IIM K presents Backwaters 2008 - The Annual Management cum Cultural Fest

*Here's the event which everyone was waiting for* _*IIM K presents*_ *Backwaters '08: Theme* _The Old man said You need just one One plan is all you need my son So with one plan the boy did run, And indeed at the end of the day, hed...
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whats the use of quiz if u take so much time to declare results....

They have not declared results of 3rd jan quiz till now neither they have declared results any further quiz..

10jan has also passed..

so already 7 days they have taken but still no result is there..

If u r genuine enough then plz tell us that when will be the results declared???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

hey desmataks :)

thanks for playing the quiz ...

Backwaters is not in full flow for the next 2 days ... as it was for the past week ..
As the D Day neared, a lot of hands were still inadequate for the organization and thus, there has been a delay in announcing the results of the quiz ..

we are genuine ... the results of the quiz will not change by the delay ...

Relax and enjoy ..

Why dont you check this out

Labyrinth - The Quest

I assure you, you ll have the results of the quiz before you can finish this treasure hunt .. that is .. if you can finish it ...

whats the use of quiz if u take so much time to declare results....

They have not declared results of 3rd jan quiz till now neither they have declared results any further quiz..

10jan has also passed..

so already 7 days they have taken but still no result is there..

If u r genuine enough then plz tell us that when will be the results declared???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

BACKWATERS 08 is here and it's live on air at a computer near you. For the first time ever in Indian B-school history, a campus radio goes live on the web. K-DIO will be live on air from 9th Jan. 2008 onwards.
The K-DIO playlist includes:
Jargonator: Witness a unique faceoff between the on-campus participants from various B-schools and laugh your lungs out as they ramble out Kotler-isms, Myers-isms and what not.
Radio Ga Ga: Listen to original compositions from B-schools across the nation and vote for your favorite one. So all those budding musicians, send us your original recorded compositions to bw.kdio@iimklive.com
Live Quizzes on air for the on-campus participants from numerous B-schools across the nation and for listeners like you. Log in every night to win some cool prizes.
Prank-a-Friend: Wanna get even with your campus bully? Just be a little creative and set up a prank and email it to us at bw.kdio@iimklive.com. Our RJs will then take "good" care your friend. Of course don't forget to include your friend's phone number and name! We'll send you the recording that will silence him the next time he's trying to be smart with you. Torture him/her with it for the rest of your life. Get Wicked!
Dial-a-Date: Woo our RJ and win her over and a get yourself a free dinner at Taj Calicut with the lady herself!
Song-o-phile: Listen. Identify. Call. Answer. Win Cash. Simple. Isnt it?
Air-of-Fame: Listen to your friends who have made it to the finals of various events here at BACKWATERS. Call them up on air. Share their glory.
'Fun'nel Discussion: Get an insight into B-school rivalry as your colleagues battle it out with the others who claim to enjoy a far better B-school life. Let's find out which campus parties the hardest and is basically the place to be
K-dio will be accessible on the following URLs:

Windows Media Player:
Backwaters 2008 brings you Labyrinth The Quest

There's but one trait that sets us humans apart from the living of the other kind: The need to Understand. The unquenched, unending, insatiable desire to look for insinuations which make us comprehend, the ability to look beneath the surface and give meaning to a seemingly innocuous string of disparate events.

It is to this instinct of humans that Labyrinth lays a challenge. An online quest, Labyrinth is designed to challenge your ability to look beyond the obvious, to weave your knowledge together with intelligence and solve our times' greatest online puzzle.

Here's what you could expect:

1. Labyrinth is liquid! It does not begin with Puzzle 1 and does not end on Puzzle 36 (the total number of puzzles is however 36).

2. Labyrinth is wicked! Some of the puzzles (we'll leave clues as to which ones) have more than one solution and hence lead to more than one path's towards the finish line. However, some paths lead you in circles back to an earlier stage. Some leave you stranded at a dead-end!

3. Labyrinth seeks brains: Which means the shortest path (and the most difficult one) lasts for only seventeen puzzles. The longest however can go on!

Prizes to the first ten finishersLaunch: 06-Jan-2008 23:59 PM

Link: IIMK Backwaters 2008
The Banker always has to think on his feet, and that is precisely what makes the job lucrative. Even the smallest of errors in the calculation of investment or interest rates and the whole bank runs into disaster, from which recovery can be very difficult. Unfortunately prospective bankers do not usually get a platform to put to test their wits and skills in a real life dynamic banking environment with all its uncertainties.
But things are always different at Backwaters

We present to you Virtual Bank, a banking simulation game that challenges both your guts and your knowledge of the banking field.

