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Interview tips - Must read

Hi all, I found this article on preparing yourself for interviews. I am sure it will benefit us all. Manduks PREPARATION FOR INTERVIEWS Because communication skills are such an integral part of effective management, some schools ...
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I could read that post over and over again...the insight was wonderfully written and the stuff mentioned is pretty much what happens in most of the interviews...loved how everything was explained with so much simplicity and the uncomplicated approach to an interview.

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You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.

If you want to get more materials that related to this topic, you can visit: Interview tips 2011

Best regards.

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IIM Shillong- Finance club has prepared a booklet on the Finance related stuffs and it might really help the aspirants. Please follow this link:
Niveshak Interview Booklet

very nice initiative bro..thnxxx a ton!!!!

thanks guys.......

IIM Shillong- Finance club has prepared a booklet on the Finance related stuffs and it might really help the aspirants. Please follow this link:
Niveshak Interview Booklet

aniket1989 Says
is it a must to wear ties at the interview?

yes it is a must,
or it would make you look a bit "odd"

Man!!!.. wat an effort u have put in here.... hats off to ur patience and good luck in life... thank u very much

is it a must to wear ties at the interview?

i have completed my graduation in july,2010... i didn't appeared for cat 2009 due 2 some personal problem.. i didn't got and tried for ny job after my graduation till now and was preparing for cat... will this period be considered as gap period? how will it affect my interview? how to handle this short of things... plz help me out

white is usually the first prefernce...light blue comes close second...bright colors/pinks/purples etc., are a strict no no....

alwaysViks Says
yellow is good color? man you will look like govinda of 80's.

yellow is fine as long as it isnt bright and gaudy...a light ,pleasant looking shade is what u'd find in formals n its acceptable....

that was very good information. thanks for it. i personally, feel that the interview and the group discussion can be handled easily, if they are taken casually and smartly. confidence in oneself is the keyword. keep building on that, and any topic or any interview would be a matter of easy dealing.

thankss....very good information

IMO, Introspection is a must before appearing for an interview. Know yourself inside out unless you want yourself in a situation where you can answer everything but questions about yourself.
Know your strengths as well as weaknesses and be candid about them in the interview. Don't borrow answers to questions on strengths & weaknesses, from here and there. The interviewer is experienced enough to gauge where the answer is coming from, from you or from an external source...
By be candid, I mean be honest about your weaknesses but try to relate them to a positive aspect. More than what you're saying, what matters is how you're projecting it.

All the best to all aspirants.

I have a graduation background from distance learning...how will it impact my GD.

Also I know nothing about the subject i studied i.e. IT ...how much does it matter if you do not answer questions based on graduation.

hello hector1
i may not be d right person 2 answer ur question,but why ask such a question now,u know dat d answer wud not be very encouraging,at dis point of time u cannot afford 2 be demoralized by anything.u shud be preparing 4 cat n other exams in a very high spirit,no need of such negative thoughts n worris now,just aim at belling d cat now,all dis can be dealt later.
just wanted 2 advice u,coz attitude matters a lot in dese exams,so no point getting demoralised n feeling low.
will have some time post d exams,den we will discuss all pros n cons,right now just prepare well
all d best

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