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Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short stories ....

Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here! And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories :: But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness. So...rock n roll!! Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting p...
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I've never known you,

Known you properly,

But still it feels as if those eyes

Those hands, those feet,

I've touched, felt,


I churn my heart,

Bite my numb hand,

I see you, in front of me,

You, beautiful you,

In all your beauty,

I hide the beast in me

From baring its claws,

And make my way to you,

My prey.

She was standing right there, in front of the door to the museum. The night was cold, wet. The rain-washed streets gleamed under the brilliant lights of the street lamps. Her blue eyes looked around searchingly, possibly for a bus or a taxi. But none came by.
She took her bag and started walking. Her high heels made a metallic noise as they landed on the pavement. The shadows helped me walk with her, unnoticed. The wind blew the dry leaves towards me. They swirled in the air, falling here and there making soft noises. A crow flew by me, towards its nest probably. She stopped as a twig fell in front of her. She looked at it, a shade perturbed by the suddenness of the event. She bent down, picked it up and threw it aside. As she threw it, light fell upon her face. She was scared; I could make out clearly. The smooth glowing skin on her forehead was wrinkled in a worried expression.
As she approached a bend, she looked towards the tree that stood at the beginning of the road. It made a rustling noise, as if in reply to her questioning gaze. The road was deserted. I decided to appear before her.
"Good Evening Madam. Lost are you?" I said.
"Noactuallyyes. I can't figure out how to reach Russell Street. I thought that if I took"
"Allow me to show you the way" I said and started walking with her.
She was tense, anxious. I could feel it. She kept on looking at her mobile phone, expecting a call from someone. She would also look at her watch, occasionally, and having done that she would pull her overcoat tightly around her.
"What do you do for a living?" I asked.
"I am an assistant to Professor Mehra at the Indian Museum. We basically study artifacts belonging to the Golden era of India, you know, the Gupta Era."
"So you love studying history."
"What else do you like doing, Sunita?"
"How do you know my name?"
"I know Prof. Mehra. So"
"WellIcould you tell me where I can get a taxi?"
"At this time, I'm afraid you will get nothing other than an empty footpath, to walk. You didn't answer my question."
"YeYes. WellI like listening to music and"
"And reading novels by Paulo Coelho?"
"How do you know that?"
"Just a guess. Most women like reading Paulo Coelho."
By this time we had crossed the footpath and were walking on the road leading to a college. I was reminded of something, something that had happened years ago. At the same place, where we were standing.
"You are from St. Xaviers I presume," I said.
No reply.
"You remember this place Sunita?"
She looked around. A street light flickered and lighted up. The light fell on my face. For the first time since we had met, she looked at me. Something in her eyes died. Her hands trembled.
"You remember how we had met? How you had promised to be with me through all of it. How you had made me believe in you, how"
I couldn't wait to complete the sentence as she tried to run away. But this time I had no plans to let her go that easily. I caught hold of her hand, her cold hand, and pulled it towards me. I pressed the gun against her forehead and pulled the trigger.
I left her right there. Where we had once stood hand in hand. Where we had once pledged our love for each other. Where I had once written poems for her. If only she had been more faithful
Deleting the poem coz it was coming in the form of a paragraph....i was typing even then... will post it soon from a diff system... SORRY for the inconvenience
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Emotions sure can help build a poetic version of life..i guess

but there's something else I would like to share with you all..an 'abstract version'..something more than 'emotions'..just an opinion :)

A Dream
I saw
in the
middle of nowhere
Dancing through time
Dancing through space
Dancing through feelings
The city of joy
in rhythm with it
in it's own colors
No pace
No time
could I
The' trance dance'
The ' dance of life'


Thought in my head..does all creative writing stem from emotions,love and friendship..cause i have been doing little bit of reading/writing myself and all i could find was that emotions play a big part in you being a writer.i may be wrong but this is just what i think.

Sharing a few lines,that i just wrote down:-

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
Time when the whole world wants me to shout but I want to be Quiet.

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
When I am Smiling up front but Sad within.

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
When I have a path infront of me but still I don't like feel like taking the first step.

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
When People just read my words and not feel them.

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
When I want to say so much but am not able to find the words.

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
When the world thinks me to be all strong and I feel weak from within.

It's at times like these that I miss you the most..!
Yeah,I do miss you..every moment.

P.S-> A random go thru in this thread further stems my thinking on emotions being directly related to writing.


The Only thing constant in Life-Change! 

