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Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short stories ....

Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here! And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories :: But it has to be cut copy paste bizzness. So...rock n roll!! Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting p...
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Good morning

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CAT'13:98.52 IIFT'13:51.5 Rejected by : IIFT,MDI,NITIE
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Disclaimer: This is a rather gloomy and depressing poem by me, reflecting the kind of sinking feeling we experience at times. So, read it at your own risk.

Yet another day,
It was today;

The unwilling sun
Awoke from its ephemeral slumber;
Shone with tired sunshine,
Lamented,it could no longer
Hide behind the night's ravine.

Awoke the sleepy earth in her cozy nest,
Reluctant and mundane;
To lose in chaotic chirruping
To hate routine's behest.

Across the dizzy greens
The wind blew;
Above the placid sky
The birds flew.

Underneath the rivers flowed,
In its endless flow;
As eternally,
As the fires glow.

Sun came down,
Painting frustrations umpteen;
Climbed the squeamish stars
Hating the deathless routine.

Slept the tired earth,
A decade's sleep;
Soon to get lost in fray;
Is just another day.
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Sacrifices done for the Supreme Lord without expectation of reward are exempt from bondage; by God's decree then, I am liberated and happy!

Kahani ek panchhi ki jo yun hi ghumta hai

Dil mein liye pyaar kisi ka kisi ko dhunta hai

Sara akash uska phir bhi bathakta kyon hai?

Us nile gagan tale yun machalta kyon hai??

Shayad door hai uski mazil kahin

Phir bhi hosla buland sahi

Bhare akash mein apna ashiyan dhunta hai

Kabhi zameen to kabhi gagan chumta hai

Ek zariya hai shayad kisi ki mohabbat ka

Paigam le jata hai is dhara ka us asman ke liye

Na samjhe hai who jo dhundhte hai thehrao zindagi mein

Ye to silsila hai chahat ka sadiyon ke liye…!

Tapti hui dharti ki tadap sunke utha dekhon

Chal diya apne paron pe inteha leke

Karne laga asman se shikayat dekho

tabhi to ro pada dil uski inayat dekho

Bunde barse dharti par, uske asoowon ke inteha ho gayi

us panchhi ne kaha dharti ko asman se mohabbat ho gayi

Hus pade uspar sab ye dastaan sunkar..

Muskara kar ud chala wo farishta bankar

Shayad dur rehna hi chahat ho gayi

Manzil ki talaash hi uski manzil ban gayi!!

Udta raha wo humesha khud bhi tanha ho gaya

Bus chahat ka paigam lejana uska karwan ho gaya

Mile kahin to use salaam dijiyega

Us farishte ko kabhi na badnam kijiyega

Kahani ek panchhi ki jo yun hi ghumta hai

Dil mein liye pyaar kisi ka kisi ko dhunta hai

Well, it's by me

You Girl,
let me tell you this today

You are very special, girl
You are a rare piece of a rare clay,
You can do it,
Yes, you can do it with your eyes,
You can make him yours,
You are simple, girl
And you have patience,
A quality of Queen,
You are not what they think you are,
You are a rare piece of a rare art.

It's going to be a really long walk.

On the Edge

With a silent whisper, you said me so

At the flick of a coin, with a deathly blow

Why I didn't understood, Why I can't see thy

The montage I had, Completely broken & bare

On the stranded place, In this dire straits

With an open heart, Bags full of hope

Castles in the air, Dreams on a plane

Like a dolt I thought, Like a stupid I listened

To the beats of the rain, In the music of thy charm

But darkness has it all, With no lights to escape

Still I sit like a fool, On the edge of my desire

May be someday I'll get lost, In those woods of deep

When thy may never find, And I always knew I longed!

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I always knew I can...

Subh honey ko ayyi ,phir bhi sawal to yahi doharata hun main, ki kisney diya behtaar saath mera ,tu ya meri tanhaayyi ........rolleyes

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  • वो आ गया है छत पे जो बेताब हो के खुदा भी आज शरीक -ए \-.... 08 Jul '13.
  • @DieHard12 ye latest hain :splat:. 04 Jul '13.
what clots is thy blood ,what flows is my ink...
Kanu Shrivastava @emily6 6,839
वो आ गया है छत पे जो बेताब हो के
खुदा भी आज शरीक -ए - दुआ सा लगता है ,
उसका हांथ जो आया है हांथों में मेरे ,
अब ऐतबार का मौसम हरा से लगता है

जितने भी ये रिश्ते हैं कांच के खिलोने है
पल में टूट सकते है
एक पल में हो जाये कोई जाने कब तनहा
वो जो मुस्कुराते थे ,
जो किसी को खवाबों में अपने पास पाते थे
उनकी नींद टूटी है और है वो अब तनहा

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  • can't be critical ,I am no expert :nono: as far as th.... 27 Jun '13.
  • @raghavsimply Ur Critical comments wll Highly help in Imp.... 27 Jun '13.
Raghav @raghavsimply 5,533
can't be critical ,I am no expert :nono:
as far as this sher goes, it's a nice thought :cheers:
Kanu Shrivastava @emily6 6,839
@raghavsimply Ur Critical comments wll Highly help in Improving further work

meri tanhaiyon , raat ke andhere se na daron ,issney to mere sayein ko chupakar tumhey mujhsey millaya hain.........
mera rishta to tha bahot purana apney sayein se ,par ab koi gham nahi ,mainey tofein mein tujhko jo paya hain .......
khamoshi bhadti ja rahi hain ,dhadkaney kuch kehna chahti hain ,sayaad inhey bhi tera saath rass ayya hain .......
Wo khetey hain mujhey mat hon udas jo subh hone ko hain , tunney kissi gair ko khokey aajkhud ko paya hian........

- Life as may it come ,will be alone ........
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  • @raghavsimply :disappointed:. 27 Jun '13.
  • @emily6 you can always post your own creation here ,that .... 27 Jun '13.
what clots is thy blood ,what flows is my ink...
Raghav @raghavsimply 5,533
@emily6 you can always post your own creation here ,that thread has lost its charm ,logg ganney post karney laggey hain waha .....

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