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Inspiring stories of CAT cracking or The Best of 'All I wanted to speak about CAT'

*Update: Download the ebook version here - http://www.pagalguy.com/books/* Very often, all you need is a pep-talk to get you out of a temporary mind blockage during your arduous CAT prep. Sometimes, that pep-talk can be given only by someone ...
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Hey guys,'

read this::


Perhaps,this would be one of the most fascinating and motivating stories for CAT aspirants and ceratinly deserves to be in this thread.....



shining_star Says
Hi ... Is there any sucess story who prepared for 6 months,,,along with office loads...and converted any of the IIM's .... that will be real source of inspiration for me..


Even i started my prep in Aug only.
I never attended any classroom coaching and bought the second hand CAT coaching material from market. I had 3 years of work exp and there was hectic schedule in office. (Although weekends were free).

The only thing i did seriously was taking every Mock CAT seriously and analyzing them in detail.

I got 99.85 in CAT with 5 IIM calls and finally joining IIM-C.

So, if i can do it, even u can do it. (To add on, i had been an average student in school and college :new_terminator:)
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shining_star Says
Hi ... Is there any sucess story who prepared for 6 months,,,along with office loads...and converted any of the IIM's .... that will be real source of inspiration for me..

Hi shining_star,
never give up your hopes....
i converted by starting the prep in late july along with hectic work...
that too this is my first CAT.

Focus on the means, and the end will definitely follow.

Hey Apurv...

My crybaby first-attempt-and-failure MICA story is not exactly too inspiring... So I tried something better...

Please substitute the link on the first page with this one... Thanks :)


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i thought i had the going tough. although i have converted iift delhi, i just decided to read the stories here. damn, people, we do have some awesome people at puy.

for all those you made it:- you deserved to.
for those who havent yet:- winters almost over, spring is in the offing. hold on, dont let go, not when you've made it so near. so near.

thanks for all the people who posted their stories, they really help.
thanks a lot.

hello friends..
..i never thought that someday i wud get enough strength to sit and write something under the thread "Inspiring stories of CAT cracking or The Best of 'All I wanted to speak about CAT"!!!i m not 'that' stuff!!but i feel my story can at least motivate not those people who think they can but those who think they cannot...:angel:

m from the city of amritsar, known for golden temple and jallianwala bagh but least known as a study centre.its true,the level of studies is not very gud in punjab but still we manage....i was in class 5th when i was send to army school called- sainik school,kapurthala...it was the first time i undertuk serious tests....life there was very tough...learnt a lot of gud things and bad too...was like any other hostel boy-non-serious in studies,serious in all other things-girls,movies,clothes,beers and all other stuffs u understand(no need to mention here!!!)level of studies were all time low in class 9th when my father took me out of it and i was send to nankana sahib public school,samrala.a very small town with no infrastructure.....did 10,+1 & +2 from there...got 80% marks in 10 and 75% in +2 and was at 2nd position in school wid such low scores...!!!:wink:

opted for medical in +2...my father BADLY wanted me to be a doctor but i was least interested....but still i cudnt say-i cant do it....i was like any other boy doing all the fun in school,i was not like those studious students who keep mugging up all the buks and are very-very serious regarding there careers....then i went to chandigarh for PMT(pre-medical tests for getting admission in mbbs course just like iit-jee) preps and there i was at my worst-no studies even when i wanted to do--only masti!!!result-failed in all PMTs....my father stopped talking to me,my whole family was against me,i had killed all the expectations of everyone...meanwhile my girl friend left me...i dropped a year after +2 for preparing again but all these factors drov me crazy...most of the times i was crying like a baby....a hard body and mind after army training changed to a very sensitive and emotional soul...it was very tough time for me....again came PMTs and again the same result-FAILED:icon_cry:....this was worse then earlier...i was treated like a bad boy in the family and everyone used to say-dont become like kushal...mine was the condition like that of darsheel in taare zameen par-exactly same,difference was i was not mentally-ill and i wasnt getting any support from anybody....:banghead:

