CAT 2012 Kerala study group

all cat aspirants 2012 are welcome to join this study group!! hope we ll hit the target.. Put down ur name here if u r from kerala and preparing for CAT 2012 1.Institute joined if any a 2.When did u start preparation. 3.Books u have or p... Read More »
Kerala Wolfpack scorecard for summers?

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  • Wolfpack??? - interesting name. 30 Oct '13.
Pradyoth C John Senior Manager-Sales, WelathRays Securities Pvt. Ltd
Great to see the Last year's scorecard...

MBA is gonna be a great learning curve for all of you (Not Just

I am just done with mine and boy I miss those days.. Its one hell of an experience folks.. Make Merry.. have fun!!!

PS - I am a passionate Mallu guy who was in this rat race couple of years back..
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Converted IIM Kashipur. Not joining.

  • Me too da :smiley:. 01 Jul '13.
XLRI HRM 2013-2015 || XAT 2013 - 97.9 CAT 2012 - 99.56 SNAP 2012 - 98.56 NMAT - 214.
Converted IIM Rohtak today. Not joining.
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XLRI HRM 2013-2015 || XAT 2013 - 97.9 CAT 2012 - 99.56 SNAP 2012 - 98.56 NMAT - 214.
Converted IIM L ABM yesterday night . Not joining.
  • @seetharam7 right decision... :smiley: rock on in XL br.... 19 Jun '13.
XLRI HRM 2013-2015 || XAT 2013 - 97.9 CAT 2012 - 99.56 SNAP 2012 - 98.56 NMAT - 214.
The latest news from the kerala wolfpack 2012 directly from XLRI

Me n @Kevin88 are in the same class in BM and @seetharam7 is in HR v all r having sleepless nights from day 1 so mba is definitely not for the faint of heart.. mg
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  • @jai89 @Kevin88 @seetharam7 congrats and best of luck... .... 19 Jun '13.
  • hAH :stuck_out_tongue:. 19 Jun '13.
XLRI BM 2013-15 || XAT 2013 : 99.92 CAT 2012 : 98.89 SNAP 2012 : 99.94 IIFT 2012 : 55.5 
Jayaram S @jai89 627
@raku1989 enter territory? he will have to guard the 2 girls hostels too den
Rakesh Devadas @raku1989 503
Seems like all three are busy watching out the CHICKens even at late night ;). @seetharam7 I guess HRM will be more colorful. Its all yours buddy. Dont let the other two idiots enter in your territory.
Finally, the time has come to announce the KERALA WOLFPACK 2012 SCORECARD...mglookround...

WOLF ID ---------------------FINAL DEN FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS splat

1.@pradyothcjohn -------------- IIM -I (Mumbai Campus) - Early wolf to leave the packmg)
2.@brandnewrap ----------------IIM -C
3.@raku1989 ---------------------IIT-B
4.@thomaschandy ---------------IIFT
5.@dead_alive ------------------- NITIE/ IIM-I Waitlist
6.@Vineeth555 -------------------IIFT, New IIM's -------------(Need to be updated)
7.@pugna ---------------------FMS & IIM-C Waitlist
(Need to be updated)
8.@dvijaykrishnan -----------------SJMSOM, IIT-B
9.@seetharam7------------------- XLRI -HR
10.@jai89 --------------------------XLRI -BM
11.@Kevin88 -----------------------XLRI -BM
12.@rohan_bhasker ---------------M.Tech (GATE Rank Holder),IIM -I ,New IIM's (Need to be ----------------------------------------------------------------------------updated)
13.@Sixth_Emperor ------------IIM-U /IIM-T Waitlist
14. @joethaliath @Zedai @pakki007 @Ash27Winz @spdspd @thevicky @sriraman89 ---------- --------------------------------These wolves wanted more blood mg...
CAT/XAT/RAT 2013 won't even know what hit them

"The Hunt starts again......... WAKIE ..WAKIE..."

P.S : If you guys have any new updates... PM me or post a comment " mg
Cheers !!
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  • Interestingly even the TIME sirs used to follow this grou.... 06 Jun '13.
  • @Kevin88 There were a few people who stalked and followed.... 06 Jun '13.
XLRI BM 13-15 | I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul !!   
Shrijith Nair @Sixth_Emperor 30
@Kevin88 @seetharam7 wanted to join our heads together to crown the king of CAT 2013 from the land of Gods!!...
T S Seetharam @seetharam7 2.2 k
Interestingly even the TIME sirs used to follow this group. Once when I went to meet them, they said that they already knew of my convert from reading this forum.
T S Seetharam @seetharam7 2.2 k
@Kevin88 There were a few people who stalked and followed our posts on this group. They read everything but never posted. @Sixth_Emperor is one such person. He is one of my good friends and was part of TIME cochin. He converted IIM U and is WL 8 at IIM T.
Converted SIBM. End of an almost perfect season. :mg:
Bloody IIMs. Everyone except them found me worthy.
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  • Joining XLRI right?. 04 Jun '13.
  • :stuck_out_tongue:. 04 Jun '13.
XLRI HRM 2013-2015 || XAT 2013 - 97.9 CAT 2012 - 99.56 SNAP 2012 - 98.56 NMAT - 214.
AIMCAT 1420, anyone??

  • @seetharam7 oops.. :stuck_out_tongue: after readin.... 04 Jun '13.
  • Ask in the new group boss. :smiley:. 04 Jun '13.

CAT13 : 99.33 || Converts: NITIE, IIM K, IIM S, IITB, New IIMs || Joined: NITIE

All my pics did not turn up in the post below !!

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XLRI BM 13-15 | I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul !!   
I seem to have reneged on my duties as a CAPTAIN for sooo loong mg...

Looking back... I mean.... what a Year...

To US :
@iimlover @joethaliath @Zedai @Vineeth555 @pakki007 @Ash27Winz @dvijaykrishnan @dead_alive @sriraman89 @thevicky @rohan_bhasker @pugna @pradyothcjohn @thomaschandy @brandnewrap @spdspd @raku1989 @jai89 @seetharam7 & to the remaining 156 souls who have stalked & supported us throughout this journeymg... Srry if I missed anyone out embarrased!!

Truth be told, I have tried delaying this moment to the very last !!
The past year has truly been a roller coaster ride..especially for me.. U guys have personified what I would like to call 'The Malayali Syndrome ' -

The road was not all that rosy splat ... Being the shy guyz we were (U had that coming as u picked me for a 'Captain' But we 'CHANG'ed it !!

But I wouldn't change anything for even a moment... the late night banter..the numerous counseling & the so called 'STRATEGY' meets through PM's... the need to 'up'& meet each others Mock scores ...p have indeed paid dividence to the stellar results by all...

U did turn someone who believed in this

Into someone who surprisingly started to feel :

We were a pretty reclusive & 'unofficial' team - but I do believe once the SCORE CARD is published, we did give everyone a run for their money...lookround
@rebzin @CAT-Catcher Thank You so much for all the help you provided during the season ...

Last but not the least to the next PG Kerala Group : @ted_123 @Inna123 @nextdoorguy @MBAtman @NithinS @pakki007 @sriraman89 @Ash27Winz @joethaliath @rahul00417 .. 31 souls n counting ...