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Information on HKUST MBA 2012 Program hosted by Current Students

Hi *PGs* Recently we have received lots of queries regarding our HKUST (The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) MBA Program that has scaled new heights with each passing year. To answer them we current students of this program ha...
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Dinged after interview in Round 2

interview call can come anywhere between 1 week to 2 months after application submission deadline.

essays matter a lot - put a lot of thought into your essays. HKUST essays are tough to write due to the extremely tight word limit.

Try to get some exposure on China if Asia Pac is where you want to work after MBA. This will help in your candidacy.

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Hi guys,

Can you please answer a few questions / clarifications:

1. I am planning to apply for 2013 intake. I guess the application process will start in Oct'12, I am planning to put my application in Oct'12 itself. Can you please tell me how long does it generally take to get an interview invite (in case you do get it)

2. Can you please share some pointers / hygiene factors that basically would help one understand an 'ideal' HKUST candidate. Maybe, some points relevant for Indian applicants (for example I read somewhere that generally you need to have more than 4 - 5 years of exp. and 690+ GMAT for HKUST)

3. Also, can you also point out some things that one can work upon from on till Oct'12 to enhance his chances.

Just for your reference, below is my brief profile:

Undergrad: IIT (2008 batch), CGPA: 6.5 (relative grading, still not particularly good)
FRM (both levels)
CFA Level - 1
GMAT: 700 (Q50, V34) and AWA: 4.5
Work ex 1: Analytics KPO (2 years)
Work ex 2: Management Consulting (Financial Management - Process Consulting) in a Big 4
International work ex: None
Total work ex by Aug'13: 5 years and 1 months (expected)
Extra curricular: Done some things during college, was the General Secretary of the students body. Involved in managing technical festival etc.

Thanks in advance.

Great info guys... I have a couple of questions regarding part time MBA from HKUST, appreciate your help here.

1. How different is placement after part time MBA from HKUST compared to full time? Is it good enough to consider?

2. Are part time applicants expected to have as strong profiles as full time applicants or generally even a little weaker profile will do? Any info regarding avg number of yrs of exp or gmat score etc will be helpful.

3. How tough is the competition for part time admission (not many applicants or huge number of applicants for part time as well)?

4. Any additional info/guidelines are appreciated (I have already read the website and aapplication form etc in detail).

Dear Chintan,

TOEFL should not be required for you. We have another Indian admit who studied in India and was not required to provide TOEFL/IE.


I think scholarships are only given in R1 and R2. Not for R3. Check the website for details.

For international candidates R3 is a challenge due to visa processing deadlines.

Is it still safe to apply in round 3??

Will the scholarship options( both merit and need based) be available for the admits from round 3??

I look forward to the reply?


Dear Gymnasty,

TOEFL is mandatory for our school if your undergraduate education was in a non English speaking country. However you can waive toefl if you have secured your undergraduate degree in English.


Hey Vikram / HKUSTMBA2012,

I just joined in PG today esp. to learn more about the efficacy of HKUST MBA program. You really seem to provide vaulable info on HKUST program....are you an alumni of the same?

Reg. TOEFL, there seems to be slight confusion on my end. On the HKUST website, they do not say that TOEFL is required if one is from non english speaking country. They state that it is required if education has not been done in English (if English was not your language of instruction at the undergraduate or postgraduate level). However, you mentioned that TOEFL is needed if one is non english speaking native.

I'm MCOM, CA and FRM with over 8+ yrs of work exp. All education was done in English medium. I have around 2 yrs of work exp. in Singapore.

Would I still need to take up TOEFL / IE?

Pls let me know ...

Thx in advance

Thanks, bkkkrzy

I was also thinking of getting a letter from my undergrad university. I think I should do that ASAP.

I would say you get in touch with adcom and understand what to do in this case.

I dont think a notarized copy of TOEFL score can work as notary copies are only acceptable for transcripts or certificates.

The other option would be to get a letter from your undergrad university stating that the classes were taught in English.


I have been given a conditional offer and the admit will be confirmed when I submit the following:

1. Official TOEFL score/ an official document stating that English was the mode of instruction during my undergraduation
2. Transcripts

I have a query regarding the first one. My TOEFL just expired on 31-Jan-2012 and hence I can not send the official score. What sought of other document will be considered an official document? Can I get a document signed by a notary? Or should I retake TOEFL but the scores wont reach on time.

Please guide.


Thanks again!
From the previous posts, it seems that the GMAT score requirements from the so called IT pool is on the higher side compared to those from other sectors.

Yes it has - met quite a few admits with scores at the 650 mark.

HKUST's average experience is 5 years with several candidates having more. Did not met anyone with 3 years or less.

I have a masters education too, but I am not very sure on the weightage given to graduate degrees during application review.

Has HKUST accepted anyone with GMAT score in the range 640-650?
I know it varies and depends on profile. But my question was for experience range 4-5 years.
Also, would my masters education be given weightage during application review?

Your GMAT score can be an issue. Most indian admits here have 690+...plus applying in R3 means the competition will be quite intense. I would say re-take your gmat to get at least around 700 and apply in the next year. The rest of your profile is strong but a higher GMAT score would help you more.

However, playing the devil's advocate here - if you feel that you are confident of your overall application then you should go ahead and apply. In the end, its the whole package, not just your GMAT score.

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