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GMAT aspirants at Hyderabad - Study Group

All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This is another regular thread to club up the efforts of all Hyderabad junta aspiring to crack GMAT. I would appreciate if some Master ...
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I am incredibly confused by the website. I guess I cannot find the information I want yet, just joined. So, can anyone point me in the right direction please!!

Question 1: - How many free mock tests are available online?

Question 2: - If i have to buy a series of practise tests, which is the best? Kaplan, Manhattan, Princeton? I'm so confused! HELLLP.

  • 75$ one consists of some other things too with 6 tests. w.... 16 May '14.
  • gmat prep has,i guess,additional exam pack that gives you.... 19 May '14.
ishan gupta @ishan1109 42
75$ one consists of some other things too with 6 tests. which 1 shld we opt?
samith sahu @samithrockz 6
gmat prep has,i guess,additional exam pack that gives you access to 2 more official tests at 25 $

hi need some help about gmat from you.. i've some confusion about exam pattern and exam date.. plz help me..those who want to help plz give a reply...

  • do you have any SPECIFIC question(s)?. 08 Mar '14.
neoB @bodhisat 386
do you have any SPECIFIC question(s)?

If negative integers k and p are not both even, which of the following must be odd?

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finally, 700 in GMAT.would have felt happier ,if i had gotten 10 points more.however when i imagine,how would i feel,if i got 10 points less,feeling satisfied.thanks to all for sharing knowledge.

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  • i am naive at GMAT. what colleges can we expect for that .... 05 Apr '14.
  • Congrats ..into 700 club :smiley:. 06 Apr '14.

I was wondering to get some gmat test series..any suggestions which place is the best for Gmat test series

  • Hi Aman, I would like to join for Gp study ..kindly sched.... 18 Mar '14.
  • @Dshivani I suggest you to Stick to GMAT Prep Software fr.... 19 Mar '14.
Shiv Bhagat @shiv3011_af
Hi Aman, I would like to join for Gp study ..kindly schedule d next meeting time/place ( email Id shiv_af@yahoo.co.in Thx Shiv
Csquare Learnings @CsquareLearnings 44
@Dshivani I suggest you to Stick to GMAT Prep Software from MBA.com 2 Test available for free, while 2 you can buy. It is only GMAT Prep Tests is close reflection of your Real GMAT Test. Hope this helps.

got 610 in GMAT as i ruined my verbal section completely.please guide me if anyone has succeeded from 610 to 700 in 4 weeks.planning to give another attempt soon.

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  • how was IR and AWA. 04 Mar '14.
  • how was your quants?. 04 Mar '14.

r d PhD in Business Administration courses be fully funded ??

I want to get a fair knowledge abt GMAT xam,... I have just decided to take d GMAT xam in the coming month of June, bt have no idea of pattern,... Moreover, how difficult is to gat 700+ score considering I have consistently got 99%tile score in Quants in CAT(twice) but only abt 80%tile in verbal,... Give me a rough idea so tat I cud prepare accordingly,... :)

  • thx for d advice,... Can u suggest a test series website .... 26 Feb '14.
  • It is better to write at least one GMATPrep® test to unde.... 24 Feb '14.
Mad boy @csipplz 1
thx for d advice,... Can u suggest a test series website or anythg where I can take at least 40-50 tests in order 2 sharpen my skills further in Verbal,...
neoB @bodhisat 386
It is better to write at least one GMATPrep® test to understand how easy or difficult it would be to achieve your desired score.
I personally think (considering your CAT scores) that it won't be much difficult for you to get 700+ in GMAT...

Heylo everyone,
I am Rinku.I am an engineering graduate with 2yrs 9 months experience in IT,Could anyone suggest me best institutes in Hyderabad for gmat or best online coaching courses.I want to know If I experience will serve me in any purpose for finding a good B school.

