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CAT/Current Job related Dilemma Queries!!

Hi all Though Personal/Career/CAT-Job dilemma thread has been a great success, we have observed that there are good number of puys who end up not posting their query on the thread because they get confused with the name. So, we have dec...
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Hey Puys,

I have major dilemma, I had been on-site for 3 months to Canada in this march till may, the manager there loved my work and initiated talks with the VP to relocate me to Canada. It is still in progress but the process is getting delayed due to some reasons I don't know about. Should I wait for the relocation opportunity or dedicatedly work on my CAT preparations, If it happens the next on-site will clash with CAT exam for sure. 

I have just finished 2 years in mechanical core company. 

Please give suggestions, Last CAT I got 94 perc. So with more hard work I am hoping to reach more than 98. But because of the on-site I am unable to make firm decision. Which will be best option to go for? 

i have two offers in hand .. one is executive operations n research and the other as business development manager.. i am really confused as to which obe shd i choose as ui have further plans of ba.. guys plz help

p.s. both are related to finance ..plz reply asap

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Hey Puys I am an electrical engineer working in a steel plant for the past 1 year in maintenance department and have now got admission in TAPMI. I am interested in finance and want to take it up as my specialization in MBA. Please help me clear some of my doubts

1. I want an honest opinion on how is TAPMI for Finance and what are the roles offered in tier 2 B schools like TAPMI for finance Students.

2. Will doing CFA certification help during final placements ?? and is it possible to do CFA certification while doing MBA . I have heard the MBA rigor is too much so want a heads up on weather it is possible to do CFA while pursuing MBA

3. what are the other certifications which I can do to build my profile as I am from engineering Background

4. How difficult it is for Engineers to cope up with finance ??

5. During summer internship what are the roles offered ?? and is it possible for an engineer to do internship in a financial firm with just basic knowledge of finance gained during the first year of MBA

Puys please help me with this doubts and give me some advise about how to go about building my profile and successfully doing my MBA in finance.

  • 1\. Mainly sales. But if you are lucky, you may get some .... 09 Jun.
Life begins outside your Comfort Zone
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,648
1. Mainly sales. But if you are lucky, you may get some finance profile
2. Yes. Possible. Have to work really hard.
3. Many finance certifications exist. Depends on your area of interest.
4. I would guess more than 50% finance MBAs are engineers.
5. Ask on TAPMI thread. Yes.

I have 39 months of wrk ex in a Tier-1 IT company...i will b doing my MBA in one of the top 10 bschools..other than front end finance and marketing, will I be considered for other roles from firms like Deloiite,( for Consulting), Amazon (for Operations), Accenture and Cognizant (IT Consulting) etc ? Will such huge experience close the doors for me to get into a different profile ?

Please provide your valuable inputs ....thanks :)

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  • IIM K. 06 Jun.
  • Shouldn't be an issue. You will get more info in a months.... 06 Jun.
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,648
Shouldn't be an issue. You will get more info in a months time. Have patience and all the best! Which school are you joining?

i need help .. i have done m .com from d.u. and i have been placed for some small firm which has offered me marketing and sales job ..i am really confused weather i shoold join or not .. cos in long term i dnt want to make my career in this.. n also i want do mba plz help

I have given C.A.T test this year and i am waiting for the result now.I hope that my result will be good

  • wat ... hawwwwww result check nhi kia kya. 23 May.
  • @Thomas2154 bro, are U joking?? CAT results and almost .... 19 May.
Joy @PsychicDevil 163
@Thomas2154 bro, are U joking??
CAT results and almost all college results are out..still you are waiting for your results ??
ha ha ha

Would joining share market to get job experience give an edge over others, if I manage to secure a good percentile ? Will it be helpful for me as I am planning to do MBA in Finance.

If yes, then what kind of a job can I look for in share market.