She thought it was a joke.
It sure was.
But she had never imagined the joke would turn into the biggest truth of her life.
Time flew.
Love blossomed.
But real life could not be as mushy as the reel one.
Distance mattered
A lot
for them.
The arguments
The Silence
The society
The norms
Strange it was, for sure
Love, like they say is 'blind'
but they saw ahead
too ahead perhaps
a crack
they saw
Tears fell
stuck in the
middle of nowhere
or maybe somewhere
they could not see
'Friends, we shall be forever'
they vowed.

She thinks it is a joke.
It sure is?
Itinerary of the Pinnacle

This World is a polymorphous tableaux,
Sometimes Atrocious,othertimes sagacious;
Here each yearns for Fame and Gold,
Is it a Success,I muse with a pause.

Diving to the skeleton of breath,
From cradle to grave,coins prop life's veins;
But does it brace heart to its own satisfaction?
I Fear the answer is NO, after a kind examination.

Hypnotized to be catapulted into the limelight,
They have buried the Turtle Hare plight;
Will Fame be able to stand tall,
When its Base is weak and sees a reason to fall.

Hassled by my thoughts,
And Thinking hard how these culprits are to be fought;
A Street Urchin came from his haven and asked,
Is there no way to accelerate on the tarmac to Success?

Fazed by his thunderbolt,
A question that was so deep and so pure;
I looked at his grimaced face and chin,
And decided to pour my heart before him.

In this Derby,Men are running without their minds,
Not able to distinguish between water and wine;
They have riven against the great white,
And have found peace with the Devil's child.

The Need of the hour is to turn the clock back,
And retain the good old supporters on the track;
Knowledge and Passion are how they are known,
To aid you to get them ahold under this World's Crown.

But dont go by the grayness of their esquire,
They are twisted core burning a different fire;
While Knowledge extracts sweat from the Brain's coil,
Passion yens sparks from Heart's wire.

Knowledge acts as a ticket for your big time,
Passion aids you to never forget the success chime;
If you can understand me,I am a talisman without a price,
Else,I am just another soul on the writer's paradise.
I never thought thered be days like these,

Its as if Ive lost my keys.

The keys to my heart,

That thought wed never be apart.

But now here we are,

Living oh so far.

Far in distance and far in heart,

And yet I thought wed never be apart.

I wonder what went wrong,

Maybe my love wasnt that strong.

No, that cant be true,

Because I loved you deeply and still do.

I made mistakes and so did you,

But our hearts were always true.

Why did we let mistakes become blunders,

When our love could have worked wonders.

Maybe I will never know,

and so I had to let you go.

Im living with a broken heart,

Yet I thought wed never be apart

sorry for the above post....wrong thread.

Hi Puys,
Some more one-liners............

"He who laughs last didn't get the joke."

"The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action."

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."

"It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am."

"If you love your job, you haven't worked a day in your life."

here is this peice of work i wrote for the girl i saw at metro station while going to the coll in 2007winter.by eve i wrote it.

I say how to approach her ?
I met her in a crowded place , she was beautiful.
I dint know how to approach her so as to be meaningful.

she was reading a book when i saw her at the station.
colourful she was dressed n fit well with my expectations.
everything abt her was so natural n serene.
all other chicks felt so green.

she stood up gently and i wondered if such beauty still exist.
the last station came n we all took the exit.

i was in a fix with my thoughts getting mixed.
i wanted to talk to her n just be friends,
appreciate her n the usual trend.
i proceeded thinking i'll be able to talk
wil be able to catch up n share something while we walk.
Should it be her beauty I must confess or
With my honesty just proceed to chat
but as I decided to go ahead
nervous uncertain thoughts started coming to my head

before i could approach her she made a move,
I dont kno was it deliberate or by fluke.

I wish i get to c her again,
but the question, will still be the same..
I say, how to approach her ?

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Baahein pakad ke rok lete tujhe,
Agar humara zor chalta.
Zingadi tumhare naam kyu karte,
Agar pyaar itna na hota.
An Unwanted Return .....

I thought i would never be back again in to your life
Thinking that u will be happy for ever, i left the place
I thought i had given everything which would suffice
Now that, i see the happenings with you, i am back again

I thought u can life your life to its fullest with, me being in it
but u made me realise the fact that " it is the absence of me ".
though i had to travel long in to the depths of despair
Now that, i see the happenings with you, i am back again

I know,the feeling of being alone haunts through out, but
i wished that i could see a different world which miss you
i learned perfectly, to close my eyes in order to see you
Now that, i see the happenings with you, i am back again

Keeping the risks of my life aside, i finally made a walk in to your life again
But now, i really understand that it was only the delusion which i saw
and my heart truly regrets for that unwanted return !!!

