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IBPS CWE (Specialist Officer) 2013 Discussions

Notification for *IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2013* is out today.

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Notification for IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2013 is out today.

This thread is for discussing the strategy, ques infact anything related to the exam and helpful to the aspirants. Lets start with our preparation.

P.S.- Moderators, Please merge this thread or delete it incase there is a similar thread running for the same exam ie IBPS CWE 2013(Specialist Officer).


I am sharing all the important links shared so far on this would be easier to locate them.


last year cutoffs

sample paper(previous year paper)

answer key at page 2,post 38


JMGS-I - Rs.14,500/- TO Rs.31,500/-(SCALE 1)MMGS-II - Rs.19,400/- TO Rs.34,200/-(SCALE 2)MMGS-III - Rs.25,700/- TO Rs.35,100/-@ @This includes two additional stagnation increments
SMGS-IV - Rs.30,600/- TO Rs.36, 200/- SMGS-V - Rs.36,200/- TO Rs.40, 400/-TEG-VI - Rs.42,000/- TO Rs.46,800/- TEG-VII - Rs.46,800/- TO Rs.52,000

IT officer exam syllabus- page 11, post 201

IT officer mocks Test Series provided by

Or try Testfunda Series for PO..

thats all i can find.. hope it helps puys..

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