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GMAT Prep Classes - Chennai

Given your scenario, I suggest you try online classes - Knewton. They offer a very customized course; you get a huge database to work on the basics. Also, it will not matter whether you keep moving; all that you need is a laptop and internet.
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The GMAT preparatory course offered by us has created several success stories and we have guided many students in their journey for GMAT. We have 6 centers in Chennai. You could walk into your nearest center and start with a mock test. Post which, we can guide you better on how to start preparing for GMAT. 

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We have 6 centers in Chennai where we provide classroom coaching for GMAT and I would recommend you to visit the nearest center and get a demo session to evaluate the quality and then take an informed decision.  You can get contact details of our centers by visiting our website at http://www.manyagroup.com


Please help me with the good institutes to prepare for GMAT in Chennai ...

Thank you .. 

  • Hi... I think you should visit the Manya Princeton review.... 13 Sep '14.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 597

Hi... I think you should visit the Manya Princeton review center that is closest to your home. And if there is no center close to your place you will find it worthwhile to travel that extra mile to enroll  at the Princeton review centers in Chennai. There is also the option to enroll for live online classroom sessions and to know more about this please visit the center at T.Nagar.

Hi all. I am looking for Aristotle Prep Sentence Correction Grail 3rd edition soft copy. Kindly PM me if anyone has it. It would be really helpful.

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If you are looking at module wise teaching for GMAT you could walk to the nearest Princeton review center in Chennai where we have 6 centers and then state your choice , be it SC series or CR. The counselors will guide you about the course ware and benefits.This works for those students who do not wish to enrol in a batch, but just need help in certain areas of study.

Wish you all the best!



For all those preparing for the GMAT this year can use the below thread dedicated to GMAT takers of 2014. Lets BEAT THE GMAT. ALL THE BEST


GMAT Preparation Group Chennai 2014 (New) : PaGaLGuY : The Education Network
GMAT Preparation Group Chennai 2014 (New) : PaGaLGuY : The Education Network
This thread is for all those who are serious about cracking the GMAT with a blow and getting into their dream school. Please join this group and share your valuable thoughts and suggestions. Its always the team works that pays off, so lets learn and facilitate others to learn.


Review about Jamboree, Nungambakkam.-

First of all my score (I gave the exam on 6th June 2014). My scores are as follows-

Section Scaled Score

Quants 49

Verbal: 42

IR: 8 (full score)

AWA: Score awaited   (Updated on 24 june- Got 5 out of 6)

Overall Score : 750

A bit of background about me (this is written without ego or arrogance, and if it seems otherwise then please don't get annoyed I have a pretty good foundation in English basics as well as maths. I have scored pretty well in XAT in the past, though no such luck with CAT (which , IMHO, is just a random,weird test).

I was a complete novice with regards to GMAT even as recent as January 2014. I had only heard of the exam but knew NOTHING about it at all. Internet was my ONLY tool for gaining a basic understanding of what the exam was about !

After i got a basic idea of the exam i had to decide on coaching centres. After a bit of searching I narrowed down to the Kaplan and Jamboree centres in numgambakkam (the only major area close to my house. While nungambakkam is not very close , but it is closer compared to other places where coaching centres are present) and was torn between the two. Finally a friend of mine acted as the tie breaker and suggested i go to Jamboree. For reasons i still dont know i decided against Princeton right from the outset of my decision making (partially , maybe, because it is in T. Nagar which is annoyingly crowed ALL the time )

My batch was from 2-5 p.m on weekends and had 3 students (who were pretty weak in their basics) other than me and i would get so bored waiting for them to solve the maths questions and so i started finishing entire exercises in the time they took to solve 5-10 questions. The maths faculty noticed this and said that i had potential and asked me to come from 5-8. Basically he sacrificed his own free time because he felt i was worth it ! (am grateful to him for that)

English classes were better since most of the times my batch mates skipped the english classes ( we indian do have more affinity towards numbers than language, yes ? ) and i was alone in class. Though i knew the basics i was applying them incorrectly. My english faculty was EXTREMELY knowledagable, a bit short tempered too but then i guess that can be chalked upto this frustration with the world being less smart than him :), and helped my slowly find my faults. We used to get into a lot of arguments over the CR questions

I wrote a whole lot of practice tests as well ( THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE I CAN GIVE TO ANYONE- PLEASE WRITE LOADS OF TESTS AND ANALYZE YOUR MISTAKES . THIS GIVES YOU VALUABLE POINTERS REGARDING WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO ON THE TEST DAY) and was hovering between 690 and 730 and both the teachers helped me chip away at my silly mistakes one by one. They were very accommodating. I used to spend 4-5 hours on the saturdays as well as sundays during the last 5-6 weeks before my exam. The administrative staff were very flexible with my demands.

