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IIM-C launches 3rd batch of PGPEX-VLM ,one year full time executive MBA in operations

*Admission Process*Admissions to the PGPEX-VLM Batch 2009-10 are being conducted by IIT Madras. Kindly visit the following link for complete details:Post graduate program for executives for visionary Leardership in Manufacturing *Eligibility**...
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Hi Friends,

I am an IT Engineer with 7 yrs of experience. I recently gave my GMAT and have scored a 680 (Quant:49, Verbal:33, IR - 2  ). I was planning to apply for IIM C PGPX programme. I have worked as a Software Test Engineer and am currently working as a Team Lead. I am not very satisfied with my score and would need inputs as to if the above score could be considered decent above with my current profile or should I plan to retake the GMAT (I gave my 1st attempt on 26th July, so I can only give my 2nd attempt between 27th-29th August from the perspective of IIM C PGPX).

Ravi Shankar

HI Frnds
I am aiming for 2012 batch of Ex MBA. I have a query regarding work exp. After completing my B.Tech I had joined as Graduate Trainee Engr. from Aug 2006 to Nov.2007 (1yrs and 3 months) and then i got Permanent As Asst Mgr in Nov. 2007 and working there still now. Do they will consider my work Exp as Graduate Trainee Engineer.

Yes. They will.
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HI Frnds
I am aiming for 2012 batch of Ex MBA. I have a query regarding work exp. After completing my B.Tech I had joined as Graduate Trainee Engr. from Aug 2006 to Nov.2007 (1yrs and 3 months) and then i got Permanent As Asst Mgr in Nov. 2007 and working there still now. Do they will consider my work Exp as Graduate Trainee Engineer.

Hey All,

Need some advice on PGPEX-VLM and placement options that could be open for me. As far as my profile goes ...I did my engg from a pvt institute and then worked for a cpl of years in the Technology/Consulting side of a consulting firm of repute. Did my MBA from IIT Delhi and since then have been working as a senior business analyst in a top pharma analytics firm for the past 2 years. So all in all over 3 years experience for me at the moment.

Any advice is welcome

Thanks much !

I shall be sharing my experiences which may or may not be useful to anybody...Start with Einstein way..........
Expectation V/s realization rational mode transcends into 360 degree outlook mode,that is what IIM teaches you.With this comm. skills,confidence,best teaching exp.(sometimes @ life too) are by products .It resembles w.r.t one will say polishing Diamond but I will say refining crude oil(Engg way) and every bad element coming out is worthy......Leave others to explore final outcome...and process will be on......
Any way IIM justifies Alma mater crown in many senses,faculty guest lectures,library, curriculum,placements,zeal......
Before sharing IIM experience lets start with Entrance.
Guys its all @ profile.One has to strike thru in application itself.Justify his seat..still you wont get a chance for this wonderful experience as one has to be unique.
Not in writing style but as a overall personality and work exp,but the decision authority lies with IIM or IITs.
Prepare basic maths,verbal(Not CAT level) Gmat level but prepare probability and permutation combination ...Not required to crack test..I repeat not for cracking entrance test ..but to avoid cracks beneath you when u reach to IIMC.
In Interview you have to be clear with Vision and goal,Mfg sector how will you lead this sector and your work exp. with illustrative examples.
I got thru all this...One say My dream..but this is the time when you can see dream as you can sleep 7 hrs with relaxation...But once you achieved your this dream no time to dream(Physically)
Looking at back I tell you friend its gives me immense satisfaction about journey..and it will lead me to write my other experiences...


Please click on the following link to read the item:

Light at end of slump tunnel: Biz boss

Hrsikesa Pankaj

Dear Pankaj,

I am ROshan Batheri PGPEX VLM batch 3. Request to include me in the VLFM Alumni Workshop at IIT Chennai.

thanks in advance


Brief overview of Manufacturing sector and Word @ VLMP programme as an initiative taken by Indian Government.(Page 2)

Shoji Shiba: The practitioner of breakthrough management - economic times

Hi guys,

Intereseting article on Shoji Shiba: The practitioner of breakthrough management with his accomplishments and Role in Indian Industry as part of CIIs Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM) programme where hes guiding senior managers from the industry to sense the future and manoeuvre troubled times.


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Dear Vivek,
How is the day/week @ VLMp programme? Is it very stretched?
Can you throw some light?

I will like to join the workshop @ mumbai.
Please register my name.
I got selected for 3rd batch of VLMP

Hi Vlmpians and future Aspirants,

Thanks Vivek for taking time out of the gruelling schedule !
I just read the Outlook Business Magazine yesterday. It has cover story on Executive MBA Education.

The PGPEX-VLMP course is mentioned in it on Page-60with course fees of Rs 7 lakhs- the BEST value for money 1 year PGPEX course

Another point to be be noted Normal PGPEX of IIMC is not mentioned.

Interested persons can buy the magazine & read it( it is only Rs 20). Soft copy fans need not search on their own.Please find thelink below


Dear All

We invite you to join the first ever VLFM Alumni Workshop scheduled to be held on March 24 from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm at the CII Naoroji Godrej Center of Excellence, Mumbai. The same workshop will be repeated on March 25 at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
Here are the details of the workshop. While this is not a "compulsory" Module, we would urge you to attend the workshop as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from an international Brand Management expert. Also it is an opportunity to network with all Alumni of VLFM Programme.
Here are the details of the workshop:
Global Brand Business Development by Kunio Tadokoro
Brands play an important role in global and domestic business and it is indispensable for companies to build a strong brand for business survival under current economic downturn. The workshop provides practical know-how of brand identity/concept, brand communication and internal branding, with cases of Europe and Japan. Through this workshop, participants will get practical skills not only for strong brands building but for achieving successful B to B results.
March 24th from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs : CII Naoroji Godrej Center of Excellence
March 25th from 10.00 to 1400 hrs : Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Incase you wish to attend this workshop, please send in your confirmation by reply mail
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop

Hrsikesa Pankaj
PGPEX-VLM (1st Batch)

Let me answer your questions on point to point basis !!

"though he'd complete 5 years in industry only in June whereas the course starts in April. Can this be a cause for not getting shortlisted for the aptitude test/interview calls? "

-->> I feel he should try out and send his admission form. A lot will depend on what he writes in those essays and convinces the admission panel, in terms of relevant experience and how he will be a good fit. The idea for the min experience etc is the end student should not feel at sea when sitting with other students who have 10 years of work exp.

Also, should the referees be immediate supervisors etc?

It would help and can be good value add in terms of convincing about his fit into this course.

Vivek Nath

Hi Kush & Vivek,

Thanks for sharing all the information regarding VLM. A friend of mine, who is not on PG, is very interested in the course though he'd complete 5 years in industry only in June whereas the course starts in April. Can this be a cause for not getting shortlisted for the aptitude test/interview calls? Also, should the referees be immediate supervisors etc?

To all the potential Candidates.... I have been receiving lot of queries from interested candidates about the admission procedure...entrance exam etc..

At this time looking at the 21 December 2008 deadline, I feel the candidates should concentrate on the Application form and their essay part. That I feel will play a major role in your final selection and proving to the admission committee that you belong to this course.

Once the admission form is out of the way you can start basic preparation for the entrance by brushing up on the analytical ability, verbal abilities from any standard CAT, GMAT books. For the Engineering aptitude,test its not so standard and the test checks on your basic knowledge of engineering funda's of EEE circuits, pn diodes, metals and mettalurgy, IT, Mechanical Engineering etc. You can look at some GATE papers on these topics and just muggaofy some questions on all the topics....Lots of the question can be solved by common sense...

Please feel free to ask any further questions.

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