Here is an attempt at a short story by me. All bouquets and brickbats are welcome

They won't believe you

It was a dark lonely night. Not particularly cold. He could not put his finger on it but he felt something was wrong. There was nobody around. Maybe he was scared, but he was not one of those weak hearted who were afraid of the dark. "I'm just being paranoid." He told himself and continued walking. "Anyway, home is just 10 minutes away." It sounded something similar to a hollow consolation. All of a sudden, he saw a figure at some distance. It looked like a lady from one of those horror movies. She was walking slowly. With her "pallu" flying behind her. His heartbeat accelerated. He slowed down his footsteps to put some distance between them. But it slowed down as well. All of a sudden it turned on its heels and starting walking towards him. He was rooted to his place for a second and then spotting a small lane, darted into it. He vaguely remembered that this lane led to the cross-road behind his home. He could hear footsteps behind him but did not dare to turn back. He put his head down and started walking faster. "Few more steps and I will be at the cross-roads." The footsteps behind him stopped abruptly. He wanted to turn back and make sure whatever it was had left but could not muster enough courage. He lifted his head for a split second and was shocked. There it stood- in front of him. Now he had no doubt that it was a spirit. His heart was in his mouth and he was now wet with perspiration. The spirit started walking towards him and just as it did, he heard footsteps behind him. Now he was sure his mind was playing tricks on him. He could discern 2 sets. It was as if his feet were glued to the road. As much as he wanted, he could do nothing. It was as if he was paralysed. The steps grew closer. Closer. Then he thought he felt a breath on his neck. He closed his eyes and started praying. All of a sudden, there was a loud laugh.
He recognised this laugh. He turned back and saw Guru- his best friend and a lady friend of his standing behind him and the friend now joined in the laughter. He turned back once again and sure enough, the other "spirit" was another friend of his. The trio was now literally doubling up with laughter. "Dude, I hope you did not crap of pee in your pants. You should see your face man!" Guru managed to speak in between howls of laughter.
He managed a sheepish grin and a weak "I thought it was you. I was just playing along." Guru managed to control his laugh long enough to offer him a ride home.
"Its ok man, its just a few minutes from here anyway. Not like I will meet any spirits on my way", he said with a smile. "Ok man. Wait till I tell the others though", said Guru.
"Don't tell anybody, they won't believe you."
"Yeah right! Why wouldn't they?"
"You'll see why." He smiled a little
"Ok man. Anyway, I will be on my way now, have worked up an appetite"
Guru bid him an overtly cheerful goodbye and went back home.
Next day, as promised, Guru emailed all their friends about the incident. He immediately got a reply.
"Dude, I think you need to check the newspaper". Bemused, he opened the e-paper and saw the headline.
"Techie commits suicide." There was a photo of his best friend alongside the article. He was found hanging from his ceiling at around 10 am last morning. His smiling photo seemed to mock Guru.
"Don't tell anybody, they won't believe you"
"You'll see why"


My First Poem

How can i forget ?

I remember tht, i arrived late, near the gate

she was thr, dressed in light pink and so gorgeous,i bet

i was so surprised, and became speechless

but i think, i heard few words coming out of her little lips

"can we walk?"

Parking the bike sideways, walking the road longways

listening to her musings, i thought there would be no end for it

sat near by a beautiful site,saw her making a wonderful note

I realized the fact, that there was no words from my mouth yet

took her to the coffee shop, eating her favourite choc, never realised the fact

had a great time, but felt hard to say 'bye'

and drove all the way back to home! but now, the heart says "how can i forget it ?"

My Latest poem (For someone.... on some senti moment):
Din gujre kitne, kitne manjar badalgaye,
Kamyaabi ke na jaane hum kitni shikhar par chadh gaye,
Har kadam, har mod par tujhko hi bas talasha,
Par hamein akela chodh tum itne aage badh gaye,
Ki siskiya na sun sake meri,
Na dard hi samjha kiye,
Ilteza ki lakho maine,
Aanso bhi beh kar thak gaye,
Teri jhuti shaan ke aage,
Hazzaro baar haas k jhuk gaye,
Khodiya khud ko ,khud se begane ho gaye,
Par tum to ek pal me hi humse ,
Yu anjane ho gaye,
Kiski aanchal me itna sukun tha tujhko,
Ki mere aashiyaane ko yu suna kar gaye,
Shikwa nahi hain tujhse ki,
Tu wo nahi jo socha tujhe,
Shikwa to khud ki nazro se hai,
Jinhe hum apna samjha kiye,
Par ye nazre hi to bewafa nikle ,
Tujhe pehchanne me dhoka kar gaye.

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