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Hi puys, Time to close this ages old thread now. http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/chit-chat-your-interests/1917-cricket-trivia-and-discussions.html Please continue here with all the cricket related discussions. :smiley:
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After a long time fantasy cricket is back again

League for T-20 WC.


League name- PaGalGuys

Password- pagalguys

Starting 21st March.

Get ready with your teams, after all it might be a good warm-up for mecca of all forms of cricket errr fantasy, IPL.

New thread for discussion -

@raghav507 @Sherjil @TRUEINDIAN @shashankvenkat3 @[59285:BLUFFMASTER!!!] @chuck_gopal @anshul_mechie @pagalguy @dark-phoenix @ThinkAce and other cricket lovers....

  • Will make my team today :mg:. 20 Mar '14.
NMIMS (Core): 2013-15

hello people

what do you think about the India - NZ ODI series going on these days.
would like to hear your views.
is Indian team a curious case of being good at home and not being able to make a mark away.
lets discuss.
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  • it was a 'great escape' :mg:. 26 Jan '14.
  • Sir has tied the match for India :grin: :mg:. 25 Jan '14.
Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6,449
it was a 'great escape' :mg:
The Pahadi Mod @raghav507 51,564
Sir has tied the match for India :mg:
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What a match!! One commentator aptly compared this test match to a horror movie...too gruesome to watch for fear of seeing a spectacular collapse but intrigued enough to keep your eyes on the action for fear of missing out on something too good to be true. The most exciting thing about tomorrow is that all 3 results are still possible.

S[he] [be]lie[ve]d 

Ind vs SA: From double centuries - to struggling to get into double figures, from pitches as flat as Sonam kapoor - to as bouncy as Shakira...

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I remember these very English players doing nasty things with lords' pitch when they peed. i think now they come with diapers on to face Johnson mg

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S[he] [be]lie[ve]d 

Number 15 for Steyn against Hafeez! If cricket was chemistry, the bond between the two could be the most strongest with a lot of affinity! mg

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  • can anyone tell me what Ishant Sharma is doing in ODI team??. 25 Nov '13.
  • total politics. 25 Nov '13.
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Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6,449
can anyone tell me what Ishant Sharma is doing in ODI team??
Ashis Kithania @chelseaboy 2,702
total politics

Anyone of an opinion that England making a comeback..? #The Ashes

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India wins the first one-day......

Special story of a very special talent...

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NMIMS (Core): 2013-15

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Not a good day for the employers in India, expect attendance at work/ school tomorrow to be record low.

But ultimately this is a once in a lifetime moment and Sachin is a once in a generation cricketer, so perhaps a little white lie about cough or poorly relative will be okay.

Good luck tomorrow, double ton to leave everyone wanting more.#ThankyouSachin

  • No office tomorrow..I am gonna down with 'stomach infection'. 15 Nov '13.
  • True that.. m missing office tommorow :stuck_out_tongue:. 15 Nov '13.
S[he] [be]lie[ve]d 
Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6,449
No office tomorrow..I am gonna down with 'stomach infection'
Ashis Kithania @chelseaboy 2,702
True that.. m missing office tommorow

Close to 4 months since last post was made on this thread... There was a time when this thread used to move 4 pages daily... I guess new generation is more inclined towards other sports mg

Even Sachin's retirement is not pulling any crowd here
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  • @EagleMenace well said bhai :clap:. 17 Nov '13.
  • bus bhai jivit hein :stuck_out_tongue: tum sunao ..mumb.... 14 Nov '13.
NMIMS (Core): 2013-15
Sumit Jamwal @sujamait 9,188
bus bhai jivit hein tum sunao ..mumbai ke haal

Everyone is at will to lambaste Australia same way as they did to India when they lost 8 consecutive tests. Only difference is, latter had seniors not performing & former has that youngster have not filled in the shoes of seniors.

Now everything in at sea with India, the juniors who have replaced are doing great, we are winning ODI tournaments etc etc... But it should not be forgotten that this team is doing well in India conditions(in test) & the team will be terribly exposed when it goes to SF.

Hence when you relate the case with Australia, when Australia goes back home they will be again doing good(Not against a top notch English team). The youngster will start performing again, bowlers will take wickets & everything will be at sea. It takes a period of 4-5 years to be built a strong bench that can start winning series abroad.

I feel the past cricketers & Austrlian media are jumping the gun too far & too much. But I can understand the frustration of loss but it doesnt mean that it is the end Australian success..

Have patience with this team, they will bounce back & start doing well, but they to need to identify 11 best players & stick to them. In first place please give chance to Nathan lyon, he was given a long run to be picked in ashes & what happens ? you drop in at the perfect juncture !!!


There is nothing like Ashes!

Personally for me Ashes was just one more cricketing series, I never knew it had so much history & meant so much for both the teams. With complete dominance of Australian cricket for over 2 decades the battle had become lopsided, with rejuvenation of English cricket things have turned around.

Since 2005 I have been more keenly following Ashes, I must admit that it is one most keenly contested & celebrated series.

Todays match was testament to that, what a match we have had. Its been long time since I saw such a tough cricket being played over a period of 5 days. It was long time since I saw such a see saw battle.

Have to appreciate Aussies, they have not come up with such a strong team, but what a fighting spirit these guys have shown. As Steve waugh said, they have played the Aussies way!!!

  • i guess the quality of cricket can b primarily attributed.... 15 Jul '13.
Karan 20 @karan20 1,006
i guess the quality of cricket can b primarily attributed to quality of pitches u have in england,, u get swing & bounce on first 2 days, good for batting on 3 rd day & spin on balance days.... so 1 can see all the flavors of a team in the match..... unlike in sub continent where 500- 600 + scores r routine....

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