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Bschool Student Profiles

Hello Junta, Its time to list our folks who have made into Bschools. This thread will remain the database for all users who need to contact other Bschoolers. The best way to contact the Bschoolers would be through PM through the forum, as it ...
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@koolkid and all on this thread.. Request you to check out the following thread..
It would be of great help to all if you update your Summers Details in that thread..
SPJIMR PGDM Finance Class of 2014 | CAT'11 - 99.04%le | http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/life-at-b-schools/bschool-student-profiles-t-1090/p-15377/r-3591991
@dadaganguly Yeah go ahead :)
SPJIMR PGDM Finance Class of 2014 | CAT'11 - 99.04%le | http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/life-at-b-schools/bschool-student-profiles-t-1090/p-15377/r-3591991
@cricaddict :: sahi hai boss .. need to ask u something about b schools free ho ?

Hello This is Krishna Vamsi doing my Masters in Human Resource Management from IIT kharagpur of the batch 2011-13 . Cat 92.3 . B.tech Mechanical Engineering and work ex : 2 months recruitment , Internship experience : 2 mnths marketing - freshersworld, 2 mnths - omnireal - recruitment , 2 mnths sports campus - recruitment , Winters - PepsiCo - Organisation capability team , Summers - ING Vysya - Talent acquisition - strategy

Krishna Vamsi Talent Acquisition Partner- Campus Hiring - ING Vysya Bank https://www.facebook.com/Krishna.IIT.Kgp

Finally i get a thread to post about my integral part of life - MBA Season 2011

Here go My Details :
Name : Poojan Shah
B School : S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
Course : PGDM Finance

CAT '11 - 99.04%le (QA+DI-98.28%le VA+LR-97.30)
X: 89.73%
XII : 84.17%
Grad : B.E.(Electronics and Telecommunications) from University of Mumbai with 78.44%
Workex : Nil
Home Town : Mumbai
Interests : Cricket,F1,Tennis,Sudoku,Game Analysis

Here goes My Season 2011:
CAT - 99.04%le (QA+DI-98.28%le, VA+LR-97.30%le :cheers:)
Missed IIFT by whisker
Cleared Sectionals but missed Overall in NMAT
Screwed up XAT VA badly:banghead::banghead:
SNAP 2011

Now this was the advantage of Season 2011.. I screwed up all the other exams but nailed THE Exam - CAT and got 14 calls..
Here go my interview experience for each of them in chronological order :
IMT Ghaziabad- 7th February- It was my Ist ever MBA Interview so was a bit anxious and it was just about perfect that the season begun with IMT which ended up serving the right preparation for important interviews in future..
SPJIMR - 16th February- Now this was one of my biggest calls alongwith IIM Indore and FMS. Prepared really well refined my answers which i had given in IMT interview. GI1 was okayish not great and didnt have high hopes given only 1 out of 7 was selected in 4 GI's before on same day! But as it turned i made through.. And GI2 was simply amazing.. It was one of my best interviews of the season and had an amazing feeling after i came out!
New IIM's Interview Experience - 29th February - Next up was New IIM's who had Common for all 6.. It was a 13-day gap and thats when i did real good study on acads questions as they weren't as imp in earlier interviews but from here on they were gonna be very imp.. And the interview i felt was really good but as it turned out i didnt convert any of the 6.. Except the Big Udaipur Joke - Converted in Morning and not in Evening
SJMSoM IIT Bombay - 4th March - The Best Admissions Processes i have ever attended.. Interview was short and sweet and it started with 'we want to finish your interview in less than 10 mins.......':shocked::shocked: Didnt have high hopes coz of short and random interview and Nil Workex when avg was 2 2.5...
NITIE - 14th March - This was the worst ever PI of whole season... I didnt have any hopes.. And Nil Workex too didnt help my cause with a BAD PI..
The I-Day : IIM Indore Interview Experience - 20th March - This was one of the biggest days of whole interview season.. An Old IIM Interview.. I prepared really hard after 2 back to back bad interviews.. I always kept in my mind - past hardly matters.. Only present does.. brushed all possible acad questions which were left out as I interviews are lengthy and technical.. As it turned out my interview went for 40 mins and was loaded with tech questions.. I felt i did really well.. Handled all Q properly except some right at the fag end. As they say - 'Aant Bhala toh sab Bhala' .But the reverse also holds true.. And it did happen.. After such a good interview WL-244
Currently i am WL 4 or 5 but now wont join even if i convert for very well known reasons
DoMS IIT Delhi - 24th March - This was Ist ever journey by flight I really enjoyed it.. Loved the IITD.. Its humongous to say the least.. the interview too was great.. I really enjoyed it as a very chilled out interview and unlike in B my nil workex was balanced out by good GD,PI performance..
MDI Gurgaon - 6th April - Now it was a long break after I interview (yes long when you have 9-10 interviews) This was relatively easy one as MDI give very high weightage to CAT %le especially 99+.. But i didnt want to be that 1 who missed out.. So was not complacent and gave my best.. And it was really great experience as most of the interview was on cricket and i absolutely love talking cricket...
FMS Disaster - 21st April - This was LAST interview as i converted MDI the same day and would no longer have to give CAT again.. But it was utter disaster.. I made a mess of PI.. And the fact that panelists were not impressed with my answers didnt help me a lot.. If i was given an opportunity i would wish to give this interview again not because it was FMS but because i messed a B-School PI - PI lakhs if struggle to reach to.. Anyways it left a bitter taste..
But my SPJIMR WL (29 initially) cleared soon and that meant i would enter one of the most renowned B-Schools not only in India but also all around..

