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Character analysis of Shakuntala -Kalidasa : what's your take?

I have a project in our English class to make a character analysis and a summary of shakuntala. For does who have read the shakuntala by kalidasa thoroughly, I am asking for your help to make this very difficult book report. It is to be passed on ...
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ha ha!! there is no marks for guessing how you landed up in this forum!! assmuning a google or whatever-search-engine-you-use landed you here....:)
Well the shakuntala Devi for which a thread exists here is for a mathematician (if she can be called that :whatthat:) of the same name..:)

For a second you had me wondering what kind of charcter analysis one can make about her..:huh: Looks like you wanted the 'literal' one not the 'figurative' one!

And on that note we Puys are a magnanimous lot..who knows someone might help you out in your quest...you can ofcourse google it but what is the fun if you are going to plagiarize someone's else character sketch?:huh:

Moving it to the chit chat section...

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