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Hello All, I am Indraneel Mukherjee, MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management. This thread is meant for all prospective applicants to Great Lakes for the academic session beginning in 2012. If you have queries regarding the admissio...
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Hi Seniors,

I got an offer letter on 20th apr, I have already resigned, but on the online portal, my app status is still in wait-list. I tried calling up the institute but do not get any confirmation. Plz confirm my result.

AppID: 100098


varsha_a Says
Answers in red

Hi Varsha,

Thank for your response.

Does this means that SPSS will be provided by the institute while the VMware has to be arranged by individual mac users.
If so, could you please check what version of SPSS will be provided by the institute? Because SPSS version 16.0 or later runs on windows and OS X both.
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Hi ppl

I am Sampath from Bangalore. Congrats to all joining GLIM 12-13! I am also joining with u guys Hope to connect with u all.


Hi, This is my first post here. Got the offer letter yesterday. . Had a few very basic doubts/queries. I would be really grateful if anyone helped clarify them at the earliest.
1. In the website, my status still shows as "in wait list". Is that anything to be concerned about ?
2. Planning to put down my papers today. So a bit apprehensive if there is any chance of anything still going wrong. Is there any chance of the provisional offer extended not getting finalized ?
3. Am planning to do specialization in IT. I guess this has to be communicated after the 3rd sem. Am I right? Any chance of not getting IT for specialization ?

Please reply and let me know as early as possible because as mentioned, need to put down my papers early. Hope to see you all at Great Lakes!!!

Hi All,
I just got the confirmation on 20th....Can anyone please help me out with the loan processing?


Contact HDFC Credila using the toll free no. given to u in the email. After that one of their personnel will get in touch with u and help u with the rest of the processing. It takes about 6-7 days to process the loan so u will be able to meet the installment deadlines.
P.S: I am also a Great Lakes 2013 convert from the first list and have opted for loan from Credila.
Regards, PGDM 2012-2014 (Operations) SPJIMR

Hi All,
I just got the confirmation on 20th....Can anyone please help me out with the loan processing?


Hi Puys,

I am Arathi , got the admit mail on 20th..was a wonderful surprise to me..
how can i join the facebook group?is there a group mail too?


My laptop has home premium vista OS . is it a prob? do i have to change my os..If so which would be the best would be of great help if you could provide details abt this.


Hi Varsha,

I had asked for refund of first installment on 16 March 2012 and so far I have not got any response. Please check and help me out in this. My id is 100884.


please add me too in that email chain...

Hi. I am from Delhi and great lakes admit this year. Pls add me too in email chain . My id:
Hi Varsha,

Has there been any movement in placement figures over past 2 weeks??
How many pending now..

About 10% are pending and most of them are in the last leg of placement where we are awaiting the final interview results from company.
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Hi Kiran,

I have also got offer letter from Great Lekes Yesterday only, I have sent the confirmation via mail and will send the DD + acceptance letter asap.

Hi, I am about to pass PGPM. I need list of consulting companies in Pune & Mumbai.

Hi kake.... yash here....congrats buddy.... same here bhai

kiran harry Says
If you find difficulty in getting numbers contact me. I will get the appropriate no. of the person dealing with GLIM from delhi credila branch.:)

Hi kiran harry,

can you please mail me the contact number of the person in Credilla Delhi branch..mail me at rakesh.dhinwa

also please send if you have any other details on required docs by them...

Pravin622 Says
Hi can i have the link or name of the group in fb??!/groups/GLIMclass2013/
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