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Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short stories ....

Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here! And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories :: But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness. So...rock n roll!! Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting p...
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Imagine there is no CAT,
It's easy if you try.
No acads to bother us,
No GD, no PI.
Imagine no engineer
need to write essays.

Imagine there's no QA,
It isn't hard to do.
No DI to kill or die for,
And no Verbal too.
Imagine all the people
going to the IIMs.

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.

The Struggle

Standing above the ground
Shattered broken and down
But still with a voice out loud
Like a unclaimed storm behind the cloud

Still so much a warrior
And Im still so much your savior

Dont cry
Just bring the fight
I dont want to know your plight

There is no jury
Tonight its all about your fury
Tonight we are our judge
So dictate your grudge

Let the world get to know we are unholy
And our blasphemy is so unruly

But I know you will hesitate again
And all the hate will go in vain

Dont waste your wisdom on me
I chose to be the example of what not to be.

last lines are "qoutable"...:cheerio:

hey I also like to write poetry. . . .

The below I call as. .

"Youth Power"

We are the youth of this very nation,
We comprise of this whole new generation.
We dont know that what is our destination,
We have big dreams but no determination.
All that we need is a little dedication,
A small little push and a bit motivation,

May be any trend or say any fashion,
we all try to follow without observation.
We do belong to this all new generation,
We are enthusiastic but have no passion.
All that we need is a little dedication,
A small little push and a bit motivation.

We have lot of people to give inspiration,
But we are not ready for the perspiration.
All that we do is to sit for discussion,
What bad is going on in our own nation.
All that we need is a little dedication,
A small little push and a bit motivation.

The Youth has got the power of execution,
What cannot be done by dream realization.
We do live in the era of liberalization,
But all that we do is just procrastination.
All that we need is a little dedication,
A small little push and a bit motivation.

Imagine what youth can do with firm action,
Stop day dreaming and start implementation.
We all should accept it as an obligation,
Stand up youth and serve your great nation.
All that we need is a little dedication,
A small little push and a bit motivation.

OMiey. .

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Its lovely to be road...
its good to feel so many legs passing, pressing ,pushing playing on me....
every truck every loader is like tuff game...
pain abstain wid cheerleading...
its lovely to be winner ,its lovely to be a road it is lovely 2 be THE ROAD..
to have so much fun,to have so much luv to have so many grudges....

Oh god! why you did this to me???
those were the most lovely legs i had ever seen.

i skipped 2 hearbeats first time i really mean...
oh! god you given me life let me believe,it aint holloween...

no they are real and most lovely i had ever seen

it is most lovely to be road
and SUCH road arent you keen!

first time i felt like transforming
so that i can have some linking.
i felt the need of drinking

..but she went away and i away from being living..
ya ,i know she had some work
but hey! look there she is coming...
ya ,these are illusions but am still hoping..
it was lovely to be road,come on girl am loosing...

.am good and all are cheerleading
sound is there but am not feeling
game is there but am not playing
song is here but am not singing..

all are here but she aint coming
all is lost but am not losing..

because you went away but this heart is beating
u cant love me but am loving
it was lovely to be road and it will be..
hi. i wrote this poem sometime back. hope u like it.

I can still fight

I stood alone
in the mid of sea,
Of broken dreams
of thing to be.

In the endless void
quietly I stared,
My eyes didnt blink
in that blinding glare.

I raised a hand
to see the veins,
I saw no blood
just bloodstains.

I slid my palm
to touch my ribs,
A few were broken
a few were glib.

I slid it further
to feel my heart,
I winced on finding
no such part.

I tried to cry
but no tears left,
To search for feelings
I made a heft.

I tried to sense
but felt no pain,
I cheered that no one
could hurt me again.

I closed my eyes
and took a breath,
In a moment I knew
this is death.

A will started beating
refusing to die,
And screamed to hell
Im still alive.

I clenched my fists
with all my might,
and yelled to life
I can still fight.

this was nice one!!keep going!

love this one!

A recent poem written by me.

Lucifer House Inc.: The Heart's True Music


one of my original poetic work..!! I hope pple like it...:thumbsup::thumbsup:

She is a smile of a dream,
And a rhythm of a hymn.
She is a splendour of nature,
And a set free dove of its capture.
She is a marvolence of life,
And a wonder worth a strive.
She is a wizards creation,
And has the loves gravitation.
She is the hearts thirst ,
And the bodys lust.
She is lifes crave,
And a secret as silent as a grave.
She is an unsolved mystery,
And the way it should be.
As for me, She is a friend i need ,
And, for my heart love indeed.


Do read my pieces of prose and poetry at www.anwesananda.blogspot.com

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Baawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna .....  

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