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CAT/Current Job related Dilemma Queries!!

Hi all Though Personal/Career/CAT-Job dilemma thread has been a great success, we have observed that there are good number of puys who end up not posting their query on the thread because they get confused with the name. So, we have dec...
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I had completed my graduation in 2015 and dropped a year for CAT. I do not have any decent options this year(what i consider decent). I am planning to drop another year and try with all my might. Most reviews and people suggest me to take up a job and prepare in parallel. I know that if I take a job, I wont be able to prepare like what it takes to crack CAT. What do I do?

  • Dropping another year and preparing for CAT isn't any opt.... 3d.
Ravi Gupta @ravzholocaust 3,163

Dropping another year and preparing for CAT isn't any option,better take up job and work sometime like 2-3 years then go for it meanwhile keep your preparation going,to strike at the moment when it matters the most is what marks a true fighter,so keep logics going.Hope it helps.  :)

I have my offer letter and last three month's pay slip from the company I left some time back. Will these be enough at the time of interviews for colleges like IIM/XLRI/FMS/IIFT/MDI/SP Jain etc? I do not have an  experience letter or a relieving letter from my employer.  

  • Should be OK for the institutes but you may face issues d.... 16 Jul '15.
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,759

Should be OK for the institutes but you may face issues during placements. Try to get some proof for exact period of work even if it is not the official experience certificate. 

Hey guys,

I was doing my B.Tech. in mechanical engineering and in the final year i got a job in an IT company. They asked me to join immediately so i took up the opportunity but i had couple of back papers left for my B.Tech. Later workingin that company i decided to leave my mechanical degree cause it was not relevant to the field and do a distance degree in BCA  cause i wanted to stay in software field and it was not possible for me to take a long leave to go and complete my remaining 4-5 papers. Now my profile is 10th /12th/grad :87/74/71. and around 34 months exp. Please tell your honest opinions on whether i can get a good MBA college for CAT after the degree DROP OUT.  Although i have a proper explanation for it. Please help guys, need your honest opinions.

  • Your degree is not completed as such btech one..but you h.... 13 Jun '15.
btechece btechece @smsk 7

Your degree is not completed as such btech one..but you have done BCA through distance education..Some colleges like Nmims do not consider graduation done through distance learning..

Hi, require a bit of help here. I have been working in a MNC in IT operations for over 2 years and now have received an opportunity to work in KPO MNC. Will joing KPO hamper me in anyways for getting into IIM OR any other top MBA college? I will be appearing for CAT in 2015.

Hello, I have an offer from a leading coaching institute for their English faculty position. How much salary can I expect? Do these institutes pay per class or have a fixed amount for the month?


I have a 3 years work experience in the the communications field. For the last one and a half year I have been working on my own venture. However, I have realized the need of an MBA to build credibility. I attempted CAT this year and got 50%. I wanted to know if there are colleges which offer executive education after 3 years of work experience.

Hi Puys,

I'm in a quandary here - I graduated and worked at an organization for a few months, then left it and started work at my second job, where I am currently, and have been for about a year now. I have only payslips from my first job, but will have complete documents (relieving letter etc.) from my current job if I were to enroll in an MBA program. 

In such a situation should I or shouldn't I mention my work experience from my first job at the interviews, given that I don't have a relieving letter? 

I have now already got one year gap after graduation. I want to give it a shot at cat 2015 this year. So the gap becomes 2 years. So is that gonna be a problem?

i have two offers in hand .. one is executive operations n research and the other as business development manager.. i am really confused as to which obe shd i choose as ui have further plans of ba.. guys plz help

p.s. both are related to finance ..plz reply asap

Hey Puys I am an electrical engineer working in a steel plant for the past 1 year in maintenance department and have now got admission in TAPMI. I am interested in finance and want to take it up as my specialization in MBA. Please help me clear some of my doubts

1. I want an honest opinion on how is TAPMI for Finance and what are the roles offered in tier 2 B schools like TAPMI for finance Students.

2. Will doing CFA certification help during final placements ?? and is it possible to do CFA certification while doing MBA . I have heard the MBA rigor is too much so want a heads up on weather it is possible to do CFA while pursuing MBA

3. what are the other certifications which I can do to build my profile as I am from engineering Background

4. How difficult it is for Engineers to cope up with finance ??

5. During summer internship what are the roles offered ?? and is it possible for an engineer to do internship in a financial firm with just basic knowledge of finance gained during the first year of MBA

Puys please help me with this doubts and give me some advise about how to go about building my profile and successfully doing my MBA in finance.

  • 1\. Mainly sales. But if you are lucky, you may get some .... 09 Jun '14.
Life begins outside your Comfort Zone
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,759
1. Mainly sales. But if you are lucky, you may get some finance profile
2. Yes. Possible. Have to work really hard.
3. Many finance certifications exist. Depends on your area of interest.
4. I would guess more than 50% finance MBAs are engineers.
5. Ask on TAPMI thread. Yes.

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