After my exam was over the first person i called was my maths teacher ! He came over to my test centre to congratulate me !

All in all i am satisfied with my entire experience.

  • I duno whether its true or not.. But interesting... 28 Jul '14.
XLRI 2016-18  Dreams do come true !   
PK @Kumaran_om 4

I duno whether its true or not.. But interesting.. 

Guys Please do help me. I am looking for GMAT Classes . Please do suggest me which is better e-GMAT or BYJU GMAT. Seriously need help . I am finding very difficult to ghave strength to study. I have decided to attend GMAT but in lot of confusions which one should i join. Can anybody please help.

If any of the guys have used BYJU GMAT tablet please do help and if anybody at all have used e-GMAT experience please help me.

  • My friend has started this coaching centre.. Please do vi.... 03 Jun '14.
  • Hi Sunil, be a little careful while joining Byju's classe.... 05 Nov '14.
Sunil Kumar Sahoo
rajesh kamal @rajeshk4861 1

My friend has started this coaching centre.. Please do visit this page and get in touch with the concern people. For any more queries, please do drop in your msg in my inbox. Please share about this centre with your friends too.. Thanks a lot guys www.facebook.com/pages/Nandi-ED-Venture/1387003468226150...

Sachin Sharma @sachins2014 2

Hi Sunil, be a little careful while joining Byju's classes or for that matter any other classes. Meet experts from at least 2 to 3 top companies. From whatever I've heard, Byjus classes are a complete washout. They don't have any experience in the field and only have online prep available with limited contact with faculty.  You should meet experts from other companies like The Princeton Review and Kaplan based on the city you're present.  At least these players are established

Review about Jamboree Adyar center,Chennai.

Synopsis: Complete waste of time and money.

In detail:

Recently I have joined Jamboree institute for GMAT class(weekend batch). Jamboree provide 4 books ( OG-13, Reb book, Green Book, Blue Book). They will not cover any basics of English, first class itself they will start with SC and teacher will ask you to solve first lesson in Red book and teacher will go and sit in the staff room. After 30 min she will come and she will start with explanation. In the first day she will read underline portion but not options only she will mention why we need to eliminate(if you are not good at English you cant understand many things). Second day onward's teach will not even read underline portion, directly elimination process. In 15 to 30 min of time 24 questions will be solved in the class. Just conceive if we able solve 24 questions less than 30 min. Do we really need to join the class?

Most interesting point is from third class on-wards it will take less than 15 min to solve 24 questions. Just imagine how fast teacher will explain/solve the questions in class. Since teacher know the question and answer, teacher say the question number and answer choice nothing else.

If you are looking to improve your English. Please don't join in Jamboree.


  • Hi Jamboree Team, Today I met one of the guy who joined i.... 26 Jan '14.
  • Hi @rajkoti , thank you for bringing this to our attentio.... 09 Jan '14.
raj koti @rajkoti 5

Hi Jamboree Team, Today I met one of the guy who joined in Jamboree in different branch in Chennai. He also feel the same what I felt. He is also poor in English and his complaint also same not teaching basics of English or grammar. I am requesting your team please concentrate on grammar or sentence correction a little bit more. If we are good at English no need to join in your institute by paying 24k. English is not our first language in our academics. Please design your course for the students who studied in another language other than English. Your institute is charging high compare to other institutes, give the quality also the same. Please check the students what they need and see how to improve their knowledge. If students are getting the benefit, you no need to spend money on advertisement, mouth talk will be sufficient. I thought I was not following your class since I haven't studied in English medium. When my friend complained the same then I confirmed today your course is not effective, if any one are doing good in GMAT who joined in your institute that is because of their knowledge not because of your guidance or your teaching. If we need material, in the Market lot of different books and lot materials are available, no need to join in Jamboree.

Jamboree Education @Jamboree_Prep 246
Hi @rajkoti , thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be grateful if you can message us your contact details, so that we can get in touch with you. This will help us get more specific feedback and also see if we can redress your grievance. Thanks.

How to start preparing GMAT, i m on ground Zero. No idea about preparation/pattern..??..

any clues ll be appreiciated.
  • yeah.. i m @ level Zero. should i get some basic brushing.... 06 Nov '13.
  • @rajeshk4861 Your preparation should be divided into 3 pa.... 06 Nov '13.
rajesh kamal @rajeshk4861 1
yeah.. i m @ level Zero. should i get some basic brushing or should i go to coaching directly?
Jamboree Education @Jamboree_Prep 246

@rajeshk4861 Your preparation should be divided into 3 parts - basic concepts, practice questions and full length tests. The first few Weeks you can spend brushing up your basic concepts followed by application of those concepts and lastly full length tests for stamina building and time management. 2) The Official Guide by GMAC is a must do. Other sources are Verbal Review and 404 question pack by GMAC .

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