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Designations and Pay scales in TCS

Hi All, Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of ex...
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I have an exp of 2 years 9 mnths in TCS. My CTC is 4.32 Lpa with two C bands. Currently, I am on LWP and pursuing my International MBA (1 year course) from IESEG school of management, Paris, a premier b-school in France. 

What package can I expect after I return? (assuming that the institute is counted under Tier II)

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  • Approx 6.5lpa. 19 Sep.
  • between 7 to 8lacs. 20 Sep.

What is the package offered post sabbatical from xime/sdmimd/imt n or h? 

  • I do not know!. 10 Sep.
  • @Prash1502 \- Where can i get a list of tier classificati.... 20 Sep.
Cat cracker @Tcser125 2

@Prash1502 - Where can i get a list of tier classification ?

Hi Puys,

I plan to go abroad for a 1-year masters in Human Resource management, and as it is a very academic course, so want to do some in-company projects or internships after the completion of the course for the next few months (VISA is provided by the country to stay for 12 months after the course).

As we are entitled to a 2 year LWP, can I avail 1.5 years LWP out of that?Since the academic course is of 1 year, will I have to avail a LWP of 1 year only? in that case how to extend it by 3-6 months to fit in an internship?

will resigning be a better option in that case if the HR is stubborn on not extending the LWP by a few months after 1 year?

Also mention the refitment package expected for a foreign degree for a person with C-band in the last H2. 

Please advise.

Thanks,                                                                                                                            Suvoram.

  • Hi Suvoram - Can you please contact me on vivekmalla@gmai.... 21 Sep.
  • @vivek4321 : mailed you. 23 Sep.
@vivek4321 1

Hi Suvoram - Can you please contact me on vivekmalla@gmail.com

Friends, Please let me know what are the formalities done at the time of rejoining tcs after 2 years sabbatical..Will there be any questionnaire or like any interview? 

What are the documents we should carry with us at the time of reporting?

  • But. I still have a backlog pending in my masters and my .... 18 Aug.
  • It ll be a problem for u... 29 Aug.
naveen sm @naveenarsenal 2

But. I still have a backlog pending in my masters and my course duration is complete. My LWP duration is almost over. What should I tell them at the time of reporting. 

Biswajit Ray @mahapatra09 2

It ll be a problem for u..

In TCS I have 3+ years of exp.My Current CTC is 4.39..Got an offer from IIM vizag (Newest IIMS) .For sabbatical under which tier does this IIM comes under and what can be the refitting package if i comes back and join..Any idea who has availed this offer for IIM Nagpur or any other newwest iims

In TCS..if say after a work ex of 2 years you opt for a 2 yr MBA course...and then again comeback and work for 1 more year...then what will be written in your experience certificate? 
2+2(MBA)+1= 5 years work-ex or just 2+1 = 3 years of work-ex?
please advise.

  • It would be 2+2+1=5 years......if u rejoin after LWP, it.... 03 Aug.
  • Thanks Saurabh. If I could ask, what is the exit clause .... 03 Aug.
suman saurabh @saurabh058 44

It would be  2+2+1=5 years......if u rejoin after LWP, it's counted as your experience...!!

suvoram @suvoram

Thanks Saurabh.

If I could ask, what is the exit clause after you complete LWP? I mean is there any fixed number years that you need to serve once you have availed the LWP? is there any bond amount that you need to pay if you decide to move out? @saurabh058 

what is the notice period in TCS and what is the exit procedure if one gets admission in a B-school? Do they let you leave easily or is it frowned upon?

"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam"- Hannibal

Has anyone rejoined TCS(2015 or before) after completing PGDM from IMT Ghaziabad on sabbatical. Pls tell(if it can be revealed) what was the revised package offered and how it was dependent on experience and previous bands

Hi All, 

I worked for TCS for 2.5 yrs and left for oracle for a good  CTC . Now my current yrs of experience is 3.7 . I am looking to come back to TCS for onsite opportunities. Tell me if I can get ITA for 3.7 yrs ? What would be my CTC if could get ITA ?

Do LWP candidates are eligible for the one time bonus announced by TCS? Anyone currently in LWP did receive one time bonus?

  • Yes!. 30 Jun.
  • Got it today. 30 Jun.

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