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Electrical/ Electronics and communication engineering core interview questions.

hi puys, panel in mba interviews always grill on acads related questions. so plz help out each other n post core questions that can be asked in management college interviews
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Why are diodes and chips mostly made of silicon even though germanium is better suited for the purpose because of its electronic properties??

@retry @Omkarp and all others

  • Valence electrons in silicon are closer to the nucleus co.... 11 Feb.
RAvi Teja @ravibhanu2000 279

Valence electrons in silicon are closer to the nucleus compared to germanium so at high temperature silicon is more stable than germanium 

How can a 40w tube lite be started with 230v AC/DC without using any choke/Coil?

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Where are VCBs, OCBs, ACBs used and why ?

like ACBs are used in panel main incomers, VCBs at transformer outgoings etc....

  • VCB is used in HT and ACB is used in LT. Reason: Dielectr.... 15 Mar '14.
  • @Nitesh27 plz help. 15 Mar '14.
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Nitesh Bhuwania @Nitesh27 123
VCB is used in HT and ACB is used in LT. Reason: Dielectric strength of vacuum is more than that of air. HT voltage is more than LT. So, VCB is used in HT and ACB in LT. OCB are used in the voltage range of 11kV and 132kV applications. They are installed in units, example for 66kV application 6 OCB are used.

Ceiling fans rotate anticlockwise while table fans clockwise why?

tried searching on google..but din understand

  • @Nitesh27 thanx...but cant we use a table fan as ceiling .... 14 Mar '14.
  • This is mainly because of the diversity in their working .... 14 Mar '14.
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Prateek Sinha @prateeksinha04 4,316
@Nitesh27 thanx...but cant we use a table fan as ceiling fan...i mean the motor ???
Nitesh Bhuwania @Nitesh27 123

This is mainly because of the diversity in their working principles. Every fan needs a motor that allowsrotational motion. Taking into consideration the structure of a motor, there are two major parts - The motor itself and the armature. Out of these two parts, one part is always stationary while the other moves around it's axis allowing rotation of any object that is attached to it. Ceiling fans have a stationary armature and the motor moves in the counter-clockwise direction. Since, the blades of the fan are attached to the motor, the ceiling fan rotates in an anti-clockwise direction. It is exactly opposite for a table fan. The motor is stationary and the armature moves to give motion to the fan blades. Because of Newton's 3rd law of motion that states - "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.", the stationary motor gives the armature a push in the opposite direction. This causes the blades of the table fan that are attached to the armature, to move in clockwise direction

I said : i have done robotics .

IIM interviewer : wt r degrees of freedom..how many ,,wts pitch -roll?

photodiode and solarcell both are different

solarcell depends on the conversion of energy from one form to another ie it is converting light energy into electrical energy .... while a photodiode is already biased but current can't flow through it untill some source of light fall on it and drops the potential of the barrier junction so that the current can flow through it (these are generally used in reverse biased condition)....PIN and APD are best example of these type

How to speed up / slow down a series of rectangular pulses
a) analogous procedure
b) digital process?
Why are functions of basis function similar to each other?
IIM L calling. :) 

Can anyone post something on WiMax?

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