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Car fanatics anyone????

Since the album section is full of the dream carz, I thought I will share with all of you the following article. Read it, It IS true! and then.. well then .. I don't know what you do when you read something like this :shock: READ IT
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lamborghini reventon
lambo embolado
porsche panamera
lambo estoque
audi q7
bimmer m5 m6
audi r8
slr mclaren

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sorry wrong post

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My Famous Five would be the:

Ferrari Enzo
Ariel Atom
Pagani Zonda
Aston Martin Vanquish S
Porsche 911 GT

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How can a thread on Automobiles be dormant for 8 months!!!:shock:!!

Alright...anyone can name his or her fave autos.
But how many of us are actually passionate enough to follow the ups and downs of the automobile industry???

Cases like The much speculated Chyrsler spin-off from DC or ...Carlos Ghosn's plans to counter toyota are nothin short of a masala hindi movie!

Wud be more than interested in listening to the views of the puys.

As far as my favs go:
1. Lancer EVO(Ferrari/Porsche killers!)
2. Nissan Skyline GTR(Ferrari/Porsche killers!)
3.Porsche 911
4.BMW M3
5.Audi RS4

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My favorite cars. They are all Indian( I mean u can see them on indian roads)
Top 5 are:
1)Mitsubishi Lancer
2)Hyundai Accent Crdi
3)Hyundai Sonata
4)Ford Endeavour
5)Good ol Ford Ikon
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My top 5
1. Mclaren F1
2. Porsche Carrera
3. Dodge Viper
4. Ferrari F90
5. The one i might actually be able to afford

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my fav 5 will be,
1. aston martin db7
2. pagani zonda
3. the new audi TT
4. lamborghini galorado
5. lamborghini moricello

gud day


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2 dream four wheelers...
2 autos that that signify the qualities that i want to have as a human being..
understated,underestimated(@ur own risk) and BIG time ego bashers..beating cars more expensive more flashy and more famous.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI and the Nissan Skyline GTR.

They say the latter has embarrassed more super car owners down the autobahns than any other car on the planet!

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well cars for me is

1) Mclaren F1- the level next machine .
2 ) Ferrari Enzo - know its next best thing that happened to road first was obviously Mdel T by ford
3) My own car -Skoda octavia -guys me reaslitic
4) the bumpers stickers and the accesories loaded in it

well something which is sober but never get noticed .

hey somebody driven Nissan xtrail and can comapre with suzuki vitara?

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car list eh?

it would be any of the Morgans.
Mustangs,Camaros and new Ford Iosis(tsk..tsk..its not out)

and then there is the veyron and zonda.

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