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Inspiring stories of CAT cracking or The Best of 'All I wanted to speak about CAT'

*Update: Download the ebook version here - http://www.pagalguy.com/books/* Very often, all you need is a pep-talk to get you out of a temporary mind blockage during your arduous CAT prep. Sometimes, that pep-talk can be given only by someone ...
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just wanted to add-

sleep well, very very important...you wouldn't wanna feel cranky on the exam day...


Alright, with CAT 2010 just around the corner, here's wishing you guys Good Luck...Just thought I'll chip in with my 2 cents...a brief background first, I had a work ex of 3 years when I gave CAT last yr...It was my one and only shot at CAT (@ saumya19...here u go...does this help?)..
Now, I would say you shouldn't look at it as an examination that'll make or break your future...believe me, last yr. CAT was a test of nerves...difficulty level had a minimal role to play. So, with a completely new pattern of examination, with all the fiasco happening, Media attention and what not...people who aced are the ones who walked in, decided that they don't give a damn about the newspaper's speculations, about whether the process was fair or unfair (pointless question in the first place...), had fun while solving the paper, and came out as if the last two hours were nuthing special...believe me, a bit of nonchalance and "what the heck" attitude helps...Don't get bogged down by worries and tension at this moment...its just an exam, its not a foolproof system, all you can do is be calm, do ur best, have fun while doing it, and leave the rest to fate.

about the motivation thing...I know what you mean...it takes too much effort to feel motivated or even upbeat at this juncture of life. Here's what I would suggest- tell yourself you're the smartest darn person in the whole world..well, if not smartest, definitely among the smarter ones...Motivation is achieved through Self Actualization (Maslow's theory of needs- 1st yr MBA stuff ;-)) i.e. realizing ur potential...so what I'm saying is, reverse the process...Don't try something to assess your smartness, your intelligence...tell urself, you ARE smart, you ARE intelligent and nothing in the world (no exam, however big it may be) can change that...feeling superior to your usual self will bring out the best in you..

Now that you've done whatever you could...do not resort to last minute marathon practice sessions....go through concepts and formulas in Quant, be confident and remember its not as much a test of intelligence and brainpower as it is of nerves...

All the best....(don't forget to indulge guys...whatever you love...movies, music, sitcoms....indulge yoursleves, feel good, do stuff you love doing...)


I have a request-did NOT know where else to put this up.
Could you include the "all i wanted to speak about CAT" stories of 2007 and 2008.Some of the experiences are missing in this inspiring stories list.
If that is done,i'm sure many of us in PG would indeed feel very grateful.
Thanks again and sorry if am spamming.

Very often, all you need is a pep-talk to get you out of a temporary mind blockage during your arduous CAT prep. Sometimes, that pep-talk can be given only by someone who's been through that pain him/herself

This is something to which a lot of people might not agree. All the great experiences that have made a mark here are really good. The only thing that bugs me here is how this motivation thing works for all of u puys (I have seen a lot of people using 'puy' in place of 'guy', I guess must do so as well, am I missing the rationale behind?). I really find it difficult to understand how, motivation works - it has never worked for me as I wanted it to.

It is really good to read the experiences as a story and enjoy the happy ending (in most of the cases). But the trouble here is that either we (or rather I) look for a soothing empathetic plot or identify a hero out of the narrator. Yes they all are heroes but the post is to make a hero out of you and not to make a fan out of you. India is such a beautiful (sarcastic, without any intention to offend, but to portray the grey emotion) country that in 99% or more of the cases, anyone who will succeed (or for that matter make it to one of the cherished institutes) is bound to be a success story, fighting the paralyzed education system, caste based reservation system, social back stabbing and stigma pressures, the 'TAG' thing, the unsatisfactory job work or opportunities etc .. etc .. etc.

One of the good ways to utilize the posts is to identify oneself as a potential 'hero' and try to get there as one of the success stories, but that's again very subjective; motivation is something that may catalyze your efforts but at the end of the day what matters is the efforts put in. Don't get me wrong, as I said earlier the only thing is that I wonder how this motivation thing works for u all.
The last line of yours really made my confidence to the max.... Thanks for the reply...
will be really great if you can write of your journey ,or provide me some mode to talk to you....Thanks again!!

Well, I dont have any special journey. But i will surely like to share some learning from my experience.

1. Always try to learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them. I am sure you will commit every possible mistake once in ur Mock Tests. So make sure not to repeat them in actual CAT. Analyze all ur Mock Test in very detail and see where u went wrong.

2. One important thing, that everyone says "CAT doesnt only test ur Maths or Verbal ability". Anyone can do that paper given double the time. Its ur decision and analysis ability, which is under test there. I did only 10 QA in CAT 2007 and got all right. So its ur accuracy and question picking ability which matters.

3. Take some time to gather ur strengths and weakness. Try to overcome ur weakness but dont crib or cry over that. No one is perfect. Play on ur strength.

Hey guys,'

read this::


Perhaps,this would be one of the most fascinating and motivating stories for CAT aspirants and ceratinly deserves to be in this thread.....



shining_star Says
Hi ... Is there any sucess story who prepared for 6 months,,,along with office loads...and converted any of the IIM's .... that will be real source of inspiration for me..


Even i started my prep in Aug only.
I never attended any classroom coaching and bought the second hand CAT coaching material from market. I had 3 years of work exp and there was hectic schedule in office. (Although weekends were free).

The only thing i did seriously was taking every Mock CAT seriously and analyzing them in detail.

I got 99.85 in CAT with 5 IIM calls and finally joining IIM-C.

So, if i can do it, even u can do it. (To add on, i had been an average student in school and college :new_terminator:)
shining_star Says
Hi ... Is there any sucess story who prepared for 6 months,,,along with office loads...and converted any of the IIM's .... that will be real source of inspiration for me..

Hi shining_star,
never give up your hopes....
i converted by starting the prep in late july along with hectic work...
that too this is my first CAT.

Focus on the means, and the end will definitely follow.

Hey Apurv...

My crybaby first-attempt-and-failure MICA story is not exactly too inspiring... So I tried something better...

Please substitute the link on the first page with this one... Thanks :)


A Mallu Accent is just a Hyundai made in Kerala. http://www.facebook.com/ChucksComicsAndStuff

i thought i had the going tough. although i have converted iift delhi, i just decided to read the stories here. damn, people, we do have some awesome people at puy.

for all those you made it:- you deserved to.
for those who havent yet:- winters almost over, spring is in the offing. hold on, dont let go, not when you've made it so near. so near.

thanks for all the people who posted their stories, they really help.
thanks a lot.


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