through.

All the best!


Thnx mate...wen r u planning 2 give gmat btw...

Check that... it's 537

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Does anyone remember the link(s) to the documents posted earlier in this thread where people have contributed their interview experiences? Search ain't what it used to be anymore!

Thank you.

you'll find it on page 535 or around that....

Does anyone remember the link(s) to the documents posted earlier in this thread where people have contributed their interview experiences? Search ain't what it used to be anymore!

Thank you.

vishrutsolanki Says
hey name is vishrut solanki...m working in Godrej and Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd...plz include me in this group...m looking forward to get reviews as well as insights on GMAT...planning to give GMAT in mid august or sept...

You, buddy, have already included urself in the group. Secondly, if you want to discuss and have insights on gmat then I might suggest u to include yourself in the GMAT groups. As you might have already seen from earlier posts, this is not a GMAT group.

Deleting duplicate post.

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