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Apurv Pandit @Apurv


Inspiring stories of CAT cracking or The Best of 'All I wanted to speak about CAT'

*Update: Download the ebook version here -* Very often, all you need is a pep-talk to get you out of a temporary mind blockage during your arduous CAT prep. Sometimes, that pep-talk can be given only by someone ...
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swapnilwaichale : IIM A
hkarthikm : NITIE Mumbai
Rudra nil
Satwinder : FMS Delhi
ice princess : IIM K
ashvek_ambe : IIM B
instinctivefist : NITIE Mumbai
enamoured4664 : IIM K

reddevilhell : FMS Delhi
gourabganguly : IMT Ghaziabad
ShikharV : NITIE Mumbai
first_timer : XLRI
Slayer23 : SPJIMR Mumbai
sairamkarthik : IIM A

skr_14 : IIM C
kumarkumar : IIM B
playmaker : IIFT Delhi
IIM-A : TISS Mumbai
divyathediva : FMS Delhi
yash09 : IIM C
riteshindian : IIM I
prince31jain : IIFT Delhi

mishrasingh : not a cat story, but sheer perseverance
gudakesh : MDI Gurgaon
syed_azhar905 : MDI Gurgaon
gasrockr1 : JBIMS Mumbai
scorpion_3 : IIM L
TruthBeTold : IIM C (a complete insight into before, during and after MBA)
falaknuma : IIM A
WarriorWithin : IIM L
Dreamyboy : FMS Delhi

continuing with the experiences:-

Sajal_lovescat : IIM K
sc@rf@ce : NMIMS mumbai
raghav507 : No success story
kkabhi : IIM K
the_hate : IIM C (one of the legends here at PG) :D
mahesh nishant : IIT Kanpur
iimahd11 : IIM L
blarcks : MDI Gurgaon
ak.tg47 : IIM B
shrinivassg : IIM A
aseem.ace : IIM C
newsense : IIM A
srinjoy : IIM C
thewhiterider : XLRI
catfiasco : MDI Gurgaon
juliet27 : XLRI
billy"bad-ass" : IIM C
sriharshakv : IIM B
catandmouse : IIT B

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This is something to which a lot of people might not agree. All the great experiences that have made a mark here are really good. The only thing that bugs me here is how this motivation thing works for all of u puys (I have seen a lot of people using 'puy' in place of 'guy', I guess must do so as well, am I missing the rationale behind?). I really find it difficult to understand how, motivation works it has never worked for me as I wanted it to.

It is really good to read the experiences as a story and enjoy the happy ending (in most of the cases). But the trouble here is that either we (or rather I) look for a soothing empathetic plot or identify a hero out of the narrator. Yes they all are heroes but the post is to make a hero out of you and not to make a fan out of you. India is such a beautiful (sarcastic, without any intention to offend, but to portray the grey emotion) country that in 99% or more of the cases, anyone who will succeed (or for that matter make it to one of the cherished institutes) is bound to be a success story, fighting the paralyzed education system, caste based reservation system, social back stabbing and stigma pressures, the TAG thing, the unsatisfactory job work or opportunities etc .. etc .. etc.

One of the good ways to utilize the posts is to identify oneself as a potential hero and try to get there as one of the success stories, but thats again very subjective; motivation is something that may catalyze your efforts but at the end of the day what matters is the efforts put in. Dont get me wrong, as I said earlier the only thing is that I wonder how this motivation thing works for u all.

Dude I gotta say one thing. No matter how much we say or how effective we present, it is always about you in the end. See when I hang up my boots I shouldn't be feelin dat shitttt!!! I could hv done bttr. Or wish dat I wud hv not hid behind the veil of excuses. The best if it is will be 4 u n d worst is for u only. The point is age old question of half filled or half empty glass. All I know is when I read n share wid puys in this forum, I get a lot from dis. Aftrall the people here r vry much lyk me, n every1 is trying the best to land up at sumthn really gr8. Sharin n learnin is the buzz here. I enjoy on PG for sheer brilliance of peer group n thoughts I get here. Soon many of u will land up in professional stint den v realize how screwd up ol dis can be. Finally at the end i wud simply put that read as a short story or a memoirs or simply read it for fun ull get a lot but d moment u try to bother about reading it for sum profit n loss kinda outlook den I dnt thnk it will work coz den u r more bothered about result den the journey. Hmffff:drinking: toooo much gyaanbazi. Hope u get wat I meant buddy. Solely my view...


