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Hello everyone,This thread is exclusively for 2013 aspirants. As CGL 2012 is over, Lets have a fresh start. As some one said " Early Bird Wins the Race" ...Hope everyone will this time become Achievers than Aspirants :: .Also Thank you to all me...

SSC question :-

A right pyramid stands on a base 16 cm2 and its height is 15 cm find its volume ???

(a) 444

(b) 544

(c) 644

(d) 744

3 words to describe life:- It goes on...!!!

Average of my score and people I know personaly or near personaly is...

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Puys in CGL-12 lots of posts ware unfilled why was that? I saw in the write-up, almost 700 IP and 3500 NIP posts ware unfilled ...........can anyone explain why was that??

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  • @Sachininsane They would only avoid after they get the j.... 17 Oct.
  • how many ip are there for ur cat in 2013 frd?. 17 Oct.
My turn...............
John Cena @Sachininsane 1.5 k

North Indian people avoid going South. So those who had +10 score from IP cutoff chose to be auditor at home rather than joining excise in South.. Those who had low marks in NIP avoided Auditor in Tamilnadu and chose TA in home state.. 

Happiness is @subirkumardas 299

@Sachininsane  They would only avoid after they get the joining..............that is after allotment, no?? this data is about allotment only allotment

Guys when are the results going to be declared of CGL 2013, and secondly what will be the cutoff for Interview Posts for General category? Any guesses?

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  • cut off 415 gen.. 14 Oct.
  • rumors are that results will be out before 19th October e.... 15 Oct.

Guys do somebody have any information regarding sbi clerk result 2014. please paste the link

Arise ! Awake ! and Stop not till the Goal is reached. 

Hi friends...

I want to know that "Assistants in Intelligence Bureau" and "Intelligence Bureau ACIO grade -II" are same kind of post?

Does they have same ob profile??

kindly help.

  • They have different job profile. Assistant is a clerical .... 13 Oct.
abhay 41 @ABHAY41 61

They have different job profile. Assistant is a clerical job while ACIO is a field job and quite challenging in nature.

For all those people who have SSC CGL 14 and any other exam/interview on the same dates:

As per SSC Eastern Region FAQs


Q. What to do when dates of Interviews/PET clash with another examination or interviews?
A. No change is Ordinarily permissible. However, if the interviews/ PET are being held at the specified venue on other dates also, the request may be considered if made at least ten days in advance with supporting documents.


So in my opinion thy should send at least an application for an alternative date...may b that may lead  thm to get a chance n doing something is always better than doing nothing

Link to FAQs

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Bhai i am planning to start a new page dedicated for interviews preparation would be great if you wanna express ur views on the same if a positive reply Inception Date is Tomorrow

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  • Good initiation mate...nd pls don't allow any cutoff pred.... 07 Oct.
  • well noted. 07 Oct.

a small query..

if somebody crosses the interview post cut off, then is it sure that he will get some or the other post?? is it possible that because of poor performance in intrvw he lands up no where?

  • its math U can predict yourself. 13 Oct.

SSC Southern Region CGL 14 List of admitted candidates along with

Sl. No Appln. No Name of the candidate Father's Name D.O.B Roll Number Exam date Time of Examination

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  • yaar is list mein centre bhi h kya...... mere mein open n.... 06 Oct.
  • @Kal_El_krypton no just time n date of exam. 06 Oct.

hey guys wat is the criterion for allotment of states this time.There is total ambiguity regarding this. Former ssc chairman also told about this that when there was no state preference during earlier 2000's there was a lot of corruption in allotment of states by various departments. So, is ssc going to allot state preferences based on merit or rest we know. Ur views plzzzz

  • Yaar naukri mili nahi aur posting ki chinta...... 04 Oct.
tough path ahead

Puys..........abhi to kafi time ho gaya for rough estimate

400+ kitne candidates honge??

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  • 2000 people. 13 Oct.
  • definitely more than 3000 candidates. 14 Oct.
My turn...............

Guys i think this time the cut off will be 35-40 marks higher than cgl 12 cut off for general category. Whats your say...

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  • 405. 16 Oct.

As per official answer keys getting 391. Chances of IP? 

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  • * khus. 16 Oct.
  • sach bolta hoon 21st July ke paper ke baad maine expect n.... 16 Oct.
Gama Pehalwaan @Inspector_laalu 1.0 k

Bhai sach batao kya tumne 102 expect kiya tha ...... Mera 400 k aas pass h me auditor home me khud hu mil Jaye to

Happiness is @subirkumardas 299

sach bolta hoon 21st July ke paper ke baad maine expect nehi kiya tha ke cut-off badega..........but maine 24th wala paper thik nehi dekha tha..............aur 21st july ke set mein jo 13-14 questions galat the wo bhi ek factor tha

i am getting 392 from ssc key(OBC candidate)....since i was not aware of these posts while applying,i just put prefernce in default order..hence my first prefrnce is we get a chance to change our preferences during interview????

its time to prepare for RBI GRADE B :)

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