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Critical Reasoning for CAT 2012

Hi Guys, :: CAT 2011 season is over.. Lets start the preparation for CAT 2012 :: :: Here is link for CAT 2011 CR thread :http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/english-resources/64412-critical-reasoning-for-cat-2011-a.html
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Would any of you guys be interested in business English coaching in preparation  for MBA entry exams?

  • WHats DAT????. 28 Dec '14.
  • no. 28 Dec '14.

Guys help me with this problem....

a=1, b=10, c=37, d=111, e=?

  • But I am not sure that this solution is correct. 15 Dec '14.
  • okay. 16 Dec '14.

But I am not sure that this solution is correct

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7700 divided by 100. wts the reminder?

a. 1

b. 61

c. 41

d. 21

pls tell the answer and explanation

  • answer is 1 ...follow ths approach...7^700...now we shoul.... 09 Nov '14.
  • I is the answer. 12 Nov '14.
anurag mahto @hunny2 3

answer is 1 ...follow ths approach...7^700...now we should take it in power cycle form as (7^4)^175...so the value comes as 2401^175...as by approach...the last 2 digits comes as 01.so 01/100...will give remainder as 01...:)

How to prepare for SBI as so.

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  • delete my account. 16 Oct '14.

Analytical Reasoning MK PANDY

best haiiiii

Hi, please suggest good books or online material for Venn diagrams. I don't find a good bunch of questions.

  • the channel of PERFECT SCORES in youtube by Pushpinder Gi.... 21 Aug '14.
  • Analytical Reasoning MK PANDY best haiiiii. 25 Aug '14.
Bharat Rana @ranabharat85 18

the channel of PERFECT SCORES in youtube by Pushpinder Gill....master to make things simler


Analytical Reasoning MK PANDY

best haiiiii

Please suggest some books for VA.

I want to start it from level zero.

any book which covers up the basics?

  • Finish Norman Lewis - Word power made easy for vocabulary.... 26 Jul '14.
  • Sujit Kumar. 13 Aug '14.
Indian Cassowary @Sharmaiyengar 37

Finish Norman Lewis - Word power made easy for vocabulary(basics).

Apart from that follow coaching center book or any book relevant for CAT preparation.

is going for mba worth nowadays? l have been through alot of reviews of mba students and they say that the truth is completely opposite to what the colleges promise at the time of admission. For ex, colleges say that their avg package is 9 lpa. the students hardly get 6 lpa also after his degree. again, many have said , that they have to pay lakhs of rupees for their summer training. 

Really, i feel disheartened to read such reviews and am loosing all hope from persuing for mba.

  • It is a free market place. Choose what you like. If you d.... 29 Jun '14.
  • true that!. 29 Jun '14.
Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 27,950

It is a free market place. Choose what you like. If you don't like the boasting, don't join the college. 


true that! 

I am currently pursuing my B.E. degree( about to start 3rd semester)

After 3 years I'm seeking admission in IIMA(not any other IIM)

i got 92% in 10th and 82% in 12th and hopefully get 80+ in B.E.

I want to ask when to start preparations and from which books?

Do I need coaching(If yes from where? I live in Chandigarh) or self study is enough?

And most important the Interview part. Basically what do they ask in the PI and does extra curricular activities play an important part or just good academics are enough.

  • Strengthen your vocabulary by reading The Hindu especiall.... 26 Jul '14.
Indian Cassowary @Sharmaiyengar 37

Strengthen your vocabulary by reading The Hindu especially the editor's section. Extra curricular activities will only make you stand out of the pool of applicants but may not directly help you. Your percentages are good enough to get into IIMA

On a sheet of paper there are 20 statements-1 to 20 these are:

1st statement : there is at least 1 incorrect statement on this sheet

2nd statement: there are at least 2 incorrect statements on this sheetsame for 20 statement

Which of following is true?

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Hello friends,

I wanted to know like how much will be the max total cost for doing MBA in India Or Mumbai from top B-schools.

Please suggest friends.

Thank you

  • okay .. thaks Mini :smiley:. 30 Jun '14.
  • *thanks. 30 Jun '14.

Four persons A,B,C and D are sitting in row 1 facing south and four other persons P,Q,R and S are sitting in row 2 facing north. Each person in row 1 is facing exactly one person in row 2. The following information is also known about them.                 A. P IS sitting opposite C and D is not sitting opposite S.      B. A is sitting diagonally opposite R.                              C. B is second to the right of C.

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  • que. to puchiye kapilji. 16 Aug '14.
  • anyways the arrangement would be from left to right 1st r.... 16 Aug '14.
Prateek Joshi @prattthejoshi 76

que. to puchiye kapilji

Prateek Joshi @prattthejoshi 76

anyways the arrangement would be from left to right 1st row BDCA and 2nd row RQPS

can anyone suggest me, which will be the best study material ...?


  • @rao111 C :mg:. 27 Jun '14.

hi guys. i am new to this site. i hope i'll have a good taste of experience everyone is having here. can you suggest some good colleges for doing MBA in marketing field in and around delhi region.

hey evryone em new on pagalguy....

  • u r running 2 years late:P. 03 Jun '14.

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