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Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short stories ....

Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here! And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories :: But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness. So...rock n roll!! Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting p...
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Nature and I

It was autumn

the smell of the lake

the crisp leaves

the plain earth

Nature wanted him

all over

Down the lane as he


seduced by


the 'other'

in him


an inner realization!


was it?

he asked

the 'other'

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An old poem from my old blog

Nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!

Nikal aa gaye ajgar
Thar thar thar thar kaanpe dharti
ro pare nishpran pathar
nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!

charo taraf andhera chhaya
aasha ka bikhra swar
nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!

manav ki paribhasa badli
dayan ne badla ghar
nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!

soochm aur komal sareer
rakht sang pare dhara par
nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!

giddho ne bhi trahi kardi
lanat hai hum sab par
nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!

insan ko insan kha rahe
dhoondhla gaya har manzar
nikal aa gaye ajgar!!!


I'm here posting one of my creations, a poem I wrote months ago. You can guess the inspiration behind it ;)

I miss you.

I miss you, in it's true sense I miss you
I remember your words on chat "Can I kiss you?"
I wish you also tell me "I miss you"
I wish you sit silently beside me
I wish you say someday "Kiss me"
I miss those moments when we were together
I miss those talks when we were idiots together
I miss your stopping me because you felt shy
I want to be stupid when you are around me
I want, yet, you to believe that it's me
I, on a beautiful day, could tell you I love you
I miss those moments when I heard the same from you
Now, you are far but your memories are with me
They are what make me feel you are still with me
In photo or in dreams, whenever I see you
I get an image of a lovely and beautiful you
Your memories fill my days and nights with joy
Just like a kid has found again his favourite toy
My love-story is small but very beautiful, it's true
Because in it, there is none other than you.


Hey puys...
Back after a brief gap....So I wrote my autobiography finally....Not too big, 21 pages in all......was a part of one of the soft courses here at Wimwi....this seems to b the mot juste thread....
Itz here.... My Autobiography

c ya ppl

Me @:www.rajatmishra.co.in;    "He knows not his own strength, who hath not met adversity- Ben Johnson"
dreams shattered
Again a result and all dreams shattered,

Could'nt prove myself when it really mattered.

Thought I was good I was strong,

But it was an illusion that proved me wrong.

Dad said its ok Mom said its nice.

But I could see defeat in their eyes.

It would not be easy to face them

or to look into their eyes.

The road ahead seems really bleak,

Then I ask myself am I so weak.

As a phoenix reborns anew and rises from its ashes,

I have to be a zealot and win all the matches.

Again a full year

Again the result and all the same dreams of mine,

I swear will surely make it this time.

unable to paste my jpeg here

Check out my verse and give feedback (Trying something new now)


Following infinity

An inertial movement called life,
battling fiercely the daily strife.
The sharp edge of a blunt knife....

I stand relatively still,
between a revolting volcano
and a sacred hill....
where the vulture preys a dormant kill.

Holding my rapier, I seek eternity,
A brazen sun vowing divinity,
My eyes sight a fading infinity.

I take the less beaten path,
The power of courage
fears no wrath.
A bruised body, the aftermath...

I make my honest last attempt,
Infinity was all I dreamt,
blood oozing from every vent.

And just when I thought
that I had done a lot,
The same sacred hill,
my sight caught.

I now prepare for the next equinox,
My dream, to my heart it talks,
but the vicious circle: the paradox.

No more
can I
play the
game of

is what
the figment
of mind

no more
can I
see mine

may I call

is it the route

am I
in the game
of nowhere

I am going


A small piece of poetry I wrote long time back.Posted on my blog though

Beauty is power ,smile is its sword

Smile is a priceless gift by the Mighty Lord

The beauty of a real smile

cant be described in just a mere mile

It accrues joys & happiness for more than a while

The chastity of a smile is much more than beauty of moon

since it blesses us with a divine boon

A smile you wear

brings your dear ones near

Smile is a sign of bliss

which is as sensuous as an innocent kiss

Smile is as rich as fine wine

as it washes away our saturnine

An exquisite smile has a magical effect

that can abrade all kinds of defects.

She was the best
in the group
calm and cool
Not a sign of nervousness
on her face
All they saw was
The others
running about
sweating 'cos of fear
'Two minutes left!'
She went outside
took a deep breath
closed her eyes
"Jane, where are you?"
"I'm coming"
As the curtains rose
she was at her best
not a sign of nervousness
All they saw was
An old peom I'd written earlier :)

What am I doing with myself, my life?
Am I heading for the destination? Am I following the path correctly?

Taking risks at every point, taking on any situation unprepared!
Spontaneity is a good characteristic people say. But is this it?
No, I sometimes feel, because it borders insanity!

Many a time even people who understand me, misunderstand me!
Not realizing their worth in my eyes;
What some people mean to me in my life!

Let no one believe-Ive never lied except when it is for the good
Im nothing without my support- my family, my friends.

I may not be the best.
But I know Im good- good at heart
Loving peace and enjoying fun

TRUST and FREEDOM I value and demand in any relationship
And place those special people on the pedestal

I always try and do justice to my conscience, my intuition.
Do what I feel is right!

I always.

But still amidst all this, theres a lacuna where I ask myself.

What am I doing with myself, my life?

Regards Anish Nambisan|UDT '09|FMS-2014 | CAT '11- 99.69|Calls- IIM LIC, XLRI, FMS Converts- I,L,FMS

Regards Anish Nambisan|UDT '09|FMS-2014 | CAT '11- 99.69|Calls- IIM LIC, XLRI, FMS Converts- I,L,FMS
Free- at last

A brief candle; both ends burning
An endless mile; a bus wheel turning

Say it loud and let it ring
We are all a part of everything
The future, the past and the present
Fly on bird
You're free at last

wrote this when i wasnt able to crack CAT last year

Yet another dream of mine is about to perish
life gives me very few moments to cherish
moments of happiness were followed by incessant pain
as i look back struggling to find any gain
little did i realize that my vision
would be brutally murdered and made an illusion
gave it my all to follow my passion
even left my existing position
but luck came to action
and stopped me from getting an admission
i dont know how to pacify my dreams
for i can still hear their screams
i hope all this was just a sojourn
and they might be light after dawn
i will still fight and move forward
for i havent still been totally battered
i might not have that brawn
but have the spirt to say life bring it on


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