  • Hi @Vreddy ! Your experience is on the lower side and a g.... 20 Feb '14.
ISBmantra.com @ISBmantra.com 2,073
Hi @Vreddy ! Your experience is on the lower side and a good GMAT score would certainly help. You may begin by taking the free test on mba.com and identify the areas you need training on. For applicants with an enginnering background, GMAT quant is generally just a matter of practice.

Feel free to discuss if you need any further assistance.

All the Best!
'ISBmantra / EssaySunday'
[GMAT Training | Application Assistance]

Hello Everyone,

Just to give an introduction, my name is Sai Prasad. I am an ISB Graduate, from the C/O 2011 and i am based out of hyderabad and working for Deloitte.

Earlier last year, i became the first asian with a disability, to set foot on the antarctic continent. (http://www.facebook.com/Celebratinglife.Sai)

I also run my own venture 'Sahasra', that aims to raise funds as merit scholarships.

As part of my fundraising efforts, i am taking GMAT classes, that guarantee a score of 700+ on the exam in 1.5 months of preparation / 400 hours of effort. (or the fees is returned). So far, we have trained 150 students and the highest score is 760.

This is the fifth-study group that I am beginning for GMAT. Most of you by now are aware of how the first four groups went and the results that are turning up.

I made a few promises to that batch and I kept them all up.


Just to give a backdrop to the first four groups – we were a bunch of friends who wanted to be serious about GMAT preparation and wanted a real quality training. The egoist I am, I wanted to check, if my training can really make dreams come true. So, we picked 100 students of all score ranges (280 to 700) and trained them in a fun-filled, impactful way. You can enquire/verify the same with anyone in the batch on whether the training helped. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gmatclasses/)

We have all our students, scoring 700+ in under 1.5 months of intense preparation. As part of our classes all the students who prepared under our sessions, took the test and scored 700+ will come and talk to you all as well. More on that later.

Coming to this fifth batch, I have the same single-point agenda.

Through a one and half-month training program, get everyone in the class a score of over 700/800.

What do I need from you all ?

1. Atleast 3-4 hours of committed effort everyday.

2. Book the exam date only when I say you are ready

3. Strong presence on email

4. Consistent efforts (500 hours of effort in all)

Financial commitment:

Firstly, all money you paid will be returned - if you do not score more than 700/800 in the actual exam. So, each of you will be paying Rs.25,000/- to be a part of this course. However, note the following below.

If you score less than 700, the whole of money that you paid as fees will be returned. However, your score of over 700 is guaranteed subject to the following two conditions.

1. You will write the exam before June 15th or any date you say based on your preparation.

2. You will book the exam date, only after I certify you to be ready for the exam (Parameters for my evaluation include atleast two 700 scores on GMAT Prep)

The financial commitment of refunding the money, does not hold valid:

a) If exam is taken after June 15th, 2014 or your date

b) If you do not prepare well or

c) If you score more than 700

I need to put in these conditions to shorten the batch size to about 15-20 students and make them serious towards taking the exam. I am looking forward to take only serious students, deliver results and use the fees as part of my fundraising efforts for several of my own ventures.


I assure you quality and commitment. I want your effort. Together, we succeed. Please note that once you score above 700, we will also work on your essays and school list without further financial commitments.

So, incase you are still interested in taking this course – please go through following details.

Class Details:

1. Classes are on Saturday & Sunday – Starting March 1st (Saturday).

2. Timings are from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

3. Classes are in Madhapur.


Arrowsol Technologies,

2nd floor,

Adjacent Fun+Fit Studio,


Plot 20,

On the main road,

Near Image Hospitals, Madhapur.

As of now, we have 10 registrations. We need to arrange for chairs in the room and I would really appreciate an email from you all with the following subject line - CONFIRMATION including financial commitment.

Once you give me the confirmation, I shall send you out the course plan and what can be expected in 100 hours of intense, fun-filled training.

Looking forward to meeting you all and make dreams come true,

Thank you for the trust you showed,

With affectionate regards,

Sai Prasad Vishwanathan,

Cell +91 8106895503.

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