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Designations and Pay scales in TCS

Hi All, Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of ex...
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What's the salary offered for IT analyst at TCS Kolkata?

  • Govt engineer. 20 Dec '15.

HI...I joined TCS in 2009. I joined MBA marketing from sibm pune after 4.5 yrs experience on lwp. My last designation was ITA and pkg was 6.4 lpa. I am looking forward to join TCS after completing MBA in March. Can you please advise what role, designation and pkg I will be offered? 

  • @aimJB most of the companies do not shortlist candidate w.... 08 Dec '15.

@aimJB most of the companies do not shortlist candidate with 3+ yrs of exp

I am on sabbatical and doing my MBA at Paris. There is a requirement of an academic internship of 4-6 months as a part of the course. 

I wish to do my internship at TCS France or any other offices of TCS in Europe. Can anyone please let me know what is the procedure for applying for internships and what are the chances of getting an internship opportunity there?

Does anybody knows in which tier new IIMs( Ranchi/Raipur/Rohtak/Udaipur/Trichy) fall ?? How much package would we get in TCS after returning from LWP ( if MBA is done from any of these institutes). 

  • Y will anyone return to TCS after MBA from IIM?. 29 Nov '15.
87 LN @87ln 883

Y will anyone return to  TCS after MBA from IIM?

TCS - 24 months (exact 2 yrs) work ex, and got 'C' band as the only appraisal I got through. Doing MBA in PGDM-FS in KJ Somaiya Mumbai.

1). What Package can I expect?

2). What factors are considered for evaluation of Package?

Also my senior with same situation land into tcs mumbai with around 8lpa.

TCS 33 months experience,4.4 last package(C band).LWP for XIMB BM. How much can i get?Please reply

  • XIMB is which tier?. 01 Dec '15.
  • 1 i think. 01 Dec '15.

Will TCS conduct off campus for 2014 batch?

Hello ppl,

Currently I am pursuing second yr PGDM from SIMSR (somaiya mumbai - grade B ,tier 2 ) and on TCS sabbatical. I have total exp of 2.5 years in TCS and got a B band in my last appraisal.

So what will be the  approx package if I wish to join back TCS ? 

  • I know this is not related to your question but just out .... 11 Nov '15.
  • @ScottSummers I have the same querry. How are the placeme.... 19 Nov '15.
Shely pathak @Shel04 1

I know this is not related to your question but just out of curiosity i want to ask about the placement situation of somaniya mumbai? Is it good in term of placement,one should opt for it or not. Thanks in advance.

Ibad Sayyed @aimJB 338

@ScottSummers I have the same querry. How are the placements at SIMSR?

I have completed Masters Degree from a Tier 2 University in UK in 2011, and have a total relevant work exp of 4.5 years now. Getting paid around 5.0 L in TCS. Is this is fair, kindly suggest guys. Need to take decisions ASAP. My current designation is ASY (Systems Engineer)

What is the minimum criteria to encash earned leaves ? 

I have 20 EL as of now ..

  • I think ELs can be encashed only when you have 38 of them.... 29 Sep '15.
  • I think the count is 42 not 38. 11 Oct '15.
Shina Ansari @shina18 12

I think ELs can be encashed only when you have 38 of them accumulated. 

You could read more about it on Ultimatix.


I think the count is 42 not 38

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