I know its a long post.. But i owe a lot to PG.. SPJIMR would not have been possible without PG!
And my AIWSTAC too is pending which might not come soon given we have end terms from Monday(i.e tomm) But it shall be there soon!

SPJIMR PGDM Finance Class of 2014 | CAT'11 - 99.04%le | http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/life-at-b-schools/bschool-student-profiles-t-1090/p-15377/r-3591991
Hi guys...m Priyanka..

i want to do PGDM..i visited few colleges in delhi like asia pacific, ndim, jaipuria..fee is too high..

Few days back i visited Samalkha(SGI)...college campus is huge..fee is also bearable...

any suggestions....................?????

Name : Piyush Anand
10th: 92.8% (CBSE)
12th: 76.2%(CBSE)
Graduation : Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) CGPA :7.51/10
Work-ex: Front end software developer , Infosys Ltd (24 months)
Decent extra-curricular awards in quizzes, essay writing,olympiads e.t.c

Joining : International Management Institute, New Delhi - PGDM

Short Term Goal : To utilise 2 yrs of mba effectively

Long Term Goal : Lots of goals. Lets see which one works out .

Piyush Anand International Management Institute PGDM, 2012-2014


I quit my job on Jan 2012 and started prepartation for CAT. Will this gap in my career in anyway affect my admission to any of the top B-schools.?
I am very worried. Please advice.?

Name: Aditya Kumar
College: NDIM, New Delhi
Course: PGDBM/MBA 2010-2012
Specialization: Marketing
Xth: 60.60%
XIIth: 60.40%
Graduation: 58% in B.E. Electronics From university of Pune
Work Experience: 12 months in BEC, Bhilai
Summer Internship: Best Job Solution, New Delhi
Final Placement: Tapsi Engineering Company as Senior Engineer
Native of: Bhilai, Chhattisgarh
Residing in: New Delhi

diba_perfect Says
I think you should ask this question to the Admissions Dept of B-Schools..you'll get lot more authentic answers there..

Please read the name and the purpose of any thread before posting
This is not the right thread for these queries...Post them on the right thread and you will get your answers

@Mods--Please delete the above posts

Apologies for even replying, but could not bear reading this.

Sorry sir, you are not fit to be a manager. Managers and leaders are built on ethics and integrity, you don't seem to have any.:nono::nono:

Another classic case of public bashing.

Bakra halaal ho raha hain!

Please ignore the naadani of the guy who does not maintain sanctity on the thread.


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