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Gmat 2011 - isb 2012-2013

Hi All, People who are taking GMAT this year, and planning to apply for 2012-13 session please share your knowledge in this thread... About me - Im from mumbai.. planning to take Gmat in June and may apply in R1. Exp 3.5 years, IT poo...
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hi Everyone,

Can anyone pls send me aristotle rc99 to my mail id..
email id:lahari.electra@gmail.com


Hi kinjal,
Can u pls send me aristotle rc99 to my mail id..
email id:lahari.electra@gmail.com

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Seniors please evaluate my profile

Btech-69 in Electrical Engineering .

Whether these scores are going to affect my chances at taking admission significantly or a GMAT score 700 will suffice
I am a fresher and planning to write my GMAT in 2013
please suggest me some good colleges and sources for my preparation
I have PMed you my email id. Please send me the soft copy of Powerscore CR bible, RC 99 and SC Grail.
Thanks in advance!

will you share some study materials for GMAT with me.
Thanks Saggy
Hi all,
M also planning to take GMAT on june 2013.i was just looking for some previous papers of GMAT. Anyone can help in this regard?

@phirana Start with OG.. once you are thorough with the concepts there then start practicing from Manhattan...
http://www.myprepmate.com : Unlimited Free Practice for CAT and GMAT

Can anyone suggest me the best books for GMAT..??

I give as good as I get.
@rajnikhil With 3.5 years of experience.. I personally feel that your GMAT score needs to be a tad bit higher maybe 680-710 bracket would significantly boost your chances 600-650 is on the lower side (again a personal opinion). the profile is good though from what you have written
another piece of advice - in your applications please come up with a good reason behind leaving entrepreneurship and then pursuing MBA....highlight this well...
http://www.myprepmate.com : Unlimited Free Practice for CAT and GMAT

Hi I am from Hyderabad. I have about 3.5 yr exp. I used to work in a dotcom company but became an entrepreneur sometime back. I've worked at lead positions for considerable period even when I was doing job. I'm planning to take GMAT in Dec or Jan. Any idea about what my chances are for ISB with the above profile and a GMAT score of 600 to 650?

Hi I am from delhi and thinking to start for GMAT preparation .My aim is ISB .

I am still looking for some gud GMAT study material.Found OG mind blowing

@nandkumar007 I guess you need more than an year of workex... but then again one cannot say.. so definitely try.... as for type of workex well i do not think they prefer one type of profile over the other.. they just prefer diversity
http://www.myprepmate.com : Unlimited Free Practice for CAT and GMAT
hi ,,,,I m nand .....n i m also preparing 4 GMAT .....and i have experience only one year in account ,,so is it sufficient for ISB college ,,,,and in ISB which type of work experience is prefer
Hi Seniors,
Need help. I want to register for gmat online but i do need your help. I do have few query.
1. Can I register with my visa electron debit card.
2. For credit card will i need to give only my credit card number and the number at the back of the card only .Do i need to get a one time password from my card company as it is a online transaction.
Thanks . Would appreciate reply.
Nirmalya Chakraborty ( 5 yrs exp as a Project Engineer Infrastructure and Project Control )

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