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Car fanatics anyone????

Since the album section is full of the dream carz, I thought I will share with all of you the following article. Read it, It IS true! and then.. well then .. I don't know what you do when you read something like this :shock: READ IT
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lamborghini reventon
lambo embolado
porsche panamera
lambo estoque
audi q7
bimmer m5 m6
audi r8
slr mclaren

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sorry wrong post

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My Famous Five would be the:

Ferrari Enzo
Ariel Atom
Pagani Zonda
Aston Martin Vanquish S
Porsche 911 GT

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How can a thread on Automobiles be dormant for 8 months!!!:shock:!!

Alright...anyone can name his or her fave autos.
But how many of us are actually passionate enough to follow the ups and downs of the automobile industry???

Cases like The much speculated Chyrsler spin-off from DC or ...Carlos Ghosn's plans to counter toyota are nothin short of a masala hindi movie!

Wud be more than interested in listening to the views of the puys.

As far as my favs go:
1. Lancer EVO(Ferrari/Porsche killers!)
2. Nissan Skyline GTR(Ferrari/Porsche killers!)
3.Porsche 911
4.BMW M3
5.Audi RS4

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My favorite cars. They are all Indian( I mean u can see them on indian roads)
Top 5 are:
1)Mitsubishi Lancer
2)Hyundai Accent Crdi
3)Hyundai Sonata
4)Ford Endeavour
5)Good ol Ford Ikon
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My top 5
1. Mclaren F1
2. Porsche Carrera
3. Dodge Viper
4. Ferrari F90
5. The one i might actually be able to afford

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my fav 5 will be,
1. aston martin db7
2. pagani zonda
3. the new audi TT
4. lamborghini galorado
5. lamborghini moricello

gud day


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2 dream four wheelers...
2 autos that that signify the qualities that i want to have as a human being..
understated,underestimated(@ur own risk) and BIG time ego bashers..beating cars more expensive more flashy and more famous.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI and the Nissan Skyline GTR.

They say the latter has embarrassed more super car owners down the autobahns than any other car on the planet!

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well cars for me is

1) Mclaren F1- the level next machine .
2 ) Ferrari Enzo - know its next best thing that happened to road first was obviously Mdel T by ford
3) My own car -Skoda octavia -guys me reaslitic
4) the bumpers stickers and the accesories loaded in it

well something which is sober but never get noticed .

hey somebody driven Nissan xtrail and can comapre with suzuki vitara?

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car list eh?

it would be any of the Morgans.
Mustangs,Camaros and new Ford Iosis(tsk..tsk..its not out)

and then there is the veyron and zonda.

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How the hell did I miss this thread!!!!!

List of Favourite cars would be a looooong one, but there is one car which I am ready to die for... no kiddin.

1967 Shelby GT 500 !!!

One of the best muscle cars of all times.. m sure people here would be well aware of it...

For the uninitiated, its the same car shown in the movie "gone in sixty seconds" - the one which is pulled off in the end.

The list continues after that...

  1. Ferrari F355 Spider
  2. Hummer - H1 to be precise
  3. Dodge Viper RT/10
  4. Ford Mustang - esp the '68 - '70 models
  5. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo - why is it not there on the Indian roads yet??
  6. Range Rovers
  7. ... so on n so forth
If you guys are really hooked onto cars, register yourself - www.team-bhp.com

You wont regret it ...
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Hi All,

Looks like the Ferrari rules the dream car lists. And truely why shouldn't it.

My dream cars
1. Ferrari F50
2. Bugatti Veyron (Imagine 1000 bhp/400kmph package)
3. Dodge Viper GTS


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Hmmm... list of fav cars,....??

Well tell u what..?? I have always dreamt of having that 20 car garage, which would house some of teh best and well knows cars from around the world.. But drreams remaining dreams, here is a list of some of the cars I would like to own one day...!!

1. Ferrari 360 Modena Spider (nothing like a prancing horse giving life to ur hair..)
2. Ferrari F430 Spider (Those huge air scoops look like a dream and I guess driving this
car would be better than the Enzo, and much cheaper too...)
3. The Mercedes S Class Pullman Limo (I have taken a ride in it and believe me, it's
simply amazing.. Dunno whether Maybach does the same to u..!!)
4. Porsche Carrerra S
5. Porsche Boxter
6. BMW 7 series (in black colur, it looks like a dream)
7. BMW Z8 roadster (Flaming red it is for me...!!)
8. Dodge Viper SRT-10 (This babe smoked teh guts of a F-18 super hornet. they showed it
on BBC)
9. Mercedes SLK 350 (man, the 3 pointed star hasn't looked better ever...!!)
10. Brabus 600
11. Lexus LS 470 (That truck opf a machine is gorgeous....!!)
12. Hummer H2 (any reasons for not liking this..?)
13. Rolls Royce 400 EX
14. Rolls Royce Phantom III (The most well known rolls ever built)
15. Cadillac Fishtail (I would give anything to get those fish tail lights..!!)
16. Toyota Sera (2 door beauty, with butterfly dors is a sure head turner. Too bad the
spares are difficult to find, but who cares...)
17. BMW M5 (Those devilish head lamps are Awesome..)
18. Lexus 300SL
19. Toyota Landcruiser
20. Mitsubishi Pajero
21. Mercedes SL 55 AMG
22. Noble M5
23. Lamborghini Murcielago (Awesome in black color)
24. Aston martin Vanquish
25. Audi A8 (anyone seen Transporter 2....??)

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has neone seen the hyundai tsunami?? or atleast pics of it??? looks real amazin.. will post the pics in some time though..

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But the F1 can hardly do anything but shoot down the straight!!!! It IS rather nasty round the bends.


weeelllll,it breaks my heart,but you might be right!!i wish the STIG took it around once,else we just dont know!!
but the way it does it in a straight line,wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you gotta admit,looks good and goes like stink!!!!
db9 huh??
well,what they did with the db9(the race against hammond and may),they did it again with the slr.
if you watch it,i THINK youll have a new number one on your list of most wanteds...
man,what a sound that car makes!!
"jump for cover!!!the junkers are coming!!!!"
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