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Hello Puy's ! After a long and successful run of our previous Computer Queries thread, I am opening this brand new thread for any kinda queries,discussions,news or updates related to Computer. Previous Computer Queries thread :: * ...
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Is anyone facing trouble logging into gmail right now? I cannot access..

This webpage is not available


Puys, looking for an internet security suite 2015 version (Purchased). There's nothing on esites right now except Kaspersky which I don't like. Any buying options available.. avg or bitdefender anywhere?

  • Try microsoft security essential ...free hain koi probl.... 13 Nov '14.
  • Found it at last! It's difficult to procure AVG from anyw.... 17 Nov '14.
starc @Anonymous 72

Try microsoft  security essential  ...free hain koi problem nahi aate hain

rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29,765

Found it at last! It's difficult to procure AVG from anywhere, & I'm using it for 10 years now, so am very comfortable with it.


a) Smart Card is ________
1) Special purpose Cards
2) Microprocessor Cards
3) Processing unit containing memory for storing data
4) Processing unit for software handling
5) None of these

  • 1?. 14 Nov '14.

Sub 4k graphic card for decent gaming purpose.....?..thnx in advance..

i m gonna make the REST of my life the BEST of my life. 

who eill next PM

Puys, my PC's not booting. I'm getting a notice-- 'No bootable device found, insert disc'. Any ideas as to how to access the HDD to back up my files?

  • I must say that data recovery is a very lucrative field. .... 20 Jul '13.
  • HDD crashed, lost 2500 files.. blah! Any ideas on data re.... 20 Jul '13.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29,765
I must say that data recovery is a very lucrative field. I went to get my 1 TB HDD recovered, the guy asked for 14000 bucks! and I got the 1 TB for just 2800 bucks a few years back. He probably felt that I was very desperate to get my data back, so he could ask for any amount. So I just walked out.
rohit kumar @Scorpio_19 29,765
HDD crashed, lost 2500 files.. blah! Any ideas on data recovery techniques? Any computer forensic pros here?

Assume the value of a letter is its position in the alphabet: A = 1, B = 2, ... Z = 26.

Let S be the sum of the letters in word W. If S is a prime number, then W is a prime word.

For example: "PRIME" is a prime word since it has a value of 61.

How many words in this text file are prime words? Click here to open the file.

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Dont know why but My Mozilla Firefox 19.0.2 crashes now and then. Any specific reason for this behavior ?
P.S. - This thread seems to have become inactive.

  • @Preeti_L Did you update it to latest one ?. 26 May '13.
  • Chrome and Opera much better from Mozilla. 26 May '13.
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Vishal R @vishal.das 11,368
@Preeti_L Did you update it to latest one ?
Harsh Aggarwal @engg_harsh 14,889
Chrome and Opera much better from Mozilla

Programmers! Geeks! Coders!

May I have your kind attention.

1.Pour in your programming knowledge/doubts/queries etc on this discussion.
2. Discuss about any language/framework that fascinates you
3. Please use paste/jsfiddle to share long segments of codes.

So, what are you waiting for.
Lets get going people

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  • U Programmin Xpert......... :thumbsup:. 14 Jul '13.
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