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ICICI Business Leadership Programme - Min 3 Yrs Work Ex Required

Puys, ICICI is starting a new program for inducting people at Manager level roles. Its similar to the PO Program conducted by the Bank,however it is a different level altogether. Interested People ,go ahead and apply. Welcome to Our ...
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Pls give the details of the course content andpapers in nu mba curriculum

  • check icici careers page.. 06 Jan '14.


Dear All,

Fill this form quickly.....

7th Batch Form IBLP2014

Google Docs

Note: Only applicable for 7th batch and those r cleared apt. test only

and mention the g-mail only in the form.

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Case 1

Vivek is an employee of Mighty Bank in Corporate Banking sector,

ABC Ship Breaking Company is a client of this bank but this company is in total debt and in losses.

The mighty bank has approached few companies for acquiring this ABC company and turning it over in debt and management level changes.

There were 3 companies bidding for this 1000 cr credit. Business

1. BBC Ship Breaking Company - Indian, well established and has extensive experience in shipping sector. Already have done this for 2 companies. The bid is 100% recovery payable in 7 yrs at 8 %pa

2. Credit... Company - Large Public Sector but no experience in such cases. The bid is 90% recovery payable in 8 yrs at 9 %pa

3. Sonyo Shipping - Oldest shipping firm in Japan - trying to acquire companies in India or China as these are low cost models. The bid is 85% recovery payable in 5 yrs at 13 %pa

Vivek has to go through these bids and recommend a particular company. BBC has already 5 yrs of relationship with the bank. Nahar the president of the bank is suggesting to Vivek that Credit company wants to establish relationship if their bid is cleared. From Vivek's position u need to recommend a choice.

  • sai_tn from the CASE i have guess it as the amount the co.... 05 Jan '14.
  • hi @Ashdon4u can you pls explain the recovery concept ? i.... 05 Jan '14.
Ashwnath kaku @Ashdon4u 3

sai_tn from the CASE i have guess it as the amount the company will pay to

acquiring the ABC Comany

sai aspirant @sai_tn 4
hi @Ashdon4u can you pls explain the recovery concept ? i am not quite getting it.. what i get is the companies will pay the debt of ABC company to the bank - sonyo will gurantee settlement 85% of the debt in 5 yrs and rest afterwards... was my understanding correct ?

Hey all those selcted one , for GD/PI , for giving a better shot at your GDs///PM me your details, I will send you mine get connected ,

  • 1 Like   73 Comments
  • 22 Jul '14.
  • 22 Jul '14.
Anshuman Dwivedi | ICICI BLP APRIL 2012 BATCH

Any1 @Pune 9-Jan 9am slot for gd/pi? pls let me know..

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  • pls mail me ur num 06 Jan '14.
  • Yes I am in same slot.... 06 Jan '14.
rishi anand @anandrishi88 2
pls mail me ur num
Yes I am in same slot...

Not able to complete filling - "SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION SHEET"..

When I try to enter anything under this link.."Please narrate a challenging situation you faced at work place and how you managed to deliver the desired results :"...

it says "invalid input string".... anyone getting similar error???

  • use diff browser. I always get this error :stuck_out_ton.... 04 Jan '14.
  • I too got the same error. When I removed special characte.... 04 Jan '14.
Vipul Shrivastawa @Vipuls 679
use diff browser. I always get this error
srikanth singampalli @srikanthsingampalli 1
I too got the same error. When I removed special characters like brackets, quotes I was successful.

juz nw received a call from ICICI HR to complete OPQ.....

How to know about Banking system to crack the case study GD?. Please post link

  • same here abt we discuss one case study here???. 04 Jan '14.
  • yeah, do we have any links, websites which we can refer f.... 04 Jan '14.
jagadish soman @joker_donkey 1
same here abt we discuss one case study here???
Vipul Shrivastawa @Vipuls 679
yeah, do we have any links, websites which we can refer for details... ? I mean along wid me most of the people are 0 in Banking related stuffs... @TheChaser @Ray13

hiee...Anybody got GD/PI call on 9th jan in HYD?

  • mine is 9th jan in chennai. 04 Jan '14.

Are Calls Still ON .. or is the complete result out .. Any idea Guys.. ??

  • Ok.. Thanks Man. 03 Jan '14.
  • Its over for this batch.. 03 Jan '14.

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