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Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short stories ....

Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here! And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories :: But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness. So...rock n roll!! Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting p...
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hey everyone take a look at my first short story here

My First Illusions - The mirages of Hope

Nd please leave your comments and criticisms.

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Kuch ajeeb se hai ye manzar-e-kaynaat...ham khud hi se namuraad ek wada kar chale...
kuch alag se hai ye jazbaat-e-halat...ham aaine se apni parchai ka sauda kar chale...


Check out a couple of short stories written by me for a contest.

The Lonely Bus Stand INDImag - Contemporary fiction Motivational short stories Social stories Short story criticism

If you like my stories you can post your comments there and register and vote as well.

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Hope you Guys like it.

Letter To Shiv Ji : Ladki Dilao

To : shiv.sarvshaktimaan@bhagwan.com
Cc: krishna.makhanchor@ladkibaazi.com, ram.diwaliwala@ihateravan.com, vishnu@identitycrisis.com
Bcc : naarad@haraamkhori.com, hanuman@jaisiyaram.com, shakunimama@bluffmaster.com, dhritrashtra@black.com
Sub: Bhagwan ek achhi ladki chahiye: kuchh karo please

Kaali maa ka pakka koi shrap hai
Nahi to apni kismat hi barbaad hai
Main diya le ke bhi dekhu to bhi nahi milti
Baakiyo ko aise de rakhi hai jaise prasad hai

Jiske ab tak samajh nahi aayi ki ye kiski baat hai
Usko to bhagwan aage bhi na mile uski yahi aukaad hai
Par mujhe to jaldi koi mast si bhijwado
Ab tak koi nahi mili, bhala kiye aise konse paap hai

Jo hame pasand aati hai cut-piece wo already booked
Jisko hum pasand hai us kalmoohi ki aankhen crooked
Ghar se zor pad raha hai bhagwan bata raha hu ab
Koi dhooan si aap hi bhejdo warna pad jaayegi gau palle ab.

Plz bhagwan kuchh karo...Reply Soon.

Krishna Ji Replied (To: All)

Ladki nahi milegi hero agar sabko aise hi pakata raha
Mere paas aana chahiye tha, 3 saal se hanuman mandir jaata raha
Chal ab tujhe ek maska upaya batata hu
Sab daudi chali aayengi aisa paath padhata hu

Jisko pasand karta hai pehle usko facebook pe add kar
Thoda thoda photo ko like aur thoda thoda chat kar
Ek din milne bula, thoda bahut ghuma aur gentleman ban ja
Phir achanak usko bhav dena band kar aur side hat ja
Phir dekh teri cut-piece kya bhaagi chali aayegi
Teri mast setting aur meri following bhi badh jaayegi

Setting ka scene chalaye rakhna par galti se kahi committ na kar jaana
Aur in sabse pehle facebook pe meri profile ka Fan ban jaana (*Sai Baba aage chal rahe hai yaar)

Aish Karo :)

Ram Ji ka Reply (To: Krishna Ji and Me)

Krishna yaar tum ab to apni aadato se baaz aao
Shareef se baalak ko ye ghinona paath na padhao
Kyu aise duniya me galeechpana badha rahe ho
Waise kam hai jo auro ko kamina bana rahe ho

Ankit Baalak

Main tumhe jaldi hi koi upaya bataunga ladki ke subject pe
Maine Hanuman ko laga rakha hai is important project pe
Abhi naya naya hai market me to uska haath thoda tang hai
Uski setting hona bhi mushkil hai jab tak uski poochh uske sang hai

Par jo bhi ho tum is Krishna ki na sunna
Facebook pe mujhse upar isko na chun-na
Meri bhi profile hai FB pe Raamu ke naam se
Kuchh log aaye chuke hai PR ki Hanuman se
Tum bhi aa jaao Fan bano aaram se
Phir karenge maza jab takrayega mera jaam tere jaam se.