then somehow i cleared JET exam and got a seat in the hons. physics course in guru nanak dev university at amritsar...conditions started improving but still i was not very studious...just managed to pass my exams...then in second year i decided to go for CAT...but i was very much afraid of my past failures...but still i tried...i joined career launcher.my aim was just to get respectable %ile in cat and getting an ok type b-school for mba....though at first i was gud at learning but in the middle i started losing interest...but again i recollected myself...my score in mocks varied from 55 to 95%iles...i got 95 only 1 time and 3-4 times above 80 and generally i was in seventies....in november 2007 i had no hope that i can clear cat...:crazyeye:

after 14th i started losing sleep...i thought again a failure i m going to see...on 17th i reached chandigarh with a blank mind...i was restless as i had not slept for 3 days...my friends there took me out for some fun and wud u believe-at 1.30 am in the night of 17 and morning of 18,we were drinking madly-each one crying over what has happened in his life...i went o bed at around 2 but again got up at 4o'clock because of stomach pain...remained awake till 7 then i tried to sleep a bit but cudnt-in few hours i was about to write cat!!i got up at 7.30 took bath with cold water and got ready...then i heard a song-chak de india after which i got some boost to perform well in cat....then few minutes before cat i was exercising in the examination hall and all were luking amazingly...i was so tired and so sleepy that i wud have fallen down on bed at once if there wud have been no restriction!!

then came cat 2007 in hand...i said to myself-DO YOUR BEST...GIVE WATEVER U HAVE...FIGHT LAST TIME LIKE AN INJURED SOLDIER FIGHTING FOR LIFE....JUST TRY..TRY..TRY...i started with english...this was the first time i started with english,in 13mocks which i gave,i never started wid english...but i need to take risks...i completed english in time...then i reached to di...di was easy and i had done that type of stuff so many times before!!!but i cudnt do it there!!!my mind was exausted...i was checking 6*4=24 atleast 4 times!!!i knew i can do this but i cudnt!!!still i tried...then came quant...i thought it tough...but still i tried...at the end of exam...i thought it was all over...i cudnt even manage a score of 80...

.but then came results---:2gunfire:--CAT-93%ile-----XAT-92%ile----SNAP=70marks----the score might not be great for u getting 99%ile in cat but for people like me...its a big thing yaar.....now-a-days i am giving various gds,interviews,extempores and i hope to make it to some gud b-school of india...not the best one but one of the best....now i feel ki kash agar me cat se pichle 3-4 din thik hota...i wud have managed 99....but now nothing can be done...moreover i m happy with what i have got...by the grace of god and by my feeling of---just give it a try yaar.....i wud like to say u friends------IF I CAN DO,WHY CAN'T YOU?! GIVE WATEVER U HAVE....JUST TRY...TRY...TRY...SOONER OR LATER ONE WHO WINS IS THE ONE WHO THINKS-HE CAN...:grab:

this is my experience...hope helps..
Xperience Speaks


Well Apurv, excellent work:smile: As I always emphasized core strength of PG lies not in its abundant data but how meticulously we can present them to present and future members in order to derive best outta them.
Good that this thread is sticky and I hope this post of yours will go down as one of those gold mine posts
Hoping to see more like this in future, PG is way ahead of its competitors (or people trying on similar lines) but efforts like yours will raise bar beyond their hopes!........ Thanks a lot:)
Can we have a sticky thread only for the best posts on PG as we often come across many outstanding posts,which we would certainly like to be viewed by more puys, but because of them being from many different areas are not always sure where to put their reference?

Update: Download the ebook version here - http://www.pagalguy.com/books/

Very often, all you need is a pep-talk to get you out of a temporary mind blockage during your arduous CAT prep. Sometimes, that pep-talk can be given only by someone who's been through that pain him/herself

Below is a compilation of PaGaLGuY,com's best threads ever, 'All I wanted to speak about CAT' where tens of successful and in-waiting students from India's top B-schools have presented a detailed account of their CAT journey, the pain and the anguish and the joys and victories. Some of them have made them to top schools and some haven't, yet their stories will give you immense number of tips to get your story right :D.

Read them for instant motivation and if you like them, don't forget to thank their posts!

Chandoo (IIM Indore, now with TCS-Chennai)

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