International educational options beyond the MBA

Hello PGs, Having been a PG for the last 2+ years, and having observed posts and threads across the International Section of the forums, I find that many are relatively less aware of some of the other interesting educational avenues availabl...

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I want to pursue my career in Marketing. Currently I am an IT professional with 2 yrs of work experience. Please suggest me some of the universities in India and abroad with a mid range reputation.

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Hi All,

Any idea about masters programs in Australia?
I think, which 4+ yrs W Ex, its high time I get a Masters Degree in Computing/IT/Information Systems (since this is directly relevant to my work experience and frankly, its where I want to be in).

My Profile is as follows -

I graduated in 2010 with a major in Biotechnology. I have a total work experience of 4 years and 2 months in IT spanning across several domains (Australian Superannuation, US Healthcare and currently US telecom) and across different functions - as an IT Developer, Business Analyst, Data Scientist and currently working as an analyst in Video Analytics domain.

Now, coming to the courses I narrowed down upon -
Uni of Melbourne - MIS (1.5 years), MIT(1.5 yrs), Master of Engg (Software)
ANU - Master of Computing
UNSW - Master of IT

I would like to work in Australia upon completion of my course, so employability is a major criterion. Other factors are Scholarships offered, Course reviews (current and former students), teaching methodology (theory based/practical oriented) and class cohort.

While some of these are available on the websites (Fees, Scholarships etc) other things such as Teaching methods, Employability etc. are things I have little info of and would greatly appreciate inputs on.

Know its a big post but would really like honest feedback.

  • _N.B. - I have a valid TOEFL iBT score of 113_. Will take.... 16 Sep.
  • Hi Aniket, Good to see a detailed post. Some pointers.... 21 Sep.
What do you care what other people think?
aniket 2888 @aniket2888 51

N.B. - I have a valid TOEFL iBT score of 113. Will take GRE if needed.

Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Hi Aniket,

Good to see a detailed post. Some pointers below:

1. If you intend to work in Australia, it makes a lot of sense to go to a good school there. While folks from schools such as MIT can find jobs in most geographies, it helps a great deal in terms of building a network and getting a sense of the job market (think internships) if one is based out of the region where one wants to work eventually.

2. The people who can most accurately inform you about graduate experience and employablity are the schools themselves and alumni of the programs you are interested in. Look them up through social networks, have conversations with them, and pose intelligent questions after you have done your research.

3. You will need a good GRE score to get into one of these schools. Get that out of the way soon.  

Hope this helps.

Can any one plz temme, wht are the exams tht can be taken to persue an International MBA.. Thank you.

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  • Dear Partha, thank you indeed for your comment and sugges.... 22 Sep.
  • Appreciated :smiley:. 28 Sep.
How to prepare for government exams?
Everyone knows that the competition in government exams is increasing every year. Even though lots of graduates preparing for it. If you are one of them and really want to put your step forward and want to join government sector. If your focus is clear.


Hi All,

I'm working in a IT giant as SE but need to explore more. I want to go for MBA parallel to my job. I don't have much idea about Online MBA and its worth to my career. Can anybody please assist me on this. Is it a worth to do Online MBA and what benefits I can have out of it?


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  • 29 Aug.
  • Hi Tarun, Assuming you have a very clear understandin.... 02 Sep.
Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Hi Tarun,

Assuming you have a very clear understanding of 'why' you would like to pursue a management program, here are some points to consider:

1. A distance or part-time MBA does not (and cannot) offer you the rich experience of an on-campus program. Aspects such as peer-to-peer learning, participating in clubs, and immersing oneself in the experience are virtually impossible with off-campus or part-time programs.

2. If you do not have the time, experience, or resources to invest in a full-time program, this is a good time to start accumulating some. A management degree from a top-tier school cannot be substituted by other programs in terms of both pedigree and prestige.

3. If your objective is to solely learn about management, give MOOCs such as coursera a shot. Successfully completing demanding courses will reflect your perseverance and motivation in very good light.

4. If you do not intend to invest too much time in the program, your efforts will probably be best utilized in working your way up through the ranks and then doing an executive program in management from one of the top institutes.

In a nutshell, very few management programs can offer you a steep jump in your career. And that is because these programs are selective and offer exceptionally good training. Investing yourself in anything else may not yield you the dividends you seek.

Hi puys...I am interested in pursuing Masters in International business. Wish to know good universities in Canada and USA and career prospects for the same. 

  • Hello Tanmayee,. 02 Sep.
MBA- Madly Busy (with) Academics.....!

How much would an international MBA cost???

Please recommend some good B- Schools in US and Germany

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  • Hows Mannehiem. 25 Aug.
  • Hi Mrudula, This thread is dedicated to discussion of.... 02 Sep.
Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Hi Mrudula,

This thread is dedicated to discussion of programs "beyond the MBA". You are likely to receive better answers in an appropriate thread.