Sada Khush Raho. Diwali Manate Raho (Aur kisi din mujhe koi yaad hi nahi karta...saale Dussehra pe bhi Raavan jala ke aa jaate hai, ye koi puchhta nahi ki usko maara kisne tha...huh ..chalo koi na, bade bade shehro me chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai )

2009-2010 Ankit Arora. All Rights Reserved


every morning i feel like dying once again
this lyf has given me nothing but pain

sorrows, betrayls showering like a rain
all relationships have gone in vain.

drowning in my own tears.
some memories give me so much fears

when in love, i used to be so brave
now betrayed by my soul(love)
my body needs a grave

since your betrayal, my soul is in exile
far from you, a thousand mile...
it still expects you to be back for a while.

memories of my first date full of a bliss
dont you remembr our first kiss??

people say i am alive,
my heart still beats for your smile

i now live a hollow life.
your touch is the last thing i wanted
before i die.
you may think i may not b close to you,
see deep in your heart,
i am there for you

my blood is burnt by the flames of your sorrow
i still wish your love to be a part of my tommorow.


hi. i wrote this poem sometime back. hope u like it.

I can still fight

I stood alone
in the mid of sea,
Of broken dreams
of thing to be.

In the endless void
quietly I stared,
My eyes didnt blink
in that blinding glare.

I raised a hand
to see the veins,
I saw no blood
just bloodstains.

I slid my palm
to touch my ribs,
A few were broken
a few were glib.

I slid it further
to feel my heart,
I winced on finding
no such part.

I tried to cry
but no tears left,
To search for feelings
I made a heft.

I tried to sense
but felt no pain,
I cheered that no one
could hurt me again.

I closed my eyes
and took a breath,
In a moment I knew
this is death.

A will started beating
refusing to die,
And screamed to hell
Im still alive.

I clenched my fists
with all my might,
and yelled to life
I can still fight.


chariots of success

chariots of fire, running deep into my soul.
its each step, inching me closer to my goal
birds and angels, all are singing carols
trees and the breeze are in a mood to quarrel
the enigma of destiny deoesnt haunt me
thoughts have broken all shakles to set free
sunflowers blossoming before the sunrise
this odyssey comes after a hefty price

live a dream n stay awake
mysteries and ambiguities can take a break
ur discipline is the chariot, will power the wheel
focus the horses, wid no weakness to reveal
journey has begun and life is on a roll
you never know, which step of will b ur last 2wards goal


kaun ho tum??
ek tanha rahi k liye,,karwan ho tum
ya mann k andhere ko dur kare wo dipak ho tum
kaun ho tum?
yado k angan me giri
sawan ki pehli oond ho tum,
ho khud mera hi saya,
ya koi maya ho tum
kaun ho tum?
dil jo na rakh sake
wahi raaz ho tum,
ya kisi shayar ki ghazal
aghaaz ho tum
kaun ho tum?
fursat k lamhato me,
kuch sawal apne ap sekrta hu..
roz haar k, rab se hi baat krta hu
par wo bi hain khamosh, main bi hu khoya
mere man ki naiya ko aakhir tune kyu duboya??
kuch sawal to..
mere dard bankr mujhse krte hain
bheed bann ke mujhse yahi puchte hain
kaun ho tum??

mere liye 23 saal ka intezaar ho tum,
aansuo me bheegi hui yaado ki saugaat ho tum
thoda intezaar aur sahi...filhal itna hi bata do..

kaun ho tum?

The Dream Friday, January 22, 2010

I think its a dream, i can't believe its true,
And obviously no one will believe me, no! not even you,
I want to think it can come real,
But fate has a different deal,

I see her there, walking down the stairs,
I feel my heartbeat go fast, wonder if she cares,
I try not to look at her, and go by my business,
But fail to hide my mind, fail to hide this uneasiness,

I avoid looking there, she's with her friends,
I wonder what makes her smile, wonder how she smells,
I laugh at me, laugh at the things I dream,
I tell myself its never gonna be, that we aren't meant to be,

So I walk away from her, away from her world,
To someplace where someone cares, where silence can be heard,
I leave this dream lying on the floor,
and with silent steps I walk through the door.

