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certifications for profile building

hi all, I am an SE by profession, trying to be an MBA. the usual story............ what i need to know is are there any certification courses that i can go for during the next few months before CAT fever reaches its peak. so for i h...
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I was wondering whether certifications helps us to work more effectively or these are just good for my resume?

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  • hey buddy! Obviously they do. You can read many survey re.... 25 Feb.
b-tech student, looking forward to pursue MBA in human resources. 
Akshay Singh @akshaysingh2295 13

hey buddy! Obviously they do. You can read many survey reports which concludes over this fact, read this article it will tell you about such reports. http://www.tcghamilton.com/are-you-a-preferred-professional.html#sthash.6mjtE3Vd.dpuf

hi please tell me the advantage of having a certified HR professional?

CIO Roles: General Career Advice - Career Advice Forum - CVTips.com
Hi.. I wanted to know what CIO prioritize for their organizations?


  • hello according to what I have read a certified HR profes.... 24 Feb.
Anjali Dixit @anjalijune19 10

hello according to what I have read a certified HR professionals drives their workforce to optimum performance.for further details see  link: http://www.tcghamilton.com/overcoming-hr-challenges-in-southeast-asia-retail-sector.html 

hey all! I heard that getting certified helps to get a better pay check, but is there any survey report which proves this fact?

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  • hi! There are a lot of such survey reports, you can read .... 24 Feb.
b-tech student, looking forward to pursue MBA in human resources. 
Anjali Dixit @anjalijune19 10

hi! There are a lot of such survey reports, you can read about Certification magazine's salary survey which I really liked. Take a look http://www.tcghamilton.com/are-you-a-preferred-professional.html#sthash.6mjtE3Vd.dpuf

Does doing courses in coursera help to build my profile.?

I am interested in finance and thinking of doing some online courses in coursera like introduction to finance etc.will this really help me in profile building perspective ..?  


  • #. 18 Apr '15.
  • udemy.com is also good, i did many courses from it.. 07 May '15.
@IIM C aspirant. 
saikat halder @saikatha 1,181

udemy.com is also good, i did many courses from it. 

I am currently working in IT sector for last 3.5 years and want to do MBA. What are some of the ways I can strengthen my profile considering some of the b schools like SP JAIN emphasis lot on profile. 


  • You need to sell yourself like an 'object'.Extra-curricul.... 16 Mar '15.
  • @Progeny thanks. 18 Mar '15.
Gratitude is the best attitude 
U G @Progeny 1,589

You need to sell yourself like an 'object'.Extra-curricular and added skills only help you nail the objective clearly. FRM/CFA is too trite and so is NGO work etc.Better have an entrepreneurial front(development of a game/app etc) to increase your sellability.Rest ask from some alumni.

It's good to know that you are going for MBA to enhance your career. There are various certification available in the market that you can pursue to showcase your interest to the Business School that you are applying to. If you want to make your career in the marketing domain then, you can visit the Coursera or Udemy website.

Courser marketing course link: https://www.coursera.org/course/marketing

Udemy marketing course link: https://www.udemy.com/click-and-learn-marketing-essentials/?dtcode=4Qdz1Sn22Hg2

If you want to make your career in finance then, you can go for NSE certification or the FLIP certification.

You can go for Finance and Banking fundamental course by FLIP. It will give you the deep insight into BFS domain of India as well as help you to showcase your interest.

FLIP Finance and Banking fundamental link: https://learnwithflip.com/buy-now.html?category_id=2713&category=Finance-and-Banking-Fundamentals-I...

Hi All, I am working in a LPO for over 4 years. My current designation is a Team Lead (contract management). i am economics graduate. Want to know are there any certifications which can built my profile.. How is IACCM certification. 

i am an electrical engineer working a renowned switchgear manufacturing company.
i have little more than 4 years of work ex. in planning, order execution.
We use SAP MM module for this.
I a, looking to enhance my profile with certifications in this area.
Considering that i am plain B.tech and not an MBA...what are the courses that i need to target.

When the APICS CPIM 14th Dec 2013 exam results will be declared??

Mentioned below are some of the best online courses offered by foreign universities. These are flagship courses in different fields. You can enroll for one or more of the courses you are interested in. These courses are free and the standard is same as the classroom courses in these universities. You can also forward this to your friends who would be interested in taking these courses.

Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB


Monte Carlo Methods in Finance


The Future Of Storytelling


Changemaker MOOC - Social Entrepreneurship


Political Philosophy: An Introduction


The European Union in Global Governance


The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry


Contemporary Architecture


Dark Matter in Galaxies: The Last Mystery


Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights


Designing Resilient Schools


Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Braking


Vehicle Dynamics II: Cornering


Vehicle Dynamics III: Vertical oscillations


DNA - From Structure to Therapy


List of all the Courses:


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  • These courses are certified and highly recognized.. 21 Dec '13.
  • @rockslife2008 this courses which they are offering are t.... 21 Dec '13.
rockslife2008 @rockslife2008 10
These courses are certified and highly recognized.
abhishek lamba @fireatwill 186
@rockslife2008 this courses which they are offering are they certified or we just have to go through there thesis

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