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ICICI Business Leadership Programme - Min 3 Yrs Work Ex Required

Puys, ICICI is starting a new program for inducting people at Manager level roles. Its similar to the PO Program conducted by the Bank,however it is a different level altogether. Interested People ,go ahead and apply. Welcome to Our ...
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Hi, has nybdy checked out thatout of 300 to 400 candidates selected only 25 to 30 r gvn d said pakage of 15 lakh. So please do check out. I have heard this from one of my frnd. Others r gvn post of sales executive. This is cmpnies strategy. Ne comments?

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  • I think u are talking about ICICI PO program where 300 - .... 26 Jul.
  • @nishant gautam: ok. Then I am sorry. But wanted to know .... 27 Jul.
nishant gautam @optimist8988 47

I think u are talking about ICICI PO program where 300 - 400 people are selected....for NUMBA, this figure is staggering 100

luv johar @luvj 2,482

@nishant gautam: ok. Then I am sorry. But wanted to know this point as I also have 2 yrs of wrk ex n next year vud b applying fr this program. Thanks n sorry

do i get a mail if i am not selected in writtens?

  • there was three days 22nd - 24th thats it ... 26 Jul.
  • Mails come post all selections have been closed.. 27 Jul.
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exactly how many students were called for pi from all the centers?? about 50-52 were called from kolkata!! what about the other centres??

  • 12 GD groups of roughly 10 each in Mumbai on 22nd July... 25 Jul.
  • around 20 grs were there in delhi on 2nd day. 25 Jul.
Abhi @abhi1604 5

12 GD groups of roughly 10 each in Mumbai on 22nd July..

guys gets ready for d excitement...soon u'll see that puys r getting emails for cibil nd phonecalls for  uploading pan card...those who'll get are close to the final selection....fingers crossed!!

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  • Not yet. 30 Jul.

hey when is the last GD PI on which date...in India

  • around 50 +. 25 Jul.
  • 23rd-delhi-total 16 gd batches-3 cleard frm each batch-50.... 25 Jul.
Mayur Gautam @Mayurgtm 7

23rd-delhi-total 16 gd batches-3 cleard frm each batch-50 for interview....same fugure for 24th also....in total 100 PI candidates!!

close gd....No pi call ..cant say the reason ...i am going with expensive and rich xperience ....Thnks Numba ..

  • This positive attitude will take u places one day ...Good.... 25 Jul.
nishant gautam @optimist8988 47

This positive attitude will take u places one day ...Good luck.....

Done with GD/PI . .................Wonderful experience

  • which location?. 24 Jul.
  • Pune ..... 25 Jul.

Any idea what is d ratio of selected candidates out of the interviewed ones.  3 to 4 out of each groups were selected and we had 16 gd groups on 23rd July in Delhi. 

  • @Darktim dts what I m thinking. What is the batch size??. 25 Jul.
  • On 23 july there were more than 20 groups, I was in 5 th .... 27 Jul.
Abhi @abhi1604 5

@Darktim dts what I m thinking. What is the batch size??


On 23 july there were more than 20 groups, I was in 5 th group on that day in Delhi.

Hey guys any idea by when the results are expected.  I appeared for gd pi on 23 July.

Gd was ok but pi was mess n I was not satisfied by myself. 

M a mechanical engineer and was repeatedly asked the quest why banking. 

  • in 2 weeks max.. 25 Jul.
  • Ya my PI too was a mess I think they r not much intereste.... 28 Jul.

Ya my PI too was a mess I think they r not much interested to take in engineering students. They grilled me why banking and all the stuff.

I had GD on 23rd at Mumbai...GD was well...4 out of 10 get selected including me.....PI was Good..but too short...only 15 minutes.....only 1 member asking the question...out of 3...She is countinuosly asking me.....without finishing earlier one she ask me new questions....bt I tried to manage quite good....questions

1)Current profile..achievement(If u said any achievement u should be able to tell how u achieved it.....she compliments me for the way I achieved...)


3)What u know abt ICICI...

4)Difference btwn Private sector bank & Govt.Bank like SBI..

5)What u thing that if u get selcted then what u will do in Bank in ur working hours...


8)Are ready to shift....

Is the GD/PI done for all centres...

All the very best

Done With GD and PI today 

First Things first the batches are formed on first come basis 

register yourself as soon as you reach

Ppl were called in batch of 10  , 3 Judges (1 HR and 2 ICICI professionals)

After settling down in GD room a 3 page case study is distributed along with a paper to write down any points if you want .

20 minutes to go through the case study and write points

Case study:--

GREMCO, a Year 2000 HORECA startup [HORECA-Hotel, Restaurant & Catering]. Initially was in Coffee Plantation, in year 2005 forayed into horticulture to eliminate middle men thereby bring quality products at low cost. Cultivatres vegetables etc on 190 acre of its own land, out of which 84 acre is greenhouse cultivation for exptic herbs, fruits etc. Has won several award over the time.

FY11 Revenue - 177 crore, Net Profit - 19 crore, Gross Profit - 62 crore,

FY12 Revenue - 224 crore, Net Profit - 24 crore, Gross Profit - 94 crore,

[Approx figures].

Growth in Industry is huge ~ 22500 crore.

Due to increase in demand, they contact 120 local farmer & give them agriculture know how for quality produce & put up 3 collection centres to sort this local farmer produce and supply quality goods.

They approach bank for fund for this Aggregate Method for expansion. We are to suggest would we Fund them , the best solution, identify the challenges & risk & ways to mitigate them.

Discussion lasted about 20 minutes , and we were asked to take 30 seconds each to summarize .

Results were declared within 5 minutes and  3 out of 10 were selected (in almost all groups )

Waited long for PI , interview Duration was between 30 mints to 45 mints (mine lasted almost 40 mints )

Key Points to be studied for Interview 

1,) Budget 2014 Highlights 

2,) India's economic Crisis 

3,) Why Banking 

4,) What attracts you to this ICICI NUMBA

5,)Your Resume and Current company

6,) Do you read newspaper ?  etc..........

Hope this helps ............



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  • @Music7 Thnx Bro : I Read this some where in PAgAlguy .... 24 Jul.
  • @Darktim Thanks. Hope they give enough time starting from.... 25 Jul.
@Darktim 82

@Music7 Thnx Bro : 

I Read this  some where in PAgAlguy  :

This is the main reason that around 10% of students were not able to join the program. HR took it very seriously & last time they had declared results much earlier (2 months & 20 days to spare)

@Music7 5

@Darktim Thanks. Hope they give enough time starting from this batch.

Anyone here who has given the exam in the 2nd week of July?

  • you got a call. 25 Jul.
  • not yet. did u?. 26 Jul.

anybody done through gd/pi today? Please share your experience

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