Virtual Bank brings to you a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a high profile banker to make all these decisions and more, in an ever changing environment. You are given the opportunity to grow, you have the ability to expand it but be wary of the dynamic economy that youre present in. Asset liability management, loan pricing, capital budgeting, regulatory framework, risk management, these are not just theoretical concepts anymore. All the concepts that you thought were only part of your Finance courses come to life here

Get ready to feel the pulse of the market and make your bank grow from strength to strength.

The game will take place in two phases.
The first phase will be an elimination round consisting of a quiz held on 4th January 2008, 2200 hours.

The second phase will be a simulation game to be played at IIMK campus during Backwaters. The game will consist of a Banking scenario where each team will be put in charge of one of the 5 newly established banks. The game will provide you with an opportunity to apply your banking concepts from deposits to investments; from CRR and SLR to rate of interest; from number of ATMs to number of branches; and not to forget Capital Adequacy Ratio, Call money market, Long term borrowings; you have to manage it all.

First Prize: Rs 30,000
Second Prize: Rs 15,000

Preliminary Quiz: 4th January 2008, 2200 hours

Deadline for submission of Answers: 4th January 2008, 2230 hours

Declaration of Quiz results: 5th January 2008, 2000 hours

Round 2: Simulation game during Backwaters at IIMK Campus (on 11th January 2008

Quiz will be available for download at :
IIMK Backwaters 2008 at 2200 hours on 4th January 2008.

To know more about the event do check the link
IIMK Backwaters 2008

IIMK Backwaters 2008 is proud to present to you, Nicks and Lessons, a challenging and exciting online finance game.

The world of Finance is an exciting one, where stakes are high and pressure is the norm. This truism reaches new heights when you go the hedge fund way. If you've always been fascinated with hedge funds but aren't quite sure if you have it in you to make the cut, this is your chance.

Nicks & Lessons brings to you an up close view of the mechanics of hedge fund management. In this challenging online finance game, you take on the role of the founder members of a Hedge Fund, situated in an imaginary country. Your goal will be not just to outperform the benchmark but shatter all records with your hedge fund scheme.
So come all ye hedgelings, prove yourselves worthy of the challenge.

The game will take place in two phases.

The first phase will be an elimination round consisting of a quiz held on 3rd January 2008, 2100 hours.

The second phase will be a simulation round and will be played over a period of 5 days. It will be a hedge fund trading game using fictitious derivative instruments. The trading will be in 5 sessions from 5th January 2008 to 9th January 2008. In each round teams will have to make return maximizing investment decisions.

First Prize: Rs 20,000
Second Prize: Rs 10,000

Preliminary Quiz: 3rd January 2008, 2100 hours
Deadline for submission of Answers: 3rd January 2008, 2130 hours
Declaration of Quiz results: 4th January 2008, 2100 hours

Round 2: Online Simulation game from 5th January 2008 to 9th January 2008

PFA the rules of the game

Quiz will be available for downolad at :
IIMK Backwaters 2008
at 2100 hours on 3rd January 2008.


A Backwaters Online Events Update:

1st Jan
Quiz on Sports & Games Deadline extension till 2nd Jan 22.59 hrs. 2nd Jan Fun Puzzles! Tonight @ 23.00 hrs.

Prizes worth Rs.2500 every day. And of course, every participant wins Rs.250!
Theres no catch here. You win a GiftMate voucher worth Rs.250 that can be spent at 2500+ online stores. (Real money that can buy you a whole lot of goodies on the net! Details at www.giftmate.co.in/merchants.asp ).

Just download the questions from IIMK Backwaters 2008 every day at 2300 hours.

And you have a 12- hour window to submit them. So send in your answers at your convenience!

The link for today: The Students' Portal of IIM Kozhikode - Backwaters 2008 .
Light sound camera ACTION!!!

IIM Kozhikode's annual fest Backwaters presents to you Culturals 2008.

Have you been searching for a platform to perform? Have you always felt that these business school fests are something too business like? Or are you a grad student often finding nothing of substance to participate in, in any of these 1000 fests going around the nation at any given point of time? Well, read on and you might find something of interest here.
Culturals 2008 @ Backwaters is the biggest stage you can look for. The best actors, budding directors, acclaimed musicians and groovy dancers are all coming down to Gods own Kampus this January to perform and be recognized at the largest of platforms in this part of the country. Can you afford to lose out?

