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Banned on PG? Why??

Hie folks, Have been receiving many queries such as: \- Whats the criteria for banning someone? \- Why was XYZ banned? \- What should we avoid so as not to get banned? Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thre...
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AddyRules banned for 6 months owing to continuous spamming on Bank PO thread and other related threads despite regular warnings.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

coolmukul - Permanent ban for abusive language. 2nd offence.

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waah :D
bade dino ke baad :D

both had been banned by visioniim-acl earlier for 3 months for creating ruckus on the SNAP disastrous paper set thread, but i have extended his ban to a permanent ban. we don't need non sense people like this here.

PS: my findings suggest that these 2 userIDs are clones operated by same person, i can mention the person's name here;
but i think i should not because it will show the dual personality disorder to the person and he/she may end up blowing the whole city
as Mr. Tyler Durden did in Fight Club (Fight Club - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
also, my disclosing the name here may lead the user to get into a state of severe shock and he may try to bang his/her head against his computer screen

has been banned permanently for spamming with totally non sense and useless threads on the forum.

Anna Hazaare
Anna Hazare
have been banned for being clones of an earlier banned user.
kya naam hai

PS:all the profile links are given here for you all to have a look and have a laugh at the posts which they have made.


sanjeev22222222 has been banned permanently for messaging users to use illegal means to get into SRCC through his services.

Please find better places for this, puys dont need it.

Thanks 2007.aaditya for reporting it.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

satyajit_h has been banned permanently (in spite of being an experienced member of the forum) for advertising a blog and a current affairs website in many threads on the forum.
even earlier, such kind of posts from this user had been deleted as a warning.

@all, if you want to share such sites and information resources, then please mention it only once in the relevant threads e.g. this one:-
and this one:-

all redundant posts made in threads other than these ones, will be treated as spamming and users shall be banned permanently.


onlinepandit has been banned permanently for asking us to get help from him through his astrology services for match making, health and family problems, online puja booking etc. etc.

Sorry, forum neither needs your services nor you. Find easier targets to market yourself.


** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

calls2abhishek has been banned permanently for advertising a blog which serves as job portal and asking people to visit for easy opportunities.

Please find some other place where you can advertise in the name of helping the users. We do not need such people.


** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

GhaziabadiGunda has been banned permanently from the forum for first creating the ruckus on class of 2011 placements thread and then moving to NUS thread to groan posts by others, saying against NUS without any reason and asking people on NUS thread to join IMT-G instead.

He joined the forum today itself and went ahead to 2011 placements thread to post his placement details. And after this post, he just started mudslinging at others on the thread. Personal attacks involved in his posts and direct attack on other colleges is too much a work to be done by a person on his 1st day on the forum.

We dont want such people to be the part of forum.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

mbamentor has been banned permanently for promoting B-Schools & MBA Colleges continuously.

In all the posts made on CAT experience's thread, Mr.Ajay Zener has been redirecting puys to their site to read the experiences posted there and few other articles posted their on placements, rankings etc.

On digging a bit, it was found that he apart from working as faculty in a coaching centre at Chennai, works as mentor for B-Schools & MBA Colleges .

Thanks sir for guiding us till now, we respect institute of which you are alum but not the way of promotion adopted by you for your workplace. Please use other websites for promoting your work.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

Mods, don't list automated bots here. Just list people who seem like human spammers who are finding a way to spam.

We are hiring: Sales, Tech, Design etc : www.pagalguy.com/careers/  

Mr. Rraakk has been banned permanently for non sense behavior on this forum.

after registering, this user made some 20-30 idiotic posts and got groans from other fellow users.

then after having a divine intervention, this user had a change of mind and mended his/her ways; moreover by deleting all the previous posts.

then this user became too conscious about groans and thanks that he/she started bugging other mods for explanations, by PMs, on the suggestions threads, visitor messages and what not.

since registering i have been getting many reports about this user and the groan thank obsession he/she has shown.

i have been overlooking this for a long time now and now after getting another report about the groans i have decided to ban this user permanently.

we don't need ruckus creating users like this one, on the forums.


Edinburgh NU has been sent on a permanent break from forum. Thanks but no thanks for giving puys the opportunity to win ipads through some contest and posting links of fb apps.

We all have enough resources to get an ipad and you should look out for some other website where users can follow you easily. Puys definitely do not need you.

Thanks to rohit555 for reporting it.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

admission2011 banned for trying to sell seats by claiming the following:

1. Enquire about your desired college just by making a phone call or sending an email.

2. Submit your details that include your marks, profile, and budget for total course expenditure.

3. Within 24 hrs you will recieve all the informations regarding the college & options available for you which meets your budget constraint.

4. Confirm your seat if interested.

5. A favourable date will be issued from our side as per the college schedule and your convinience.

6. Admission will be done & you will receive the entire admission letter by the college authority.

7. We maintain transparency in our service. The entire payment mode will be transparent and can be made directly to the college authority.

So, if you know some Gaurav Sharma who sells seats, kindly beware: Gaurav Sharma | Facebook
FMS Batch of 2013 | Captain, PG Dream Team 2010 | CAT 11 - 100%ile 

posting after a long time here :D

have a look at the following users with their mentioned locations :-
Abhyu1905 Kolkata
chalapati Kolkata
monojeet007 Patna
Soumitra004 Kolkata
Subankar Chennai
Debalik Mumbai

All are clones trying to advertise BIBS Kolkata.

All have been banned permanently and their posts have been deleted as they had been trying to have fake discussions.

thanks to sb29 for reporting it.


FreeAndFaadu, kapil1, Bond4CAT2011, banned permanently for being clones of single user nakul.info (banned permanently) and trying to advertise free and faadu cat coaching or mock or whatever service they were offering.

kanteerava banned permanently for advertising MBA programs through edulive and hughes global.


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