And i used to think that my story was crazy.....thank you for all these was truly inspirational...way to go leaders!!!

Student of School of Inspirational Leadership

Eleanor Roosevelt the first lady of the US once said 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.'

This is exactly what each one of us have achieved till date while the others strive to achieve at the same time..making dreams come true is what we all aspire for..

Cheers to all those dreamers

Student of School of Inspired Leadership

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Hi all!!!
This is a generic post and um sorry to place it here.
@Mods-If u feel this is of any worth for even a single fella then make it reach the right place. Its a request.
Before I begin lemme jus tell u briefly bout myself. An IT enginner with 3 yrs of exp with TCS n INFY the 2 biggest brand names. Started givin MBA entrances since 2006.Always securin pretty decently. Made it to the final list of SCMHRD n IMT but decided not to join. Now comes the purpose of this post. Offlate I have seen so many grim and sad post sayin the end f d world for them post any result comin out. At the same time do find loads f negative vibes flowin down amongst us. C'mon ppl u ol can do a loat bttr than that. U r the youth of this nation n best asset n u ppl goin don on jus a single blow. I sumhw cnt bliv this.
Here's a small example from my own very life. Last year jus 1 month b4 CAT my mom expired. Imagine my state of mine. had to rush bak handle my family responsibilities and came bak to Pune jus a week b4 CAT. N on top f dat IT ppl can understnd hw a 1 month leave takes toll on ur wrk lyf. I was literally slogging. Olmost had decyded to quit. But then my friend said. This month was crucial for polishing agreed and time was tough to concentrate but ur spirits shdnt dampen. Jus go and give ur best shot. its not a bloody university exam that u need crammin n muggin up.U r ready for it wen frm deep down u feel dat u ready for it. N u r ready buddy". I was stunned by this attitude of his. Was elated n I went gave CAT n secured 98.5+ percentile missed few biggies by .XX percentiles but got cald frm IIMK. Even though cudnt make it to the final list but its OK. I learnt the best possible lesson f lyf dat even IVY league colls won't b able to teach. Never say die. Never back down. Never give up. I will keep comin no matter wat happens coz I know my place N I know its tough to get thr but not impossible. After all Mt. Everest is not for every tom **** and Harry mountaineer. its for d chosen few. N I know U ol got that inside u. Jus dnt give up now.
As for negative vibes. Fellows we olwez cry bout few gettin undue advantage. But remember that its u whose ur biggest competitor .f9 one s gettin sum undue adnvtg but den u trusted urslf wen u started ur journey ryt. Was there any negative vibe then. So it shdnt b thr now. U trust urslf and dats y u r here reading this. Imagine u being a CEO 2mrw of a start up compny faisin direct competition from giants and masters of crafts like Indira Nooyi,KM shaw, mark Zukkerberg,Warren Buffet!!!(2 heavy I guess. But IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!!).Then r u jus goin to step down widout facin them statin they hv an undue competition. No right. SOME GOALS R SO WORTH THAT ITS EVEN GLORIOUS TO FAIL ACHIEVING THEM.Let there b ups and downs. Let there b dayz n nytz. But dnt eva let urslf fall down in the grip f night. If not today 2mrw u come bak and get wat u truely deserve. Faith n hard work. We will do it until we will achieve it.
Remeber GOAL-
Santiage Munez to his coach-The only person who can say that I am not gud enuf is u but even then, I may not agree wid u:)
The pursuit of happiness-
Never let anyone else tell you that you are good or bad in anything.
N finally my mantra durin xamz:
I am at war wid myself and it looks like I am winning :)

We shall overcome sumday,

PS: Sorry for spamming.But I know I had sumthin to share n I did it honestly from d bottom of ma heart and um not sorry for dat. N if even a single ppl from here can take sumthin outta dis and sumday in the future mail me and say Vish I made it to IIMx, XL or any dream coll, I will think the purpose is served.


