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Goizueta Business School Fall 2012 Applicants

Hi, I am a first year student (class of 2013) at Goizueta Business School, Emory University. As a *Goizueta Ambassador*, I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the application process, academics, life at Goizueta etc. for ...
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I was a R1 applicant this year for Goizueta one year program. I have got an admit and accepted the same for the program starting 2013... I would be pleased to help with any questions regarding applications/interview.. I am from Mumbai .. anyone from this region who has got an admit?

I attended the World MBA Tour in Bangalore and visited Emory Goizueta..I had the opportunity to talk to an alum present at the fair..I've shared my experiences here..

Follow my MBA Applications Journey at: amitkpandeyece.blogspot.in
Yes Hari, it's pretty normal. You should check your status on OPUS.
And please post in this year's thread going forward.

If there's one thing B-school has taught me, it's how to get into a B-school.

My second recommender has also submitted the form.

I still did not get the confirmation email for submitting my application. Is this normal? Or should I contact the adcom?

Please help!!

Hi Guys,

I submitted my application just in time for R2.
My profile:
GMAT - 700
Exp - 6 years IT (at the time of joining)

I have one question. I did not get the confirmation email after submitting the application. Is it normal or is it because one of my recommenders did not submit yet?

@maidenfreak said:
Thanks dreeemMBA, I finally managed to cut the words short Phew!! Now I have 495 words, space for 5 more!!
And, please feel free to ask any more questions that you have. Post on the other thread though. Here's the link:

Thanks dreeemMBA, I finally managed to cut the words short Phew!! Now I have 495 words, space for 5 more!!

@maidenfreak said:
AJ, just another question that I am sure I cannot google. The essays have EXTREME word limits I mean I can hardly express my thoughts properly. How serious is the adcom about this? Like for a 500 word essay, I have written 546 words. And I dont know what to cut out !! :S:S If I cut them out it seems as though, the essay is lacking, and if I dont, am confused if the adcom is gonna be pissed Can you please let me know?

Hi Maidenfreak,

Adhering to the school's policies, in this case the word limit, is always important. I am sure you can reduce the word count. :D

Class of 2014
Goizueta Business School

Hey guys,

Please continue conversations for the current year in the new thread here.

And Maidenfreak, I think I remember reading on some admission consulting blog that generally, a +-10% variability on the word limit is acceptable. Google. Boom.

Goizueta Ambassador #42.

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