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GRAMMAR - A topic a day ( CAT 2012 )

Let's just do atleast one topic a day from Grammar. I say VA gives a due weightage to sentence Correction questions. So let's put a hand together on it....!!!!! ::
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i need some practice questions on modifier errors.
plzz help

@HydRocker said:
Many a man were here. (incorrect)Many a man was here. (correct)My state of health. (incorrect)The state of my health. (correct)I don't know the English alphabets. (incorrect)I don't know the English alphabet. (correct)

Here Sir.....Is it correct to have ?

I don't know English alphabets.
@HydRocker said:
May I take your leave. (incorrect)May i take leave of you. (correct)

Will you please explain me how May I take you leave is wrong ?
@HydRocker said:
Excuse me being late. (incorrect)Excuse my being late. (correct)He rarely goes out, doesn't he? (incorrect)He rarely goes out, does he? (correct)He admitted that he was in wrong. (incorrect)He admitted that he was in the wrong. (correct)The number of people are small. (incorrect)The number of people is small. (correct)My litter sister goes to the school by bus. (incorrect)My little sister goes to school by bus. (correct)The series of lectures were boring. (incorrect)The series of lectures was boring. (correct)He lives in a boarding. (incorrect)He lives in a boarding room. (correct)You are wiser than old. (incorrect)You are more wise than old. (correct)A good play of football. (incorrect)A good game of football. (correct)He behaves as if he was a king. (incorrect) He behaves as if he were a king. (correct)They were counting on me helping them. (incorrect)They were counting on my helping them. (correct)This drawing is more perfect than the other one. (incorrect)This drawing is perfect than the other one. (correct)

Why can't we use more in this as it's a comparative degree.
@HydRocker said:
Word by word translation is not necessary. (incorrect)Word for word translation is not necessary. (correct)Two third of the book. (incorrect)Two thirds of the book. (correct)No space in this compartment. (incorrect)No room in this compartment. (correct)Put pen on paper. (incorrect)Put pen to paper. (correct)

Here why to paper sir ?

Please ignore my less knowledge about English and guide me.

@pravinfiat said:
hat's off sir.............. Its been helpful during my last days of CAT preparation.Thank you so much for your guidance.Do you have english literature PHD ?
Lol no PHD and all bas last year i got 60 percentile in sec-II which made me work hard this year on this section :P
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@HydRocker said:

hat's off sir.............. Its been helpful during my last days of CAT preparation.

Thank you so much for your guidance.

Do you have english literature PHD ?
@HydRocker . thanks anna manchi info post chesinav
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Like most linguistic developments, collective nouns have developed through time as a result of many different aspects. Venery nouns, those nouns used to specifically signify groups of animals, developed as a result of fifteenth century English hunting practices. Experienced hunters were educated in discussing groups of animals in specific collective ways, sometimes in reference to the animal's activities or habits. Uses of these phrases were also distinguished upper-class gentry from middle class agricultural workers. Other collective nouns are called derivational collectives -- derived as a result of language relationships and maintaining root word tendencies. Gradual shifts in the ways that words are used and understood have also contributed to the formation of this special class of nouns.
@shubhamtyl said:
identfy the incorrect sentences.
a. The road is under repair.
b. Vehicles are diverted into other roads. c. Two-third of the work is completed. d. The road will open for traffic next week.

a, b and d

b, c and d

a and d

a and c

option 2 - bcd

Correct sentences:

the road is under repair
vehicles are diverted to other roads
two-thirds of the work is complete
the road will open to traffic next week

B,C,D are incorrect

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My explanations:

b.Vehicles are diverted to other roads. (vehicles can't go into the road)
c.Two-thirds of the work is completed. (as said by @Estallar12)
d.The road will open to traffic next week.

so correct option is 2(b,c,d).
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Hi Estallar Regarding 3 yeah you are right. But in the solution with me. Correct ans is option D a&c;

and it is "repairs" in the first sentence. I had the same doubt for d.

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