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Hi puys, Time to close this ages old thread now. http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/chit-chat-your-interests/1917-cricket-trivia-and-discussions.html Please continue here with all the cricket related discussions. :smiley:
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After a long time fantasy cricket is back again

League for T-20 WC.


League name- PaGalGuys

Password- pagalguys

Starting 21st March.

Get ready with your teams, after all it might be a good warm-up for mecca of all forms of cricket errr fantasy, IPL.

New thread for discussion -

@raghav507 @Sherjil @TRUEINDIAN @shashankvenkat3 @[59285:BLUFFMASTER!!!] @chuck_gopal @anshul_mechie @pagalguy @dark-phoenix @ThinkAce and other cricket lovers....

  • Will make my team today :mg:. 20 Mar '14.
NMIMS (Core): 2013-15

hello people

what do you think about the India - NZ ODI series going on these days.
would like to hear your views.
is Indian team a curious case of being good at home and not being able to make a mark away.
lets discuss.
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  • it was a 'great escape' :mg:. 26 Jan '14.
  • Sir has tied the match for India :grin: :mg:. 25 Jan '14.
Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6,671
it was a 'great escape' :mg:
The Pahadi Mod @raghav507 51,572
Sir has tied the match for India :mg:

What a match!! One commentator aptly compared this test match to a horror movie...too gruesome to watch for fear of seeing a spectacular collapse but intrigued enough to keep your eyes on the action for fear of missing out on something too good to be true. The most exciting thing about tomorrow is that all 3 results are still possible.

S[he] [be]lie[ve]d 

Ind vs SA: From double centuries - to struggling to get into double figures, from pitches as flat as Sonam kapoor - to as bouncy as Shakira...

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I remember these very English players doing nasty things with lords' pitch when they peed. i think now they come with diapers on to face Johnson mg

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Number 15 for Steyn against Hafeez! If cricket was chemistry, the bond between the two could be the most strongest with a lot of affinity! mg

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  • can anyone tell me what Ishant Sharma is doing in ODI team??. 25 Nov '13.
  • total politics. 25 Nov '13.
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Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6,671
can anyone tell me what Ishant Sharma is doing in ODI team??
Ashis Kithania @chelseaboy 2,812
total politics

Anyone of an opinion that England making a comeback..? #The Ashes

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India wins the first one-day......

Special story of a very special talent...

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NMIMS (Core): 2013-15

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