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Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short stories ....

Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here! And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories :: But it has to be cut copy paste bizzness. So...rock n roll!! Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting p...
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@sonamaries7 thanks :)


ज्येष्ठ की रात आकाश में बिखरे अनगिनत तारों सी,
तू मुझमे समायी है रातों में खोई परछाई सी,

मेरे ह्रदय में उठती एक हूक सी
मेरी पीड़ा में ठंडी फूंक सी
तू प्रेम का एकमात्र पर्याय है मेरा
मेरे जीवन में जीवन ज्योत सी |

तुझ बिन अनर्थ है मेरी सोच भी ,
तू अर्थ है मेरा, पंक्तियों को पूर्ण करती मेरी अपनी ख़ोज सी |
सागर में छुपी एक सीप सी
तू 'सरिता' है मेरी, मन में बहती एक गीत सी ||

कुछ अनकही बात सी
तू है मेरी एक अनछुए काव्य सी
ये प्यास तो अमिट है मेरे नैनों की
तू सुधा कलश है कोई अप्राप्य सी ||

- “साहिल”
quit ?? not now....not this time !!
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जल जाने दो हर रोम को मेरे तुम्हारी अगन की अग्नि में,
हो जाने दो राख़ हर ज़र्रे को मेरी चाहत की गर्मी में,
कब तक रहोगे दूर ये देखना है मुझको,
कब तक नहीं झुकोगे तुम आखिर मेरे प्यार के मंदिर में |

- “साहिल”
quit ?? not now....not this time !!

I dont wanna spam but just came across this thread here.. :involved: I wonder how come i wasnt aware of this thread!? Will share some of my stuff too in sometime..XAT hojae bas ...will be back soon!
@Estallar12 , @naga25french , @theanagramlaw grt job above, guys!

WhY sO sErIoUss?! :D
Her eyes

I wish there were appropriate words to describe it
It took me three years to write this
Well I thought I was looking for an inspiration
But isn't it that u just need to use your imagination.
Truth or fictitious I won't disclose
Oh so here it is how it goes...

They talk to me like my own soul
In their presence I am out of my control
At times of distress when I look into thee
All my worries just seem to flee

Assuring me that someone is there for me
They see in me what others never see
All is said in that single blink
That very depth is where I want to sink.

Her eyes are of elegance
Everything else just seems nuisance.
Words can't beat what they can express
Are the most beautiful ones what a doe possess??

By The Anagram Law
I wrote this in my final days at college ....

For more of my poems you can visit ...
A song for my crush (whom I call cood-bee), who doesn't even bother!

Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you listening?
Do you see,
Do you feel the way I do?
Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you hearing me?

You hop, you jump and you mill around
Diffusing your radiance, spreading your buzz
You hum & you tattle in your dulcet vocals
Leaving the tittle of your charm as you go by

Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you listening?
Do you understand,
Do you see the way I do?
Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you hearing me?

You are on own, in a world imperturbable
Hardly daunted & fazed by these nitwits of life
You sting, you bite and you twinge
Hurting along the way as you pass-by
You fly around in your own self-woven labyrinths
Meandering & wandering like a falco peregrinus

Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you listening to me?
Do you feel,
Do you sense the way I do?
Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Hey, you wood-bee cood-bee
Are you hearing me, tonight

For more poems, please visit my blog:

I always knew I can...
The Year that passed away

What a year it has been, exhaustive and trying,
We end it on a sad note cribbing and crying,

Although we danced into 2012,
Our eyes lit with hope ,
But what becomes of us now,
Do we think we can cope?

Choices we made in the past,
All but haunt us till we last,

The decisions they take,
The laws they make,

Landed us in this muck today,
It's because of these few men ,
That today has become a Black Day,

To rid this country of the dirt in white,
It €™s time for us to have our own Dark Night!!
No fool like an old fool.

gr88 thread puys..

here is my piece of poetry..


Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

Bachpan me mujhe chalna sikhaaya..
Jab bhi gira mujhe pyaar se uthaaya..
Wo aapki godi..wo aapki lori..
Aur wo aapka aanchal..jisme mujhe sulaaya..
Bachpan ki wo har yaad ka shuriyaa..

Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

Kya sahi hai..kya hai galat..
Har sanskaar aapne sikhaaya..
Khud raato me jaag jaag kr..
Mujhe chen ki neend sulaaya..
Wo nind aur wo aaram ka shukriyaa..

Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

Bukhaar me guzri un raato me..
Mujhe thik krne ka har tarika aazmaaya..
Khud ki fikr ko hmesha chhodkar..
Pehle mujhe khilaakr..fir hi khudne khaana khaya..
Paani ki wo patti..aur sir dard k us baam ka shukriyaa..

Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

Meri har zidd ko puraa krne k liye..
Khud ki har ichha ko mitaaya..
Meri har chaah ko puraa krne k liye..
Har baar pura zor lgaya..
Mere har us sapne saakaar ka shukriya..

Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

Jab jab bhi toot kr bikhraa me..
Har baar aapne houslaa bdaaya..
Jab jab bhi ghiraa samasyaao k tufaan me..
Aapne hi har baar paar lagaya..
Hausla badaane wali wo baat..
Aur sir par us haath ka shukriyaa..

Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

Jitna aapne kia hai mere liye..
Uske badle me shayad hi kuch kr paau..
Par ek ichha mann me zaroor hai..
Ki aapki har khwaaish ko pura krke dikhaau..
Aapke pyaar aur aapke aashirwaad ka shukriyaa..

Maa aapka shukriyaa..
maa aapka shuriyaa..

For more peoms please visit my blog ..

Something lil dark..

Something I wrote during my college days...


Aziza, a cherub ten year old,
Every day she plays with her toy- Pod.
She takes him out to play
To ride the swing, her face splashed gay.
She hugs him and sleeps every night
Her serene face shines in moonlight

Aziza, she plays with pod
Her tiny teacups tinkling in delight.
Her sparkling eyes wide she says, “Pod do you know?
Grandpa took me to the ice-cream store!”

Aziza, she plays with Pod
Today she has a new story to recite.
Her cheerful face showed a sign of demise
Deep in thought she said,
” Pod I don't know,
If I should ever go with grandpa to that ice-cream store!”

Aziza, she plays with Pod.
His plastic face, her sudden wrath.
“I'm not talking to you anymore.
You hurt me when I said no.
I'm afraid to take the ride with you
You touch me in a way that makes me uncomfortable."

Aziza, she plays with Pod
Silent tears across her cheeks fall
“I don't want you in my room every night.
Can't it be just like old times?
A cup of ice cream, Christmas gifts,
A comforting hug and no uneasy fondles.”

Aziza, she plays with Pod
Her puffed eyes swelled with turmoil
She washes her bruised arms and legs,
Her childhood lost in his monstrous lust.

Aziza, she plays with Pod
The silent tears, the on-going assault
“Should I tell mom Pod?” she whispers
“But he said he will kill her if I do,
My paleness and shudders makes her think I have flu.”

Aziza, doesn't play with Pod
For she ripped apart his head in distraught
“Preposterous!” her dad called her
For blaming his dad the other day.
“You are threatening the family honour with your queasy lies.
For perversion of this kind, your mother is to be blamed.”

Aziza doesn't play with Pod
For she is herself dead.
A long jump from terrace,
Peace she found in death.

Aziza sleeps soundly
Free from the fear of night.
The deceitful honour,
Traded for life.
She hugs her mangled Pod in grave
Though honour hovers around intact.
Her father announced in gravest voice to the world
His daughter accidentally met her death.

"Don't sit idle waiting for ideal things.", TFI 2010 Cohort, N.L. Dalmia Institute
For a Close Friend who I will miss a lot now :-|

I always thought about you while sitting under the shade.
We shared the bestest of moments that can never fade,

You are the closest of friend I ever had,
Even the thought of losing you makes me mad

Sailing with you through every thick and thin,
I had started assuming you as my kin

24 X 7 I used be with you on call,
Anything that you didn't know I cannot recall

Alas! A ghost has come between our bond
But we have to remain patient & strong

As we have come together this long,
Have faith! We will be back together all along. :)

No fool like an old fool.

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