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Confusing English Words

Hello 2 everyone..... This thread contains sets of confusing English words. :: So start posting such words. *How 2 post-* *word*-meaning of the word Antonym,Synonym ** Usage of the word in a sentence. Next set of confusing words....
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"The paradox of asking a masked man who is he. But for this most auspicious nights, permit me then, in lieu of most commonplace soubriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona."

What is 'sobriquet' in the above sentence referring to?

  • V for Vendetta :grin: well his nicknale was V ..he say.... 27 Apr '15.
music freak @TheMusicFreak 1,349

V for Vendetta

well his nicknale was V ..he says in place of telling you my nickname let me suggest you the character of this dramatis persona ..and then he starts his "V" speech

Hello...Please tell me where can i get more of confusing words list in pagaguy forum...Searched bt found this forum only..please help




gumption - initiative, aggressive

grumpiness - disagreeble, iritable melevolent disposition





Does the manager Prosecute/Persecute the employees?

Prosecute: to prosecute someone, you need a legal process (which, in this case, manager don't have)
Persecute: to harass people or treat them unfairly or cruelly; oppress.

both Prosecute/Persecute come from Latin word meaning - to pursue.

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excursion VS incursion

Excursion:it means a visit to a place, a short trip or outing usually carried out for fun

Incursion:it means a hostile entry or invasion into a territory that one cannot ethically claim a right of
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The world will witness my day...someday!


veracity -- quality of being true
voracity -- gluttony

venal -- susceptible to corruption
venial -- small matter / trifling (like venial crime)

Great going guys
keep it up

This thread ll be really helpful


ABYSMAL: Something of immeasurable depth
ABYSSAL: Relating to ocean depths from 2000 to 5000 meters

source: Wordpandit. com

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