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Designations and Pay scales in TCS

Hi All, Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of ex...
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Hi Guys. I will be joining NMIMS Mumbai this year. I will be on a sabbatical as getting a notice period waiver seemed like a humongous task. Just wanted to confirm few things- 1) What are the documents that an employee gets when one goes for a LWP. Is there something called as a LWP letter ? 2) Can we resign anytime after our LWP starts and we will not be required to come to office for any formalities ? 3) After resigning during LWP period, within how many days we can expect the Work-ex and Relieving letter ?

  • #. 26 Apr.

Hi guys, I have completed 3 yrs in TCS and wish to join an MBA program. I want to go on a 2 yr LWP. I wanted to know if it is possible to get LWP if I am on bench? If yes , what is the process??

As in when you are allocated to a project, the manager approves your LWP and the HR initiates it. But when on bench , there's no manager. So, does the HR approve your LWP?

Does anyone have an idea about the pay TCS offers after one completes his Masters in Business Informatics from abroad. I have an experience of 2.5 years of experience and current band is C. I would like to know the hike TCS would give once I return from my sabbatical.

Any idea rough about the hike TCS gives after completing an MBA for Tier 2 institutes likes IMT-G, IIT-KGP, newest IIMs, assuming that we take a sabbatical after two years of service. Is the last band a major factor factor in deciding the compensation once we return?

  • Yaar iss tarah ki compensation related info tumko yaha ko.... 11 Apr.
  • HR said, the corporate team will decide once you come bac.... 11 Apr.
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Yaar iss tarah ki compensation related info tumko yaha koi nahi de paega. Contact HRs to get "some" idea. Last band shud not be a major factor if u go for MBA from colleges u mentioned

Abdulqadir Dula @Abdulqadir53 49

HR said, the corporate team will decide once you come back.. If anyone knows someone who has come back after a sabbatical, they may be able to help

90 days notice ..is there any way out without serving notice period ?

  • @arlok2005 :I have googled but didn't found the exact ca.... 16 Apr.
  • Check Separation Policy on Knowmax..You cannot be forced .... 19 Apr.
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@arlok2005 :I have googled but didn't found the  exact case..wherever it is it says it is according to the contract...If u find any links..plz do share it


Check Separation Policy on Knowmax..You cannot be forced to serve out the entire notice period...adjust your earned leaves to the notice period and pay any short fall at your pay rate and you are good to go...Escalate it to the HR's supervisor if you need to

How much TCS pays at tier 2 B schools like KJ Somaiya, Sydenham to freshers? Which profile is offered?

I am working in TCS.I got D band last year  because I asked for transfer(rating 2.8). Then I moved from Chennai to Delhi where I get a project but project has finished and they released all the members of the team in December 2015.My appraisal completed from previous project and got 3.56 rating in H2(H1 and H2 avg 3.03).My appraisal is in US now.

I am worry about the band since I'm not in that project anymore so will he give good band at least 'C'?

What will happen if they give D band

two consecutive D band ,will they fire me?

What should I tell when a meeting happen with HR?

Although my rating has increased from 2.8 (last year) to 3.03.

Please, help I am continuously worrying when I think about band

  • Dude;just stay positive and handle the HR properly.But,fr.... 31 Mar.
  • Got C.. 16 Apr.

Dude;just stay positive and handle the HR properly.But,from your rating it's almost obvious that you'll get a 'D'; Unless your'e lucky OFC.You won't get fired for consecutive D's...there will be a performance Improvement plan initiated against you.It will be informed to your current supervisor.They will discuss and take a call whether it's actually required.

@ppk9058 2

Got C.

Is there any update for TCS hike for Bands this year . I wanted to know the percentage wise info

Hello All,I got 3.9 rating in H2 . Is it possible to get B band this time. please analyse and let us know. previous year,people with 3.9 rating got B in my project

  • reply please. 03 Apr.
  • U can get a,b or c band for 3.9 rating, it entirely depen.... 12 Apr.
zh zh @zhussain 6

reply please


U can get a,b or c band for 3.9 rating, it entirely depends on your manager..

What could be the possible refittment in TCS if I take LWP and go to TAPMI ? 

Is it possible to sit for Campus interview in TAPMI while I am on sabbatical ?

  • Yes. 07 Apr.

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