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Designations and Pay scales in TCS

Hi All, Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of ex...
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IIFT Delhi is tier 1 or 2? Also what packagrle and profile can i expect after completing my mba from here?

How difficult it is to resign after being on a sabbatical considering would land up a good placement from college? 

Is it advisable to take a sabbatical considering one doesnt want to actually work in IT? Pls help need to resign otherwise

  • #. 2d.

2.5 years of Experience, 2 consecutive C bands. Current CTC 4.32.

If I take LWP and go for MBA from BITS Pilani what package can I expect after completing my course. Please help

  • @nitishshukla10 \- What was your cat percentile ?. 3d.
  • @akshay2220 75.43 are u also planning to join on LWP?.... 3d.
aks @akshay2220 12

@nitishshukla10 - What was your cat percentile ?

Nitish Shukla @nitishshukla10 18

@akshay2220 75.43

are u also planning to join on LWP? Which COllege?

Hello All,

Which tier does Bits pilani fall under... Please help how good is it for a tcser with 3 yrs exp doing a 2 yr MBA from BITS...My current ctc is 4.4 and does MBA through BITS help shift my career from IT to a  Marketing profile...  i currently have call from NIRMA ...please suggest which one to choose with reasons....

  • yes plz suggest...have to apply for refund from nrma..... 2d.
  • #. 23h.
@pranav2191 3

yes plz suggest...have to apply for refund from nrma....

FYI :If you resign within 6 months of your LWP start date , you need to serve for 1 month notice period and if you resign after 6 months then no serving period.

Forgot to ask if i will resign after 2 years of LWP then what wud i have to do and is there any notice period for LWP also or we can take any time?

Hi Guys, I have around 4.5 years of experience in TCS and I am planning to pursue my MBA from TAPMI this year with a Marketing major and systems minor after taking LWP this year. I have a few questions which are as follows:

1. Do the TCS LWP policy allow me to sit in the campus recruitments held at my college?

2.What is the role and package that I can expect after I join TCS( I do not have any C or D bands till now)

3.What will I loose if I do not take up the LWP and what will I gain if I take the LWP?

Thanks in advance

  • Dude no C or D means you've had an excellent career progr.... 4d.
  • 1\. Depends on the college. As far as I know, TAPMI allow.... 4d.
Raj @aakash297

Dude no C or D means you've had an excellent career progression at TCS and there is little reason to pursue a 2 year MBA from a "not-so-top-ranked" college. With such a decent stay at TCS and given your high work-exp its highly desirable that you continue to invest all your time and energy on your current job and look for a 1 year MBA at IIMs/ISB (after 5-6 years of work-exp) and then come back to TCS at a much higher package and much more improved role (than what a 2 year MBA will land you in!)  

Prashant Singh @Prash1502 1

1. Depends on the college. As far as I know, TAPMI allows student to sit for campus recruitment even if they are on LWP. Moreover TCS doesn't restrict the employees on LWP from sitting from campus recruitment. 

2. Don't have much Idea here.

3.You loose nothing. You can gain a)kind of job safety, b)if you join back these 2 years would be considered as work ex. 

In which Tier does IMT finance and XIMB BM belong to?

Is there any drawback/Constraints/hidden conditions in taking TCS sabbatical leaves?

  • It's a win - win situation. If you don't join back the la.... 4d.
Prashant Singh @Prash1502 1

It's a win - win situation. If you don't join back the last earned leave applied would be considered as your last working day in TCS.

Hi guys...I am joining SPJAIN PGCIM course. Through that program only, I will be doing the rest of my management program from IESEG school of management, Paris which is top b school in Paris. It is a one year course followed by 4-6 months of internship.

I am planning to go on sabbatical. My experience is 2 yrs 7 months. My current package is 4.32 lpa and have got C in the last two appraisals.

Can anyone kindly tell me how much can I expect after I return?

Hi guys,

I am currently on sabbatical from TCS and doing my MBA in IT from SCIT, Symbiosis Pune( regular full time 2 years).

I'll pass out in march,2016. What kind of package can be expected?

I have 30 months of work ex with my last band C from Mumbai base branch.Last CTC was 4.5.

  • 5.5 lpa approx... 23 Apr.
  • That is very low!. 23 Apr.

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