1. Is it right to show such an authority on a platform meant for sharing which we don't experience on international forums and many Indian forums also?
Well whether you are posting on international or rural forum , one needs to understand the rules and regulations before posting ,so i cant comment on your post as i have not seen it but , may be it was not according to the rules and regulations , and so your post was removed. Hope you read the disclaimer at the time of registeration

May be my experience is an exception and not happened with anyone else.
Please think, are we playing in hands of so-called 'net-entrepreneurs' to help create multi-million dollar business? As they allow only those things to be posted on the forum that generates revenue for them and no free-thoughts. All of us know how much money pass hands in B-Schools ranking. Is it fair, shouldn't we do something about it?
Well if PG is earning money , it is doing so in ethical ways , and its helping millions of aspirants across the globe , and if it does cash in , there should not be any problem. its not cheating anyone , as long as one stays within the boundary of certain predefined rules one can write , whatever one wants

And again your post is at a wrong place , as this thread is meant for discussion on experiences about CAT , so it may be the case that all of our posts will be deleted, as its irrelevant to the stated topic

All the best
and Management subject' because I am an average human being and can't go to his 'levels' in communication. Then after sleeping over it for about a week, I thought of sharing it with the community for two reasons.

If you claim to be an average human being then why do you call yourself a 'Guru' (your username).....use a more subtle 'average' name instead

MgtGuruPune Says
All of us know how much money pass hands in B-Schools ranking.

What makes you think that money is passed around in the rankings? It is done on a user-to-user basis, not by a panel of experts.

The experiences continue:

maxximus (part 2)
vivekkahn: NITIE Mumbai
John_Galt: JBIMS Mumbai

hari_87: DoMS IIT Delhi

shiva1985: IIM Ahmedabad
srinibas: IIM Lucknow
zion1729: IIM Ahmedabad
sugandha3: IIM Lucknow
sumon_sux_ju: IIM Indore
v-factor: IIM Lucknow
srikanth14: XLRI Jamshedpur
meshed: IIM Lucknow
believe: IIM Ahmedabad
karanmaroo: IIM Indore
adityarockz: IIM Ahmedabad
sidharth0208: IIM Calcutta
sukritmunjal: IIFT Kolkata
deep_agrawal: NMIMS Mumbai
ThE bmr: FMS Delhi
bkd.exe: IIM Ranchi
prannayvats: FMS Delhi
CATastrophe1: IIM Ahmedabad
fightmar: IIFT Delhi
prashfms: XLRI Jamshedpur
aniketcoep: IIM Calcutta
r11gupta: IIM Ahmedabad
Explorer_Gagan: IIM Lucknow
shreyans_nitt: IIM Ahmedabad
prakharc: IIM Ahmedabad
balajin12: IIM Calcutta
prem_ravi: And finally, it's the convert from IIM Calcutta
pt_ct: IIM Calcutta
aayush_badmash: DoMS IIT Delhi
nishantvdo: IIM Calcutta
visionIIM-ACL: NITIE Mumbai
anshuljain_iitd: IIM Indore
abhimukh19: IMI Delhi
vishalv: IIM Indore

Will update more as and when they are put up.

Again, all queries go to the relevant thread. Irrelevant posts here will be deleted.

Captain, PG Dream Team 2010 | CAT 11 - 100%ile | CET 10 - Rank 1 (211/240) | Co-founder Learning Roots 

No queries on this thread please. All queries go to the relevant threads mentioned in Shruti's various posts on this thread:

Updating the thread with new posts by stalwarts who dreamed and achieved it. Those who didn't are gonna achieve it in some form or the other. Achievers, they are, though :D

jalan: IIM Indore
prahalad85: IIM Bangalore
anandv: IIM Lucknow
manish_cat: NIRMA
13thwarroor: BIM Trichy:
Fabio capello:
anir-iim2005: IIM Ahmedabad

spirit11: IMT Dubai
gvi.shekar: Goa Institute of Management
get_amazed: IIFT Delhi
sumitrocks: XLRI Jamshedpur

chuck_gopal (the happy version ) MICA
parulbajaj: IIM Bangalore
avinav2712: IMI delhi
hameed: XLRI Jamshedpur
utsavmamoria: MICA
vindsome: IIFT
rmbt: DoMS IIT Madras:
itz_me: IIM Calcutta
diablorulez: IIM Shillong
thebornattitude: SPJIMR
misnomer: IIM Calcutta
swagatsinha: IIM Ahmedabad
Jok3r: IIM Kozhikode
amitnsitian: IIM Calcutta
jainm: IIM Calcutta
harshadk: IIM Kozhikode
sir roy keane: MIB Delhi University
macora: IIM Calcutta
IAYF: IIM Bangalore
teesra banda:
somname: IIM Calcutta

The List continues in next post

Captain, PG Dream Team 2010 | CAT 11 - 100%ile | CET 10 - Rank 1 (211/240) | Co-founder Learning Roots 

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