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Banned on PG? Why??

Hie folks, Have been receiving many queries such as: \- Whats the criteria for banning someone? \- Why was XYZ banned? \- What should we avoid so as not to get banned? Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thre...
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hopefully123 has been permanently for being the clone created to vent out frustration for delay in results by new IIMs at the respective thread.

arijeet123 has been banned for 6 months for creating the above clone.

Please refrain from such activities. They are not appreciated.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

Back after a long time

siddhant52 has been banned permanently for promoting his blog on current affairs across all Bank related threads despite being requested to refrain from the same.

All the posts containing just 1 link is old idea !!

Get new idea sirjeee.... and implement it on other sites but not here !!

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

A well planned conspiracy to advertise on PG without being noticed has been revealed. Certainly, people involved were intelligent in using clones etc. but could not sustain it for very long :biggrin:

RavSingh and cetkings have been banned permanently for creating clones and advertising their FB page and website which is eventually into cet coaching. :sneaky:

mendingCAT , BinitiB , mangobite, gauravmehtaa, CATindia, mishikag and apekshasingh are banned for being the clones used for the purpose.

Special thanks to deshbhakt for bringing this in notice of all.


** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
Boormari Says
I m a genius dude... I will complete MBA in 18 days

Got into IIM A, XLRI and KJ.... Confused....
Where to go...
Friends plz suggest...

what are you doing at this MAD-PAGAL forum?
Got selected in IIM a with only 4 Percentile....
I m strangely surprised....
I think they r gonna mad....

you are really a genius dude :biggrin:

you deserve much better than this.

please get out of here.

federer16 banned permanently for using abusive language on the ITM PGDM 2012 thread.

in fact they remind us of class 4 kids saying these stupid bad words to each other.

not deleting their posts so that everyone can see what is not welcome here.


@raghav507-m|m -hope this shows up on ur screen da way its meant 2 be..ban hi karta rah jaayega logon ko zindagi bhar

Sirjee, trolling along with getting into personal attacks for seniors and Raghav bhai shall not help you in any way :biggrin:

With joining date as 13 apr only, it clearly reflects that you came just to vent out your frustration and am sorry but people like you are not welcome at this forum !

@>-hey pretty face..u r like a whiff of fresh air.. ....and da only reason dat makes me thinking of accepting da offer but then...if i join IMI phir bhi padai par to dhyaan rahega nahi 4 obvious reasons....8-)

This reflects your mentality and the kind of person you are! It would surely be sad for the b school of which you become the part.

That b-school can't be saved but this forum can surely be saved!

Permanently banned!
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

brocklesnar has been banned permanently for faking on IIM Converts!

Was so taken over by intention to fake that he even went on mentioning the wrong course names of respective IIMs while posting that he converted :biggrin:

Sad to see people doing such acts

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

A certain new breed of "users" here operate with the alias of:
have been shamelessly advertising here for FREE.
A certain such user Ram458 has been sent away from the website for good.

Jai Sri Raam

My old signature does not fit here :(

After a loooong time

johny555 Says
Candidates looking for admissions in the best B Schools... give a buzz to 084XXX XXXXX - Cheers

i am looking for admission in IIMA. :biggrin:
i have snipped this number and deleted the original post and thread so that anyone of you might not out run me in my race to IIMA by using this guy's contacts.

see you all in IIMA this season.

chirpygal88 banned for using abusive language and getting into personal attacks on multiple threads unnecessarily despite warnings been given.

chirpygal88 Says
kutte kabi nai sudharte....unki pooch kabi sidhi nai hoti...

And the above latest trolling at the birthday thread of a CL was a icing on the cake and needed a full stop on her activities.

Sorry, we don't need people like this.
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

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