  • If you plan to go for MBA in Finance then surely Exp in f.... 19 May.
  • What do you mean by joining share market?. 19 May.
Just waiting for the day .... 
sanchit srivastava @sanchitconfused 5,502
If you plan to go for MBA in Finance then surely Exp in finance sector would give you an edge over others .

pls ans my query ? i have tcs offer in hand. but i am thinking of some better job which gives me opportunities to get challenges and learn (like IT Manufacturing and innovative companies). I AM planning to give ELITMUS exam for that purpose .... tcs may call me by the end of july. now my problem is, if i give elitmus on may 25th. and get good result by june ist week. is it possible to get placed before tcs calls. becos if i dont get better one before tcs i cant risk (my acads also good - 90,93,81) - 2014 passed out ... here i have another issue -- i have an NGO society which i am running form one and half month (ofcourse this is started with long term vision) ... now if i cant get job before tcs calls me ... can i leave tcs and say in furthur interviews ( iam sure i can get job before september or october if not july only) that i have wrked in establishing my ngo all these months waiting fr a challenging job ???? do they think i have just strted ngo to cover my gap ?? pls ans .. tnx in adv ..

Hi, My Profile X-68%(CBSE),XII-84%(TNSB) B.E(ECE) - 68% 3.2 Years of work experience in Cognizant as a software tester.... I am not interested in software industry.... I have some questions & Dilemma going through my mind...I request experts to advise me on this...

1. I am feeling depressed after scoring a poor percentile of 10 in CAT13, and could not concentrate on my work as well..I am in a dilemma whether I should continue preparing for MBA or shall I leave the option of MBA and concentrate fully on work.
2. I am pretty much confused which career suits me the best...Is it MBA or any other? How can I know what I am best at?
3. I am always very depressed at work after my disasturous performance in CAT. I have lost all my self confidence....How to regain my confidence and concentrate on work as well.
4. I am pretty decent at qunatitative ability...Is there a good career path for the person with qunatitative ability
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hi, X-83 , XII -93, b.tech-73,work ex -3 yrs at a KPO ( 1.5 yrs-ops + 1.5 yrs- BD sort of role).CAT didn't crossed 93%ile even in 4 attempts.

I'm liking the BD role ..reporting to the person 5-6 positions senior to me ...i have to search for articles related to areas v r pitching in ...assist in b-plans , a hell lot of reading on the subject area v r pitching into ...but...pay is less + no bonus on a possible project conversion plus.... intervurs (job/b-school)

feel that there's no value add in my exp ...nybody can read stuff & pop it out. Shd i switch back to ops role...but personally i feel that ops is sth anybody can be trained into & the obvious work at KPO's is copy n paste...whereas BD kinda role can bring uniqueness to my profile. I want to get into top 3-4 consulting firm...which looks feasible post MBA from a tier 1 college.M i overestimating the BD profile or is it really worth it in long run..fellas pls help me.

  • true....but even the low prob can become realty only thru.... 23 Feb.
  • The probability of getting into a top 3-4 consulting firm.... 23 Feb.
crazy guy @crazyguy07 1
true....but even the low prob can become realty only thru getting in tier1 college..m i correct?
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,648
The probability of getting into a top 3-4 consulting firm even if you manage to get into a top tier business school is very low.

why does it take C.A.T results so much time to be declared? Other exam results are declared in a shorter span, even though they are paper based

  • Reply please !!. 23 Dec '13.

why does it take C.A.T results so much time to be declared? Other exam results are declared in a shorter span, even though they are paper based

why does it take C.A.T results so much time to be declared? Other exam results are declared in a shorter span, even though they are paper based


I have
10th- 80
12th- 70
Grad- 63(Mech Engineering)
CMAT Rank(Sept)- 95,0 Score:243
Work Ex- will complete 24 months in Jan 2014.... (IT in a US based company, in a very hot skill and they may send me Onsite in 2014end or 2015start)(I dont hate IT)

Cant say anything about CAT yet, but still expecting 90-95 %ile
I have filled IMT-G/IMI-D/MDI/

I am thinking of filling Great Lakes(channai and gurgaon) / BIM-T / TAPMI / KJ Somaiya / GIM-GOA
which of these should i fill.
IMI Batch 2014-16 

my profile

+2 --- 8.78/10
ug --- 8.01/10
no work ex
decent extracurricular activities......
what is CAT-2014 score should I get to get into ABC ?

PLEASE HELP me..........

  • dont know abt OBC cuttoff, but i assume, 95+ should do. 12 Dec '13.

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