We have an assortment of events lined up, starting with our in-house events on the first night to set the tempo for the remainder of the events. Though not participative, they would be a treat to watch for the neutral as our in-house rock band K-Cor and Drama Club Theatrix teams are well renowned in their respective circles.

Putting the Culturals into motion is our second day where a string of events will not only test your skills but also your fun quotient. To be held are Cultural events like Sargam (Music), Jhankaar (Dance) and Abhivyakti (Theatre) and Informal events like Antakshari, JAM and many more! Our quizzing competition Grey Matter hosted by none other than Avinash Mudaliar promises to separate the best from the rest. This truly is the perfect place for B-school and undergraduate teams to make a mark at the national level and be recognized!

As our grand finale we have the Rock Show where we have leading rock bands to ease the banging of heads and the swaying of bodies. Rockers, we most heartily await you with the most happening strums and drum rolls.

So, let your hair down, guys and gals. Its time to evolve to the next generation of entertainment.
Celebrate this process of evolution and be a part of Culturals 2008 @ Backwaters.

Come, Make your tomorrow.

For details, please visit us at IIMK Backwaters 2008 .

Hi all,

IIMK Backwaters08 is proud to present to you, Best Employer, an exciting event from the vertical of HR.

Employee retention
is the biggest issue being faced by employers ,with attrition rates reaching never before levels!

Do you know how to work out the right mix of HR practices to boost your employee morale? Do you know what welfare activities are most valued by your employees? Do you address their complaints satisfactorily? Is your work culture centralized or do you do things using participative management?

Answer these for yourself as you own an organization and do all you can to move your organization one step closer towards becoming the best employer around.

Plan your HR practices, keep it under budget, ensure employee satisfaction and have fun doing it.

The game will take place in two phases.
The first phase will be elimination round consisting of a quiz held on 29th Dec 2007, 22:00 hours.The shortlisted teams will be invited on campus for the second phase.

The second phase will consist of a real life simulation round, a simulation with a difference.
The simulation on campus will be a race to make your organization/team the best employer.


First Prize: Rs 30,000
Second Prize: Rs 15,000


Quiz available for download :
29th Dec, 21:59 Hours

Quiz Submission : 29th Dec, 22:59 Hours

Results of Phase 1 : 1st Jan 2008, 23:59 Hours
Teams to confirm by 2nd Jan 2008, 23:59 Hours

Final Simulation round : On Campus during Backwaters'08 (11th to 13th Jan)

Quiz will be available for downolad at :
IIMK Backwaters 2008 from 21:59 hours, 29th Dec

For more details
, log on to the above mentioned url

To know more about the exciting events @ IIMK Backwaters'08 log on to
IIMK Backwaters 2008

Backwaters 2008 in association with KEC International- An RPG Group Company presents

Escape Velocity Align Your Vectors

You think that you are a mean strategist? Your friends call you an ops god? Time for a Reality Check!

Escape Velocity" is a Project Management game aimed at testing your strategy and management. Design a model to source, allocate and optimize the use of your resources in a dynamically changing scenario.
See how Operations Strategy and Project Management come together to create a system that is replicable, scalable and applicable to most situations in spite of scarce resources and crunched timelines!! Hire people; buy equipment, setup offices, and more!! In short, manage a greenfield project!

Be prepared; you get only one take-off, Your target: escape velocity!

Event Format- Project Management

No Pre-Registration needed just submit your entries to bw.escapevelocity@iimklive.com

Team Size: 2 members

Round 1

The participants are provided with business information and relevant data about a project to be undertaken. The teams have to devise the project management model from the given data taking into consideration the dynamic nature of all the given constraints. The model should be capable of effectively scheduling the project to complete successfully in the mentioned constraints.

Round 2

6 shortlisted teams, will be given a new set of constraints to be incorporated in their existing model. These teams will be invited on campus during Backwaters08 to present their solution to an elite panel from KEC International.
  1. Launch: 26th Dec, 2359 hours
  2. Submission Deadline: 2nd Jan, 2359 hours
  3. Results of Round 1: 4th Jan 2000 hours
  4. Final Presentations: On Campus during Backwaters
Prize Money
  1. 1st Prize Rs 35,000/-
  2. 2nd Prize Rs 20,000/-
For more details about the event log on to

For other exciting events of Backwaters 2008 visit http://www.iimkbackwaters.com

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