Hi there...Nice to find this discussion thread

I am aiming for FPM programs or PhD from abroad in 2015 and have been looking for some help regarding preparation and targeting institutes

Following is my brief Profile:

B.E. (Instrumentation) 2006: 77.1%, MBA (Marketing and Operations) 2009: CGPA 6.91, 3 years of Work Ex in IT Sales in Redington India and Wipro, UGC-NET-June 2012, MPhil (Management) 2014, Faculty Development Program FDP from IIMI 2014

Currently I am working at IIMA as an Academic Associate in Marketing area. I have started preparing for GMAT and getting scores of around 650 in mock tests. I have also been working on some research papers. I am planning to write GMAT in Oct this year

I have few specific questions:

How do I shortlist Universities abroad? My research interests are CSR and Sustainability. I have recently start looking at the Universities abroad and the information is overwhelming. How should I find out and target the options based on my profile and chances of getting through

I want a decent stipend also and would have to support my spouse too. How much chance do I stand to get this for whole 4-5 years?

I am not sure whether I am ready to for a FPM like rigorous 2 years course work. I have heard that in Europe the coursework duration is less compared to US. So should I focus on colleges in Europe given that I have basic understanding of RM and my doctoral topic.

I think this is enough...the query list is too long and I'll keep searching but thanks in advance to anyone who cares to reply to this longish post..


  • Hi Gaurav, I am no expert in the fields of your inter.... 10 Aug.
  • Excellent information Partha....Thanks a ton Will reply .... 11 Aug.
Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Hi Gaurav,

I am no expert in the fields of your interest, so I must request you to consider my suggestions with a pinch of salt :-). In general, I will share what has worked for me so far:

1. About shortlisting schools: I am sure you've looked at the usual suspects (pg, topmba, economist, poetsnquant, FT) to identify some schools of your interest. For a PhD, the dynamics are different from that of an MBA. I think one of the best things you can do now is to set up (skype, hangout) calls with the program representatives and have very specific questions answered. The faculty will not be usually available for calls, but office reps typically are happy to talk about their programs (even PhDs). Having direct conversations tends to render the choice of program much more easier.

2. As I am sure you already know, it is important to let the professors of your interest know about your existence. Easier said than done. But the odds increase drastically if you can get into the good books of their admin assistants. The assistants can, at the very least, make sure that the professor reads your email.

3. It is important to note that nobody can accurately predict whether or not you will get into a top school. The only exceptions are the people who actually make the decisions. Please exercise utmost caution when someone tells you they can play oracle (for a fat fee, of course). Also, bear in mind that schools like to encourage you to apply (this jacks up their selectivity and makes them look good). Call me biased, but I have seen it in even the best of the schools.

4. Regarding FPM: Schools across both US and EU are now more flexible about the duration. MIT Sloan Fellows and Stanford's MSx programs are examples. Make your decision about the program based on what you want to learn and what you want to do after the program, followed by your choice of location. The most important thing, though, is ascertaining the 'fit'. As you probably know, B-School environments are very diverse. Find a school and program where you will be happy. 

Gaurav Awasthi @gaurav_einstien 32

Excellent information Partha....Thanks a ton

Will reply to you in detail later....but this is really helpful...Thanks again!!

would like to do M.Phil in management after MBA.. kindly suggest institutes 

  • Hi Swatee,. 02 Sep.

I just finished my Bachelors in Management studies this year. I am currently interning with a company. I want to do my further studies in the field of management itself. I have narrowed it down to two schools, either ISB's management program or SP Jain Global School of management's Master of Global Business Program. I am really confused at this point. Does anybody have any advice?

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  • Hi, ISB requires work experience. It is fast tracked one .... 09 Aug.
  • Hi Suchitra, Given that you have studied management f.... 02 Sep.
rakhi mms @rakhi76 2

ISB requires 2 years of work experience. If you don't want to wait for two years why dont you go for SP Jain's MGB program. They both are equally good. 

ApplyMBA @meghaarora1984 1

Hi, ISB requires work experience. It is fast tracked one year MBA- best suited for applicants with some hands on corporate experience. 

Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Hi Suchitra,

Given that you have studied management for your undergards, one is sure that you understand the value of putting what you have learned to practice. Have you considered the approach of working for a few years, crystallizing your interests and motivation, and then pursuing a second degree?

I am graduate as BAMS, as pursue career in abroad.

Tell me further

  • Hi Varsha, For someone to be able to tell you further.... 02 Sep.
Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Hi Varsha,

For someone to be able to tell you further, you need to guide him/her with answers to the following questions:

1. What kind of career are you considering? In which country?

2. What skills do you offer to a prospective employer?

3. What is the nature of preparation you have undertaken so far to pursue a career of your interest?

which is the good specialisation in mba 

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  • Please post your query in the appropriate thread jestin. .... 02 Aug.
Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 24

Please post your query in the appropriate thread jestin. could be an option. Also request the respondents to respond to queries after directing them to the appropriate thread.

I am wanting to explore options of pursuing PhD in HRM from a foreign university. Needed help on understanding what options are available. Do I need to write GMAT for this? Which universities ( top 40 across the globe) can be good options? Any help, is highly appreciated... Thanks

  • Any help, please !. 30 Jul.
  • u cn try in booth chicago,yele,pensilvenia state univ., c.... 30 Jul.
Chandan Maiti @mum14 4

u cn try in booth chicago,yele,pensilvenia state univ., colrado state univ.,NYU stern, london school of business..

which college in mumbai is best in post graduate in management programme's ? like

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