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hii, guys i am student of B.SC. agriculture so i am not very much familiar with economics term and their meanings so a lot of of time i feel difficult in understanding the issue related to economics such as equity , stock , etc i have difficulty e... Read More »

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  • click on the link :stuck_out_tongue:. 18 Mar.
  • Yeh kya hai dost :astonished:. 18 Mar.

  • Oligarchic form of government will give an impetus to nax.... 16 Mar.
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rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29.5 k
Oligarchic form of government will give an impetus to naxalism in India.

Hi Puys, I have cleared CREDIT OFFICERs exam of NAINITAL BANK and having interview on 22nd feb, can any tell what kind of questions should I expect as a fresher?

I got this question in one of the interviews..
Why cant India just pay off all it's debts to the US by printing more money (equivalent to the dollar amount owed) and not circulating that extra money in our economy so that our inflation doesn't rise?

Answers anyone?
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  • besides, printing more money will lead to hyperinflation .... 17 Feb.
  • OK, that was an evasive answer ha... Let's put it this wa.... 16 Feb.
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rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29.5 k
An economic superpower dominates/dictates world trade. It exports to nations around the world & usually has a positive balance of trade vis-a-vis trading partners. Being in a dominant position, it's currency may be officially considered the global currency by other nations, if not then unofficially yes... a de facto currency. In the current scenario, the US is somewhat stagnating/declining & the Chinese aspire to replace the dollar's supreme position with the remninbi/yuan over time.
Ashutosh Verma @Dexian 3.8 k
@Scorpio_19 while i understand the need for a global currency, what i dont understand is who decides it to be Dollar and not Rupee??
can you please explain??
Deepak Jain @deejaygr8 325
besides, printing more money will lead to hyperinflation in the country as the value of money declines with the rise in the quantity of money....
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29.5 k
OK, that was an evasive answer ha... Let's put it this way. The total value of all the currency of an economy is equal to the sum total of all assets industrial/goods/agricultural etc. of that economy. Means that entire currency is circulating in the economy= total quantitative assets. Now if you print more money & keep it in cold storage, there will be a mismatch between the above two, & this is not possible in economics. Sorry for not using economic terms. I've forgotten my textbook economics, as I studied the subject over 10 years ago.

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  • @Scorpio_19 The reason why AAP opposes it is because they.... 19 Jan.
  • India has a large percentage of unorganised retail sector.... 19 Jan.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29.5 k
Rookies at politics. Decisions should be taken after a through analysis, if they follow populist policies to get votes, voter disillusionment will set in after some time. Good economic policies have to be explained to the common man-- how will it benefit them, since a majority of Indians have no economic sense on how the nation is governed.
pagal guy @Pagal 1.6 k
@Scorpio_19 The reason why AAP opposes it is because they promised this in their manifesto which got them the votes. They have no economic sense of the world.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29.5 k
India has a large percentage of unorganised retail sector. This forms the core vote bank of the BJP that we all know. As far as AAP is concerned, I feel that they fear job losses with the coming in of large MNC retail chains. Their fears may prove to be groundless however. Let's take the example of an Indian player Big Bazaar. This chain has in fact contributed to job generation in substantial numbers for the current crop of young people who do not have that high level of skills to be employed gainfully elsewhere, such as 10th/12th class passouts & ordinary graduates like BAs. Another very important issue is that the govt. & Indian pvt. sector have not contributed in any substantial measure the establishment of a cold chain for perishable like fruits & vegetables which contribute a large percentage in the retail inflation index. Large MNC players like Walmart have the necessary experience in this back-end infrastructure development. A fear is possible cartelisation by these large players, but let's accept the fact that the neighborhood baniya in close proximity to you will always retain his clutch of loyal customers who have been dealing with him for many years. So in essence we have ample market scope for both the organised & un-organised sectors to co-exist in India.
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