Here's another of my favorite. short but filled with deep message:

The Void

Those of us that carry
inside us
an immense darkness

are blessed by God
for we have been given the choice
to fill the void
with what we chose

it's an empty vessel
waiting to be filled
with love

do not
deny the need
the craving
the fear
the longing
for love

or else
the void
will be polluted
by immense doubt

- Shekhar Kapur


Hi Puys,

Was reading articles by Shekar Kapur and came across his poems.his poems are awe. i absolutely love all the poems. I'm pasting one of the poems that i feel everybody should read and is my favorite.

I saw an ant

I saw an ant
walking through the grass
and I felt the breeze
going past my cheek
and I thought
inside you ,
carry the courage
of many lifetimes
but do not believe it
for you have not looked inside
but if you do
you will find an immensity
so enormous
that it will frighten you
you thought you were
just a person
searching for a life
who are not even an individual
but far far more
so much more
that it is terrifying
for you are all
that is good and evil both
that ever existed
and will ever exist
and when u delve
into that immensity
the demons of your own mind
will leap out at you
their fire will threaten to burn you
they will snarl
and frighten you
terrify you
till u run back
into the world of logic
the world of comfort
and reason
where you will be able to define yourself
and confine yourself
to something you can measure
to some one you can measure
but your demons
are afraid too
afraid that you may confront them
afraid that you may find the courage
afraid that you may take them on
afraid that you may become fearless
afraid that you may walk past them
and see that they were the great illusion
of your own mind
a mind that is trying to swindle you
trying to fool you
trying to create a vast spell on you
to make you believe
that you are measurable
but when u walk past the demons
and laugh at them
and watch them melt away
you will explode into spirit
you will suddenly
in that instant see
the immensity that you are
and then

you will be the ant
and the breeze
and everything that was
and every thing that will be
in that one moment
will be eternal
as will be the ant
and the blade of grass
and the breeze
and the setting sun

-Shekar Kapur

Incase, anyone wants to read all the poems or his other writings,
then Here's the link to his blog: Shekhar Kapur: Poems Archives




Im the curse out of the faded sun
Wild unknown wind on the run

You are the smoke out of my abstraction
Hot wind bruising me with sore compassion

You only hear when I scream
Only embrace me in a dream

Dream which lasts for ages in my head
Is only 4 second long instead

Soon there will be time, when Im going to fly
To find you, away from this sorrow and cry

My spirits are all high
My soul is beyond this sky
Im addicted to your filth
Just take me pass another guilt

Curse my fate and seal it with a kiss
There is not a drift Im gonna miss

They say your are so sinistral
And I will find you in this spiral

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The Struggle

Standing above the ground
Shattered broken and down
But still with a voice out loud
Like a unclaimed storm behind the cloud

Still so much a warrior
And Im still so much your savior

Dont cry
Just bring the fight
I dont want to know your plight

There is no jury
Tonight its all about your fury
Tonight we are our judge
So dictate your grudge

Let the world get to know we are unholy
And our blasphemy is so unruly

But I know you will hesitate again
And all the hate will go in vain

Dont waste your wisdom on me
I chose to be the example of what not to be.


"life widout a soul"

deep down inside me,a fire is burning
flames of which is turning me into ashes
i know i am like a body but without a soul
whose existence is there, but the purpose is already gone

i never meant to be what i am today
finding the reason of my existence ,why should i stay
i am searching the light inside me to find the path
living like this has made me as if i am already close to death

i know i have commited sins, with no desire left to fulfill
i want to know the reason ,why i am born like this with broken heart and shatterd dreams
the day i know why i came into existence without a soul
becoming the a pheonix would be my ultimate goal

i"ll gain life from my ashes if i knew the reason why i was born
i"ll spend my last drop of blood to know
if i was wrong or made to be wrong.........
i shall reach the zenith of serenity.....

composed by sachin dhama
edited by shobhit


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